Getting things done… fast (12-week Mastery review)

SuperheroIn this article I will share with you a period of my life when things happened with a lightening fast speed, and I made those things happen.

It was 1988, and around February I got fired. It was my fault… I forgot that I was supposed to lie to cover for my employer… and I let the truth slip. So I got fired.

Then I got really depressed. I got thrown out of a program I loved and was really good at in Landmark…

I had no income, no hopes for income, and I was depressed.

I started to go to a 12-step program and with a little help, ok, a lot of pushing, I did start to look what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, now that everything I knew was closed for me.

I read the “What Color is Your Parachute” and did the exercises in the middle… to find the skills I loved to use.
Then I did a day and a half course, called The More Time Workshop…

It wasn’t about more time, it was about getting clear of what I wanted, and getting things done.

And that course, with its methodology, gave me wings.

I had a clear, although grand vision, but I also had daily actions that bridged between the now and the vision.

In less than a year I created a successful magazine that made money the first issue, and I ran it for eleven years… until I got sick and couldn’t do it any more.

All because of that course.

That course is not available any more, but I saw that the next best thing is coming out in a week or two, and, if my feeling is accurate, can do the same thing for you.

Is this for you?

12-weekIf you have been ineffective at getting things moving towards your goal, then yes.

If you haven’t even had a goal, but you’ve had a dream… then yes.

And if you are like me now… one thing I am struggling: getting podcast episodes done… then no.

To tell you the truth, a course like this is not only useful right after and during doing it, my course almost 30 years ago is still defining my ways of being about my projects.

I get things done. Without suffering, without delay, on time, like I did during these crucial months of transitioning from being an architect to being a magazine publisher.

So doing a course like this imparts habits that no one can take away from you.

OK, a little bit about the course:

Instead of working like everyone teaches to have long term goals, and then milestones… blah blah blah, the course squeezes the whole accomplishment into a shorter time frame.

Now, at first I was pondering: will you think you need to hurry? Because you remember: there is no hurry on the creative plane. I am never in a hurry, and haven’t been in 30 odd years. So shorter deadlines don’t mean you need to hurry, it only means that you need to choose more carefully.

When you have 15 minutes when you don’t have to do anything, you better reach for something part of your project, instead of youtube or your smart phone. I do.

Can you have any type of projects?

Yes. M… can finish his dissertation and practice his music as well. J… can find his niche and be on his way to be successful on the edge… J can file for divorce or make her marriage work… finally. B. can make his rental house project going… finally.

These are real people.

Do I want my students to do the course? This is a difficult question for me, because, of course I do and I don’t. I am possessive that way, but I’ll support your decision.

So what should you do now?

By all means, whether you know you want this course or not, go and check it out.
There will be four videos building up to a launch…

You go and enter your email and then they send you emails reminding you of the next video.

Will you learn something? I promise you will.

Do I get paid if you buy the course? Yes.

Would I recommend it if I didn’t get paid?

Yes. I spent a little soul searching to see if I am doing this for the money, or if I am doing it for both of us. And the answer is yes: I want you to have your dreams, and my methodology isn’t sufficient for that.

You need to learn to manage your projects, and I don’t teach that.

OK, here is the link… off you go.

It’s called 12-week mastery.

If you sign up, I’ll find a way to reward you… I’ll think about it.


The presenter, Brian Moran personal vibration: 200. Truth value: 30%, very high. His results are above average. Is it worth the money? If you do the work, yes.

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