Get well first. I can’t take people to spiritual growth unless they are well

health-spiritualitySource says: You can’t take people to spiritual growth, people who are not well… This is the signal I have been waiting for.

To be able to do Source’s work, I have surrendered to giving you what you want.

You want to grow? Then you want to be well? Not my favorite topic, not as high minded as I hoped I will work… but Source says: I can’t take people to spiritual growth, people who are not well.

Maslow has said it, and it should be self evident: unless your basics are covered, money, health, you won’t have any interest and any energy to give to spiritual growth.

So I have surrendered… OK. I’ll get you well. If that is what I need to do so I can take you to the level of human being… which requires serious spiritual growth, new capacities, new way of being.

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As I have shared in a previous post, being a contribution was one of the very first ways of being that I invented for myself.

But I was a beginner in the art of being… and it’s taken 30 years for me to admit it.

Being a contribution is the exact opposite of what I wanted to be.

And my soul correction is very much in line with being an individual, doing what I want to do, when I want to do it, how I want to do it…

If I could pinpoint what has caused me to be where I am at, having what I have, in terms of money, friendships, I can say that this fierce desire to march to my own drummer.

In business, especially in a service type of business, this attitude only gets you so much.

You should see my facial expression right now, it is not a happy face.

Contribution, service, is giving people what they want, not what you think they should want.

This is only the second time in my life when I could get a glimpse of this, the first was doing body work: you didn’t just do what you wanted to do when you wanted to do…

I have been offering these health evaluation sessions, and suddenly I had a glimpse.

I have been watching people for years flocking to my health articles and largely snubbing the articles about any other topic.

Selling health related products is the biggest money maker, some people make millions of dollars a month. Even I was starting to make good money when I was selling my Heaven on Earth as “Sleep Rescue” on Amazon, and I was poised to make a lot of money.

But my inner guidance bristled against giving partial solutions.

So I refused to deal with health… except that my students weren’t growing as fast as a healthy person would… So I started to offer health sessions.

122404783_spiritualhealthIf you are not well, if you don’t feel well, nothing works, until you do.

I find that you can’t always find what causes the “not feeling well” issue, unless you start to look at everything.

I am not a doctor, thank god, I am an empath, well educated in issues of health, because of my own health problems all my life. I have read more books on this, tested more modalities, subscribed more newsletters than on any other topic, because getting better was always painfully important to me.

Yesterday I ate something that was not clean… and I now have food poisoning. It lowered my overall health by 10 points, from 50 to 40.

But 10 years ago, after a long stint of commuting to New York City for a training program, my health number was six.

A food poisoning like this would have killed me then.

I now have picked enough directions and enough principles to look at a person’s health to be able to raise their health number by a lot.

I am still not a doctor, but my sessions and methods: looking at you, your behavior, your eating, your exercising, your supplements from many different angles enable me to help you create a simple, easy to implement, easy to follow, inexpensive life style that will reliably keep you healthy, strong, disease resistant, and have enough energy and attention to grow, earn, enjoy life.

My approach is not problem oriented, my approach is health oriented.

I have a clear mental representation, in “English”: a picture of what health looks like to you, and I adjust your behavior to match the picture.

The feedback, both during the session and afterwards is that everything that you knew to be true made you unhealthy.

The world has changed, but our bodies haven’t.

If you have read most of my articles, you know that I spent months reading everything I could put my hands on about the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan and his followers.

Mongols were a nomadic steppe people, hunters and had animals. They moved camp when the grazing for their animals became scarce.

They were a hardy, healthy people.

Then suddenly they had access to exotic goodies, and they became fat, sickly, and ugly.

The same is happening to you.

All food is toxic for some people and relatively healthy for others.

Your body, genetically, is resistant to toxins found in food indigenous to where your ancestors lived.

Low toxicity in your food cooks you alive like frogs can be cooked alive by raising the temperature very slowly.

My health number was 30 when I moved to Israel in 1982. In three years it dropped to 10. And it dropped further here in the United States… until it reached the six in 2004.

That is the number one reason you are not well: the food your body is not prepared through generations to detoxify.

So, even if you can’t afford to do a health session with me, even if you don’t trust me, trust this and start removing food from your diet that is not in line with this principle.

Especially the foods you really love, or the foods you think are really good for you.

Coconut, banana, seafood, goji berries, olive oil…

The time you want to go back to is 200-300 years ago, when there were not refrigerated trucks…

For example: I am Jewish. My ancestry for the past 200-300 years lived in Central Europe: landlocked.

For me, salmon, and other ocean fish is toxic.
For me, pork, turkey, etc. is toxic.

One of the reasons my health number is not higher is that I do eat turkey… I cannot find any meat that agrees with me, and it seems turkey is the least toxic…

Your blood type, your ayurvedic body type are also a good indicators of what you should and should not be eating.

But what if you are of mixed heritage? For example, if you have a Japanese mother and a British father?

In that case I need to muscle test whose genes are dominant in you, the mother’s or the father’s. And then you’ll know.

Long story short: I am offering my health evaluation sessions.

But not to everyone.

Call me selfish, call me stingy, I am only willing to do this for people who I consider someone who will continue into spiritual growth once they are well.

Why? Because that is my real work… Even though I am good at getting you well. But it’s work, and not MY work.

OK, so how do I decide?

circlesThe first step is to get your “combo” evaluation.

your vibration
your overall IQ including your intelligence
the number of spiritual capacities you have
your soul correction (your machine) (your date of birth is needed for this)
do you have attachments?
the level of your health
the level of your cell hydration

I have to spend time with you, in you, merged with you. If that time is not sufficient for me to make a decision, I’ll exchange some emails with you.

I’ll know. And I’ll let you know.

It’s not the numbers that clue me in, by the way. It’s what I experience while being you.

You see, I probably would not have accepted myself as a client in 2004, if I based my decisions on numbers. They were very low, all of them.

My best students started out low. Very low

But when I connect to you, merge with you, I feel who you are. The person. And that feeling is what I base my decisions on.

I have to admit, I have students who don’t qualify… my bad.

But there are a lot of “readers” who do. Or ex-students.

OK, want to get well so you can grow spiritually?

Let’s see if you can… Get your numbers and we’ll see.

Scared? Do it anyway. At least you’ll have some certainty. Certainty is better than living in fear.

  1. your vibration (1-1000)
  2. your overall intelligence/coherence
  3. the number of spiritual capacities you have
  4. your soul correction (your machine) I need your date of birth for this
  5. whether you have any attachments
  6. the level of your health (1-100%)
  7. the level of your cell hydration 1-100@

If you bought these separately, you’d pay $30… but buying them all at once, I knock off $15.

Click on the paypal button to send me a donation to get your starting point measurements. I’ll let you know in my email response, if you could ask for a comprehensive health evaluation, OK?

After you pay, please wait to be forwarded to a website to register. If you are a member of my freebies subscribers’ site, please log in through the “already a member” link on the registration page… If you mess up, I’ll do it manually for you.

I’ll make a video on how to do it: when your coherence is low, you can’t do it… I understand.

Download the pdf version of this article get-well-first
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