Conscious Awareness… how much do you do with awareness?

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Conscious awareness, this is the expression I have learned, so far, from reading the Anastasia books, The Ringing Cedars of Russia series.

It sounds like a puny takeaway, but it is major in its implications.

It has raised MY conscious awareness of what and how I am teaching.

You know, from time to time you can’t see the forest for the trees. I can’t… lol

On my webinar calls, I teach you to step back, I teach you to find your Tangerine Spot, I teach you to lift it with your attention…

Let me stop here, because there is enough to say about those three distinctions that have left students at my mercy.

Why to my mercy? Because I can feel them and you can’t.

How come YOU can’t feel them? Because you are trying to feel them from your mind, from the thought and not directly. Because our whole system, education, family, society, is doing whatever they can to reduce you to a biological machine.

interfaceAlthough the Matrix movie’s interpretation of what is our reality is not what is actually happening, the reality is frighteningly similar that, to you living in the matrix: we have allowed those in charge of us to program us to use only our minds, the part of the brain that is like a storage and sorting device, that deals with what is already known. Tree of Knowledge. The Librarian of a huge collection of books, videos, etc… with not access to anything outside of the library.

What’s the problem with using the Mind to connect to life, to reality?

An inculturated 3 human being can’t identify more than 6-10 basic feelings. And most of them are negative feelings. Can you see how impoverished we are compared to a fully conscious human being? The programming allows us, just like any machine, to recognize only what is in the interest of our programmer… and that is recognizing 6-10 basic feelings, through which we can be directed to do what our “programmer” wants us to do. 4

How do “They” do it? Make you not want to feel your actual feelings?

The other day I saw a compilation of clips of babies reacting to farting or farting noises.

Now, if the babies just reacted to the sound or the feeling, they would eventually learn that there is nothing wrong, nothing bad comes out of it.

But the videos are with sound, and we hear the adults laugh… “informing” aka “inculturating” the babies that the feeling is significant, that there is something wrong with them…

Same when we learn to walk… they laugh, or try to help us. They never actually allow a child to develop naturally.

I was really lucky that I only remember one input during my childhood (I was largely ignored or beaten, but never paid attention to) and that altered my perception about money and sex… I have written about it in many articles, and I am still struggling to remove the short-circuits it has caused to my detriment.

They influence you with rewards and punishments to not feel, not express feelings, to suppress, to be a good little machine, to behave, and to not be a burden.

In the wee age our brain waves are mostly in the slow theta range, where learning is automatic, and we learn what to feel and what to do with it… resist it.

We resist any feeling our environment marked as negative… But the bad news is that you can’t just resist one thing, you need to resist, you need to suppressed everything… love, awe, etc. that you would want to feel… but suppression is now applies to all feelings.

You now need to use clues to know that you are feeling something… like crying, or like suddenly getting hot, etc.

You are only aware of the “echo” of a feeling, the Tree of Knowledge stored version, the concept

The concept of negative feelings will make us feel bad about ourselves, or make us wreak havoc for another: good for the programmer.

The concept of positive feelings that we are allowed to know, the instant gratification kind, will make us consume more, cheat, lie, fornicate… good for the programmer.

When I test people for feelings, they have a concept and an idea about the feeling, but

  1. they can’t recognize it
  2. they have never felt it

How do I know that you don’t actually feel it?

I know you don’t actually feel it because when I ask where they feel it, it is the “common knowledge” place they point at, not where the feeling is. As an empath I feel your feeling the way you feel it, but your mind blocks the feeling, and replaces it with a concept from the Library of Tree of Knowledge.

Why should you want to feel?

Why is this significant? Because those feelings and the capacities inherently tied with the feelings are now unavailable for the human robots, you, and your life is impoverished, unhappy, unsatisfying, and mechanical.

How do you awaken and activate those missing feelings and capacities?

There are two ways: the long way and the short way.

I, myself, went the long way, because no short way existed at the time.

I used weeping as guidance as to what to explore.

I would hear something, read something, and tears would flow from my eyes. It made absolutely no sense, but I went with my decision to explore whenever something like that happened.

