When the guru is wrong…

Gurus are wrong too. When a guru is willing to admit to having been wrong, a whole world of learning flows from that act of courage, that act of grace. I have made a mistake and I had my learning. Painful… But an opportunity to grow.

thats-methed-up-dudeToday I learned a lesson so cruelly cutting, my stomach hurt from it.

Now, being on the other side of it, it has opened my eyes to so many things, I am surprised.

I found out that some of my carefully crafted assumptions based in decades of education might be wrong.

I have been fighting it for more than a week now… and finally, today, I had to face the piper.

The polar pitcher, the equipment I use for energizing water, has changed: the pitcher you get on Amazon today are slightly smaller than what I own and have based my water energizing system on.

It makes no sense to me… and I can hardly believe it.

But it’s true, and I have to face now the consequences of all the people who followed my guidance, and are now fish out of the water, have a defective system.

I have come up with a fix… it works but it’s not elegant, and ultimately any solution that is not elegant is at best temporary, because it’s forced.

I’ll explain the fix at the end of this article, but let me talk about the insights I have gained from this cognitive bias, and my unwillingness to check before I speak.

Not-A-GuruI saw that what was bothering me in the Marco Polo movie, recently, is not the betrayal, but the Mongol Khan’s unwillingness to check if his assumptions about his adopted son were right. And failure to do so will cost him his life, and thousands of other lives… I foresee.So, ultimately I saw myself in him, that is why I stopped watching the series… Would be funny if it didn’t hit so close to home.

  1. I now have more compassion for you when you are stuck in your ways and in your opinions… I see that it is all of us. Learning that you’ve been wrong, and that it has been costing you is very unpleasant…I have been forced to… life will force you too. The art is to see that it was you, all along, who was the stupid one.crazy-bald-guruFor you, finding things you have a faulty assumption, is like shooting fish in a barrel. You are wrongly sure about so many things.So start culling the fish in the barrel today.
  2. Life is stuck until you accept that it may be you who is wrong. Stuck.So if your life is stuck: I am giving you an effective way to climb out of your deep hole.
  3. I saw that some soul corrections (maybe all of them, for all I know) are stuck states: stuck in an assumption that is wrong. That is a delusion. That is toxic in its invisibility to you.If you know your soul correction, what are the fixed points of your life, things you are sure about… consider that you are wrong about them. That is what makes you stuck.For example, in a conversation with a “Circuitry” person today, I told her that she is not only a black hole, her attitude to anyone having anything is “oh no”… and that Circuitry soul correction is the closest to perfect match to “desire for the self alone”… the sadness when other people have, even if you do too, and the glee you experience when other people are slighted, or fail, or have to go without.Sucking the light out of the Universe…If you can’t think of what it might be for you, consider booking a private one-on-one with me. I can’t promise how long it takes… write to me first and I’ll send you a payment link.

All these insights. I am sure I’ll get more.

quote-nobody-seems-more-obsessed-by-diet-than-our-anti-materialistic-otherworldly-new-age-spiritual-edward-abbey-294644I am clear that bringing “It ain’t necessarily so” to these areas will be mandatory for me, if I want to really benefit from this insight: I have assumptions that are wrong.

OK, finally, this is the temporary solution I’ve come up with for the Water Energizer in the pitcher, if you have been trying to use the mini speaker for that.

The way it is supposed to work is this: The mini speaker transfers the audio vibration to the aluminum chamber, and the aluminum chamber transfers the vibration to the water. The vibration is the carrier of the energizer energy, which makes the water coherent, over time… like a comb makes hair become coherent… all strands of hair work in harmony.

The metal tube has a top, that is submerged in water. If you put the speaker into a waterproof ziplock bag, you can place the speaker, audio part touching the metal tube, and get similar results as if the speaker were inside the metal tube on the bottom.

I did say it wasn’t elegant.

The same method may work with containers other than the Polar Pitcher. You may use a plastic container that you made a hole for the cable on the top… and then immerse the container to a certain degree.

The speaker is not waterproof, so don’t be stupid, don’t drop it in the water… OK? (The original setup, the one that is wrong is here… –> Article on how to set up your water energizing system )
160702-081731 160710-134725 160710-134737 160710-134755 160710-134856 160710-134919SORRY, THIS TURNED OUT NOT TO WORK!

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