Your two brains… have you been trying to be a creator with the first?

kelli-in-the-rawYesterday I got a request to review Kelli in the raw (Kelli Coffee Sessions – Kelli In The Raw TV)

She is quite charismatic, and looks and acts different than most of the people who are duping people. I went and experienced one of her youtube sessions… an “activation” session.

She generates and moves energy around with her hands, and talks. The energies felt very strong, very unpleasant, in the upper chest and the throat (greed).

Not Source energy. She taps into a “plane”, a reservoir of human imagination created energies. I have heard this plane called the Fourth Plane… gods, angels, spirits belong there. And evil.

Her, Kelli’s vibration is 170. She uses the 18 spiritual capacities she was born with. (World average is between five and six spiritual capacities).

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I was pondering about the strength of the energy… until this morning I realized that I wasn’t feeling the energy itself, I was feeling her emotions, her experience of herself. WTF… right? If I really wanted to feel what a “client” feels, I need to connect to a client while they are under the Kelli influence.

I must have made the same error with Christie Marie Sheldon.

It’s time to retest… and I need volunteers. If you can feel the energy stirred by either of these women, would you contact me and let me feel you while you are experiencing their sessions? Please?

My educated and not so humble opinion about either of these women: what they do is worthless… and very expensive. Entertainment. I am happy for you that you can afford it.

But if you use it for anything other than entertainment, then you are a fool…

Most humans are fools.

Humans have power… you have heard that before. But humans and their power don’t work well together.


Humans have two brains (I am oversimplifying it). One brain is automatic and its activity is gene directed. The selfish gene wants only to survive and to procreate. YOU, the vehicle, your quality of life, your fulfillment, your feelings, your higher self, your work… all that is important to YOU is not important to the selfish gene. Moreover, most of what YOU want to do with your life is a threat to the selfish gene, because it is counter to the evolutionary stable strategy that evolved hundreds of thousands of years ago, and hasn’t changed. And is not interested in changing.

growfoodnotlawnsSo for example, pursuing what’s important to you, making a difference, standing out, being generous, etc. are all fought against by the selfish gene and Brain 1…

The second brain is the problem solving, evolved brain.

It needs to be switched on.
It needs to be learned to use.

It’s like a Ferrari: you can have it, but you are not necessarily going to use it.

It’s a wonderful chicken coop. It’s a big planter… it is only a car that takes you to places, once you learn to use it as a vehicle.

Re-use-car-horse-400x335Opportunities to learn that it’s a vehicle are rare. It’s like this: you watch a movie where someone drives a car… but you think it’s magic… you don’t know it’s a car, and you don’t know that the person sitting in it is driving it.

The brain is not something that sits in your yard… It’s operating invisibly from the head of a person… and because you don’t know it’s in another person’s head… you can’t tell they are using it.

I am serious. Don’t be offended… being offended is Brain 1’s way of making you ignore that you have a brain that you haven’t used and that could make you and your life vastly different and a lot better.

Some people have a profession that requires them to be problem solvers on one level or another.

But being able to see that the problem solving is the second brain has been hidden from them.

They go home from work and don’t ever use the second brain at home… it is for work only.

I am not the right person to help you learn to use the second brain… I don’t have the training for that. I learned the hard way, and it was long and arduous.

What kicked it to gear for me was patterns.

The idea that things, life, people, behaviors, can be looked at “through” patterns”. Systematically, rigorously, until the world, life, people get a lot of details, and the threatening nature of life disappears.

The first brain knows a handful of patterns. They are all about survival and procreation. Its behavior, its rules are designed to interact with those patterns successfully.

This all happens unconsciously… though you can, if you can, observe it through observing your thoughts and your emotions.

You need to create a little distance between YOU and your thoughts, but you can do it.

When you successfully get into that distance that you can see, hear the thoughts, you’ll see that they are repetitive, and they are reactive. No creativity, no problem solving, nothing human-like. Fear, pleasure, avoid pain thoughts.

Your dog probably has similar thoughts…

The second brain is dormant in 97% of the world.

Education is designed to keep it that way. Dog school… no thinking required.

One of the exciting aspect of the book series Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars. The school and the new type of education it describes in one of those books… nothing to memorize, it is all problem solving… All using the second brain. 1

Of course most people who raid the series read it because it promised magic… i.e. what read the book is the first brain, the unthinking brain.

Anastasia and the story are fiction, but the idea of being powerful and taking charge of the world you live in is real… Of course if you do it with the first brain, you’ll make a mess of it, and that is the world we live in.

MAD-epi0117-D0238biThere is a TV character I like, Madame Secretary. The character spends most of her time in the second, problem solving brain, and she brings it with her wherever she goes, home, on vacation, and solving world problems.

Of course the actress has never spent a moment in the second brain… and neither did most of the viewers of the series.

For the person, 97% of the world’s population, who has never learned that they have a tool between their ears, it all looks magic. Sherlock Holmes, Anastasia, Madame Secretary, or Nelson Mandela.

Or Kelli in the Raw… magical.

Some use their brain to dupe the clueless. Like Kelli. Because she is using the second brain, no doubt about that. She won’t tell you that she is an entertainer. Because then you won’t pay.

She prefers to be magical. Special… and she sells it superbly… As long as you are clueless.

