Tools For Your Soul Correction

soul correction: are you sure you want to know it? Soul correction is an active process. No one can do it for you.

Soul correction is the path to raising your vibration.

Every soul correction is a theme around which your life can be turned around: it’s like a pivot point.

It is a specific way you block the Light, it is a specific way YOU are not in the process of becoming an expanding human being, it is your way of “desire to receive for the self alone” i.e. at someone else’s expense.

You remember, the Creator doesn’t play favorites. It won’t take away from one to give it to another. Regardless if the other has right to what they have or not.

This is why when I ask the Creator to protect me from the Dark Side people, the Creator says No. Because protecting me would be taking away what is theirs, good or bad, or indifferent, won’t matter.

So the Creator is not like your dad who beat up your neighbor kid because he took away your toy, or yelled at the teacher because she gave you an F. The punishing, angry, selfish, jealous god is the figment of human imagination: no such thing in reality. As thee is no heaven any other place but potentially on Earth.

So, back to your soul correction:


  • knowing intimately what it is is very important.Your Bach flower profile, i.e. which of the 40 feelings are part of your persona, are invaluable. Each of those feelings are “desire to receive for the self alone”

    They are your reactions to life, and they limit you, make you sick, poor and miserable.

  • Finding your default “name” and inventing new ones (from the Art of Soaring book and upcoming course) are probably the most precise but the hardest to master. And, of course, the harder something is to catch the bigger the result you’ll experience.

I am planning to create a course, once a week, open ended, more like a support group, where I would be able to give individual attention to participants, and participants would be able to support each other.

Much like what we are doing in the Second Phase Activators Course, but without the activators.

If you are interested, please email me with information on your time-zone so I can find a suitable time-slot. I don’t promise that the day will work for you, but at least the time will be working for most people. For example, for people in Australia 4-9 pm is workable.

But anything after 5 pm is too late for people in Europe.

Anyway, please let me know if you are interested and where you live. OK? Thanks.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Tools For Your Soul Correction”

  1. Sophie, I thoroughly enjoy reading your perspective.

    For the most part you express the same truth I was given in 1994, but with a different approach. In this article you’ve made one statement that I question.

    You say that “Creator won’t protect you from the Dark Side because it would take away what is theirs.” While that is true at a certain level of perception, there’s another level of higher truth that would be expressed as, “Creator won’t protect us from the Dark forces because it would take away what is OURS.” What is ours is the innate right to create as children of God. God will not deny us the right to experience that which we create (either consciously or unconsciously). In the perfection of Heaven on Earth one man’s desire and creation (vibration) is a perfect match for another man’s vibration. Creator/Source will not NOT deny us that perfection that we are even if we ask for it. To do so would be to deny us the path to expanding Self-awareness as a fully functioning Child of God. The only way to truly change our experience, as you know and teach so effectively, is to change our own vibration. Only matching or complementary vibrations can enter our field of experience. It’s a hard truth to accept and apply but the rewards are great!

  2. Joyce, I wonder what it means: “I was given”
    I also wonder what you have done in the 18 years since that event so that your vibration isn’t “soaring”.

    It is higher than most people’s, but it is like a 2nd-3rd floor view, not a highrise-penthouse view.

    Have you figured out what is your soul correction?

  3. Shophie, thank you for this. I figured it was inspired by my comments on another post.

    Google search offers very little about Soul Correction outside of your posts, although Michael Laitman had an insightful one. I have read all of your posts on SC, and Laitman’s article, so I think I understand what it is (“intimately” will come with experience).

    By not attending to my Soul Correction I have caused much suffering (in my case a financial train wreck — how fitting). It got worse as I got older and did not work my SC. The Universe was determined to get my attention.

    I will order the HOE and read The Art of Soaring. These are pretty low cost options. I have the Universal Love Activator. I would be interested in some sort of forum for mutual support if the it’s affordable to me and available when I am. I am in your time zone.

    I am probably over-thinking this again. As Nike said in their ads long ago: Just Do It! It is difficult to give away money when you don’t have any, but some articles on the Law of Circulation said to start with what you have and build from there. Give time or talent if there isn’t money.

  4. the cheapest way to start circulating money is to sign up to KIVA and give a loan. Your cost is only the administration fee… the signup comes with a 25 dollar gift.

    You don’t give away the money, it is a loan that will be repaid, and you can lend it again and again.

    I started with one, and now have almost 40 loans at any one time, add a few a month.

    I am not charity. I don’t like charity. I won’t give to charity.

    I am sponsoring initiative, I am sponsoring business minded people.

    I do not give to people who want it for housing expenses and the like: they are bottomless holes, I am better burning the money…

    here is the link to start

    you will see an instant quickening: this is exactly the circuitry that you need.

  5. Sophie,
    Thanks for your response and your stimulating questions.

    “I was given” means to me that I received a spontaneous unexpected download of a huge amount of information in an instant – about who we are and how we function.

    What I’ve been doing since (besides raising two sets of adopted twins to adults) is to learn how to integrate the new information into my everyday life and let go of previous conflicting programs/beliefs one step at a time. I’d say my soul correction is to give myself the right to exist and allow that right to become functional.

    To answer your question about soaring, I’m not sure that “soaring” isn’t relative. I think I am soaring compared to where I began 18 years ago. I’m grateful for those 18 years and looking forward to the continually unfolding gifts in the next years.

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