Why you feel how you feel and what can you do about it?

doggie-languageMost people live in a constant “this is not right… this is not where I am supposed to be, this is not how I am supposed to be, this is not what I am supposed to do” jerky place.

It seems inevitable, it feels bad, and all of it is based on delusions, pretenses, and lies.

Obviously you can’t see your delusions. That is your “reality”.

  • But… if you don’t feel good, if you don’t see clear, if you don’t have a 360 degree view of the world in most issues… they you can be sure you have delusions.
  • and… if you don’t go for growth, learning, profound well-being, fulfillment, expertise… they you can be sure your life and actions are based on delusions.

Delusion is a “cognitive bias”… you think something is as simple as X, while it is a lot more complicated than that… but you can’t see beyond X. So you don’t see what is, you only see the X.

how-does-that-make-you-feelI know it feels bad to feel stupid… But let me ask you a ques ton: can you tolerate feeling bad for the sake of getting rid of your cognitive biases? So eventually you can feel stupid less of the time?

Most of you will say “no”… You are hopeless, because you make permanent decisions from your temporary emotions. Stupid as the stupid does.

You will, forever, need my energy remedies to feel better, and my avatar state audios to keep you out of drowning in your morass.

And although those, the energy remedies and the avatar state audios are useful tool for everyone, on any level of vibration, once you know that only what you do actually raises your vibration, raises your consciousness, elevates you to the Tree of Life, you only use them as occasional remedies.

For example, I am on the fourth day of some intense calamities: hard drive crash, jumping attachments, physical trauma.

cat-tail-speakI am handling it without my inner waters getting frazzled, while my outer waters… the horizontal dimension is playing games with me. So I observe tightening of my shoulders, limping, dry and burning eyes.

I am well, but using the Heaven on Earth both in audio and in remedy form soften my shoulders, and moisten my eyes. The limping doesn’t respond to any of my energies… But the longer I limp the longer I live. Once I stop limping I’ll know the end is near.

We can say that the 67 step coaching is all about removing the cognitive biases, the delusions, both about the self and about the world.

e6bvrwj4su_1402791026626It’s not about money. It is not about well-being. It is not about fulfillment. It is not about love or happiness.

It is about what you know that is wrong. It is about what you think is simple, but it’s not. It is about what you think is complicated, but it is really simple.

It is about living from a 360 degree reality that every step gets closer to having a truth value of 80 degrees… Higher than the truth value of any individual component, any of the talks Tai does, any of the books he read, and yet.



stressed-out-dogDo you think if you can take out the dust from your eyes, if you can take off the distorting lenses, you can be more effective at living a life that is enjoyable, a life that can be called the life well lived?

You can’t have that with all those delusions.

With delusions you have a life of resistance, tension, stress, grief, sadness, depression, yearning, greed.

There are two ways to reach inner peace: Lobotomy is one. I hear it works.

And starting to get rid of the delusions is another.

cat-under-wood1280x600If you have stress: you have resistance, you have delusions
If you have grief: you have delusions.
If you have depression: you have delusions.
If you have yearning, greed: you have delusions.

Everyone says: allowing is the remedy for resistance.

But it is still a ‘fixing the symptom’ level…

Every resistance comes from delusions.

5-16-stressed-dog-2Get rid of the delusions, and you’ll have no resistance, no stress, no grief, no depression, no yearning, and no greed.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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