In my coaching, in my workshops I do MY darned best to force thinking. NOT having thoughts, but thinking. The one that only comes on if you force it… turn the key in the ignition, or it is not a car… lol.

It is very slow going. It works better with people who have learned problem solving in their and for their jobs. 2

I haven’t made a dent for people who haven’t ever learned problem solving, or whose problem solving can be done manually… chimps can do it… so it is the second brain, but on a very low level.

The first thing, I think, an unthinking person needs to “get”… is patterns… or really just one pattern. Any pattern will do, by the way. But it needs to be explored, and it needs to be taken to the extreme: looking at the whole world through that.

You could pick any pattern… how about “fragile” aka “can be broken”?

Or: was that thought generated or was it automatic: come out of nowhere?

How does that look on others? etc. Taken all the way.

You’ll never become really human unless you start using the second brain.

You are the youngest you’ll ever be. The time is now. Persistence will pay. I promise.

PS: The 67 step coaching program that uses Tai Lopez’ 67 step programs, its principles, patterns, distinctions is a great place to find out if you can see patterns. If you can, that means you can use your second brain. If you can: it is the most life-affirming program you can every do. It teaches life… and no matter how many degrees you have, no matter how long you have been in business, 99% of those patterns, 99% of those principles you have never encountered, and to live the good life, the life you enjoy living, the life that both supports you and you can support, is barely possible without those distinctions and patterns.

At least this has been my personal experience.

Now, on a positive note, some of my students, actually all of my students who do the work, at the four month line begin to see distinctions. And when that happens, they start to open up their eyes, and start seeing. Amazing to watch. People, left to their own devices will not go for thinking or seeing patterns.

Honestly, I don’t think it would happen if they just did the steps on their own. I think it is my poking questions, my answers that trigger the ignition turning on in the Ferrari they hadn’t used. And they also want to please me… which is, it seems, important.

Download the pdf version of this article two-brains
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  1. One of the challenges you face when you only use the first brain is that you can’t tell if something is real or a lie. The first brain doesn’t have tools to tell things apart. None. So, for you everything is the same as everything else, except that not always. You are functionally blind, and live in a world of undifferentiated nothingness. Because telling things apart, distinguishing, is the function of the second brain.

  2. IQbubbleA number of years ago I hired a woman to work with me in my magazine publishing business. The reason I chose her because she was a member of the Mensa society for high IQ people. She was nothing like I expected. After a few weeks I fired her. I first asked her to bring her intelligence, but I should have asked her, with what I know today, to fire up her second brain… if she had one in working condition. Today’s muscle test says that only 7% of high IQ people use their second brain… the rest are relying on their first brain to do life for them. Amazing, isn’t it?

    High iq people still use their second brain as a chicken coop or planter… not as a Ferrari… Their moves are different, their moves are to prove people how good, how smart, how well-read they are… but not for real problem solving.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

13 thoughts on “Your two brains… have you been trying to be a creator with the first?”

  1. I watched the video of Kelli and also felt nothing but her tight throat…

    But I got a good idea reading this article: to start asking if a course of action comes from the selfish gene or not, and how.

  2. Sophie, can you give us some examples of people who have turned on the second brain? Steve Jobs? Warren Buffett or Charlie Munger? Stephen Hawking? How does it relate to vibrational level and number of active capacities? How does is relate to the idea of “bilocation”?

  3. Anyone in a line of study or a line of work where the job is problem solving, has turned on the capacity. Whether they use it in other areas or not depends on other capacities.

    Steve Jobs: yes/no, Warren Buffet: yes/yes, Charlie Munger: yes/yes, Stephen Hawking: surprisingly not a full yes in either area. Einstein: yes/no.

    Why would you be interested in all these questions, by the way? To add to the useless knowledge you store, or to hide that you don’t believe you can or are willing to turn on the second brain?

  4. To understand the qualities of the capacity. To find role models. To find clues. You said you cannot teach it, but I know you can distinguish it. I want to draw upon your skills.

  5. By the way, Sophie, did I ever give you permission to address me in such a superior and condescending manner? If I did, implicitly or explicitly, I now rescind that permission. Let’s rewrite our agreement, that’s my request. Your superior attitude is the least attractive thing about you, and it smacks of the cult dynamic. I must endure your abuse in order to access the gold you offer? It reminds me of Landmark. A splash of cold water in the face is welcome, if not pleasant, the judgementalism says everything about you and contributes nothing to me. I am coachable. But I am not here to be abused.

  6. superior, condescending, and abuse are interpretations, just like “confrontation” was in yesterday’s workshop. These words activate the automatic brain and the macarena the brain is making you do.

    I don’t ask questions to do any of that: you come here to get coached… and coaching is like that. ruthless compassion, laser accurate, and painful… for the most part.

    If this is not a good place for you, then you can leave. If it doesn’t work for you, then it may not be a good place for you.

    I can apologize, but not for my “behavior” but for your experience.

  7. I don’t feel any better, but I accept it because I trust your heart and your integrity and your intentions.

  8. Thank you for this. When I heard her for the first time on a radio show.. I just felt ‘icky’ and couldn’t understand why. After listening to her talk awhile I realized that she believed herself. Although I don’t believe her, I do realize that she believes it all and is passionate about it. She comes across as convincing because she is convinced by it. But my intuition was alarmed and made me feel sick. Glad to know I was reading it right. Thanks for you articles. 🙂

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