More Vibrational Reviews: Carolyn Cooper, Mas Sajady, 9D Clearing, Aaron Murakami, Fred Alan Wolf, James Allen, Amy Flynn

When you can’t do your own thinking you come to the “expert”. It’s OK, but this is how you live your life… you may want to do some of your own thinking… If you “believe” me you’ll believe anyone.

Here is a new batch of vibrational reviews, all requested by readers of this blog.

Carolyn CooperCarolyn Cooper has what she calls the Simply Healed Method
Carolyn Cooper personal vibration: 180; her method: 170; my personal take on it: it is a hodge podge of bs.
Mas SajadyMas Sajady: Session with Success Energizer. Personal vibration: 200; Method: 170. Did he have a near death experience: no. Probably charismatic and people believe him. But he is just an operator.
9d clearing. This seems to be much like an organization to hold physical events, for people who have money to burn by spiritual sounding retreats.
Aaron Murakami “Taboo Physics”, Author, Researcher, Online Marketer, marketeer. Personal vibration: 200; Truth value of his teachings: 150… 3% truth.
Fred Alan WolfFred Alan Wolf is an American theoretical physicist specializing in quantum physics and the relationship between physics and consciousness. Personal vibration: 170. Anxiety… Teachings truth value: 210, about 7%
Alma Mayer … see Elma Mayer
Amy FlynnAmy Flynn Wealth ~ Abundance ~ Joy NOW! MULTIDIMENSIONAL MONEY REIKI HEALING, Reiki healing. Personal vibration: 150. Truth value of offerings/teachings: 120 — about 3%
As A Man Thinketh by James AllenAs A Man Thinketh by James Allen: James Allen personal vibration: 160 (holding his breath);book’s truth value: 150

You may want to read my article on why people’s vibration changes over time… it’s an interesting, distinction based article… coming on June 20 in the afternoon.

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