Justification that I instinctively chose the right path are Kabbalistic story telling, and the Anastasia series.

In Kabbalistic story telling, the story touches on some intrinsic value and somehow, with its vibration, with its direct connection to the Creator, created a resonance in the listener.

If you listen to enough Kabbalistic stories, you will, somehow, be unable to be evil, self-serving, judging, blaming, and the other horrible things we do to each other.

The same thing is happening to (most) readers of the Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars of Russia series.

Is that conscious awareness that they are causing? I don’t think so. But on a very deep level they do cause a certain awareness.

More than anything, they cause an activation, a re-connection, a “tripping of switches” that were turned off by the programmers, parents, society, teachers, doctors, scientists, bosses.

The more connections, inner connections are live, the more you can feel, the richer your experience, the more in-tune you are with life, with nature, with the magnificence of all.

Conscious awareness is when these experiences start to influence your actions, and more importantly, when you are going to get in touch with your power to direct your attention, direct your awareness, direct your will, direct your attention, direct your attitude.

At this point, based on the students I have been training, people have no idea how to direct anything other than their eyes or their thoughts


That leaves you with no power, and that is the purpose of the powers that be… to leave you in the low state of a biological robot with no will of its own, no power of its own, no capacity to be aware of anything other than it was programmed (de-programmed, really!) to be.

The shorter way to awakening

Now, let me introduce the short way. Although it is still experimental, we are experiencing promising results with about 40% of the participants.

A combination of energetic, consciousness, and activation techniques, there is a definite awakening happening.

At this point the shorter way is still long: but it’s only months compared with years, decades, or lifetimes.

My awakening took 25 years of at least 40 hours a week… compare that with 20 weeks and about 8 hours a week.

Not every person is willing to hang in there for 20 weeks, but the ones that do will not be able to stop their “ascension.”

Who will be the people that quit and the people that continue? It depends on their level of desire, on the amount of spark that was left after generations of being deprogrammed from being a human being.

Interestingly, it does not depend on your level of vibration at the start. It only depends on your level of spark.

Is it possible to predict if you will be a good candidate for this program? I don’t have a predictive method yet. I can’t even imagine one, by the way.

Muscle testing is the wrong tool for prediction: prediction is divination, and the muscle testing doesn’t work for divination: it violates free will, the cornerstone of creation.

The program that is the “shorter way” is called the Second Phase Activation and is available for purchase. If you are an established client in good standing, you can ask for a payment plan of less than $10 a week. Email me.

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  1. the word here used not in the Christian Church way but meaning that "culture" has altered your normal, natural being, and like a virus, infected you
  2. interfacecoverRead the book "Interface" where the programmers actually use memories with emotional content to make the presidential candidate do exactly what they want him to do, even lie, tell stories that are fabrications, in spite of his original, and real personality of being a straight shooter. Once, by an emotion, the memory is awakened in the candidate, he is on a roll... and so are you.
  3. the word here used not in the Christian Church way but meaning that “culture” has altered your normal, natural being, and like a virus, infected you
  4. interfacecoverRead the book “Interface” where the programmers actually use memories with emotional content to make the presidential candidate do exactly what they want him to do, even lie, tell stories that are fabrications, in spite of his original, and real personality of being a straight shooter. Once, by an emotion, the memory is awakened in the candidate, he is on a roll… and so are you.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Conscious Awareness… how much do you do with awareness?”

  1. In the Four Agreements, Ruiz writes about how our parents, society, government, “domesticates” us to make it easier for them to control us. The true warrior rises and breaks out of domestication to become his/her true self. Most people just pay attention to the four agreements, because it is much more difficult to understand the rest of the book and how we have been programmed to live small.

    I think it is more sinister than that. Those in power (government, secret societies, the Church) want to keep us unaware so that they can dominate us. Conscious awareness at a mass level is threat to them. So be it.
    Thank you for your work Sophie and for accepting your mission.

  2. Michael, as for your role, commit to reclaim your power from the Tree of Knowledge, from the mind-stuff. Create conscious awareness in you… that may buy you the right to point the sinister stuff out to others.

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