Narrow cone of vision and your health

narrow-cone-vision-health-adviceImagine having to find your way through a maze without seeing past the tiny circle a flashlight can illuminate?

“Luckily” you only have to look at your life. Your health, your money, your love life.

You ARE living your life, a veritable maze, by the light of a flashlight.

You read an article here… yay, I see may way. A sound bite there… yay, I see now… But it is still the tiny flashlight method: you don’t see the big picture, you don’t see your way to the good life.

Seeing the full picture, the big picture capacity, looking with consciousness that can see everything, is like turning the ceiling light on: you’d be seeing a lot more, wouldn’t you? Making less “narrow picture” mistakes…

The capacity to see the big picture will help you allow and support your consciousness to see, when you want it to. Consciousness has no agenda. It knows of know preconceived notions. It doesn’t know what “youtube scientists” are pushing, and what the FDA approved of or not.

Consciousness is impartial, so it can see everything that you allow it to look at.

I can turn on the capacity for you… and it will turn off, almost instantly. I can turn it on together with humility, and the chance that it will stay on increases by 50%.

The capacity to see the big picture is one of the highest capacities. It doesn’t naturally turn on, even if you know how to do the “eye movement” part, until you have at least 20 intangible capacities turned on.

Why the capacity needs so many other capacities to be working already, to stay on? Because a “normal” human with the normal 5-7 average capacities working, isn’t interested in anything it cannot see with his mind. It is a disruption for the “normal” DNA, and the other genes turn it off. It shows up as a rebel gene, and it gets deactivated by the other genes. 1

A “normal” human honors themselves as their minds… believe only what’s in the mind, and it is too much to ask of them to allow for things that they don’t know that they don’t know. 2

We are talking about the average human as 99% or the population. The bell curve doesn’t closely apply here… I feel.

Which means, a person who wants to use their consciousness 3 to get informed about the world, is in minority, and won’t be supported by the “culture”, society, and other people.


how-to-heath-adviceYoutube is packed to the brim with videos that show the narrow cone of vision of reality… the small pictures seen by the light of the flashlight. Even videos that “talk” about consciousness, awakening, spirituality, are small picture views… pictures described based on the tiny circle a flashlight can illuminate.

This includes ALL THE GURUS. This is why when I measure their “truth value” I find it normally under 10%. I have only seen one person around 30%, Joel Wallach.

Most of life can be lived this way, the small picture way, the “I will look at everything by the flashlight of the mind” way.

The three areas, where you most experience the detrimental effects of the narrow cone of vision, are the areas that matter…

money, health, and love.

It is not only what you have learned about those three areas that are faulty, it is more that you cannot actually see the big picture in those areas, because

  1. you are looking with the mind
  2. even if by some magic consciousness sees more than your mind does, your mind won’t listen to consciousness.

Result: you are poor, sick, or unhappy… or all three.

These are the natural outcomes of not seeing the big picture.

And, between you and me, even though I have the capacity turned on for me, the only areas where I allow consciousness fully to look are this work, and in the area of health. So far my own health and my health work I do for clients, I have been spot on… Except my hips… That is an area where my consciousness doesn’t have enough knowledge.

Why? because, of course, I am interested what I am interested in, and allowing consciousness to look, is actually work. Time and energy consuming.

So I haven’t.

I see only 50% overall what is… inside my area of interest it’s 90%. Outside: 8%. Bummer.

But now that I am teaching students to allow consciousness to look… I am “forced” to do that work too. I am grateful for that, and I’ll probably get healthier and wealthier in the process.

Doing the 67 steps with consciousness has already brightened my life, and has brought a lot of clarity. I am 60% through, Step 45, and I may have to do it again a few more times, to see my way out of the financial maze life is.

Health, happiness… almost handled. Money? not yet.

Why is it that the tiny pictures, vignettes of health don’t jell into a big picture of actual health?

Because the tiny pictures show everything out of context, and show all effects without ever seeing the cause. Or making up cause… like shamans and witch doctors, and energy healers, and the peddlers of “supplements.”

Dr. Joel Wallach sees a bigger picture, and therefore his teaching’s truth value is 30% as opposed the truth value of the second best health advisors, 10%.

In other areas of life the situation is even worse… between 1% and 10%. Even the 67 steps’ Tai is only 10% truth value. But combine that with my coaching, and you get a 50% truth value program.

Is it possible to find a higher truth value program? Not at this time. With my own clarity rising, and it is rising, our program will get a higher truth value with time.

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  1. A human has hundreds of genes that are active, and hundreds of genes that are inactive… kept in tight wraps. When I activate an inactive gene, an intangible, a spiritual capacity, I am interfering with the ess (evolutionary stable strategy) or homeostasis, a kind of balance. It’s like the ugly duckling… it is a swan… but it gets rejected by the ducks.
  2. Actually, a normal human cannot tell the difference between the different functions of the brain, one of which is mind. 10% or so only
  3. also a brain function!

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