Bioelectric shield, Q-link and other gadget… a review. What works?

lindsay_lohan with q-link pendant a reviewBio-electric shield and other gadget… a review

A students says:

Sophie, have you ever find a review of the Bio-electric Shield? It is a disk-shaped pendant that contains some quartz crystals. I had one for 15 years, and it was like my best friend. It seemed to he very attuned to my energy. When I first tried it on, I could only wear it for a few minutes. Then longer and longer.

It kind of fell apart and I lost it around the time I started working with you. Maybe its work was done.

I have tried Q-link, a variation to bio-electric shield. That was before I knew I was an empath. I only knew that other people’s energy was interfering with mine…

I hated it.

Now, I don’t know how it works, I don’t know why it works, but I’ll tell you what I think is the truth about any of these trainable circuits:

A few years ago I learned the trick to cloak and bubble myself.

The process is easy: you imagine throwing a tent over your head: that is the cloaking. And then, a little bit more tricky: you calm yourself down enough, you gather yourself enough to be able to see soap bubbles, grow one big enough to go around you. See it shimmer with the colors of the rainbow, step into it, one foot after the other, plant them inside the bubble, and then fill the bubble with white light coming out of your palms. The bubble will float, by the way…

What does this exercise accomplish:

  1. Cloaking makes you energetically disappear from the radar screen of an enemy, an energetic attacker. If they can’t find you they can’t shoot at you, hurt you, block you from the internet… and other important stuff. In my experience a good cloaking can maintain itself for about 30 minutes. Then you have to do it again. UPDATE: I have someone send me painful energies about 3-4 days a month. I know who it is. The cloaking and bubbling isn’t effective against them, and it isn’t effective against the Dark energies that come from the North Pole direction. So I haven’t even been bothering. It has been effective against attachments though.Cloaking is only effective against people wanting to hurt you, put an attachment on you, etc.If you already have an attachment, like the beacon of Mr. T., bubbling will only make you invisible to other bad people.Who would want to hurt you? And how do they find you?

    I can find anyone from their email address, if it is personal, their phone number, if it is only theirs, their exact relationship to someone I have already connected to, by a book they’ve written, a video or an audio they made.

    I do not engage in harmful energies: I love life too much, and I love myself too much to do that. I fight clean, and I prefer to keep my eyes on where I am going instead of on others or on protecting myself. I have found that anything I don’t resist goes though me without harming me too much… I mean it may hurt, but leaves no residual damage. If you resist, the type of person that attacks me every month can actually maim you or kill you.

    But there are people that despise themselves, and therefor they are only happy when they have power over another.

    In a day to day situation it shows up in being judgmental… Being judgmental is dark side, it is annihilation of another so you can be higher.

    So is gossip, so is threatening. I have had my share of these, and I do not wish to return to that level.

    You can’t associate with dark side, once your vibration is high enough, I would estimate, above 500… but unfortunately the number of people on that level is minuscule.

  2. Bubbling Bubbling requires a lot more skill than cloaking, and it serves to put you in a clean room, an isolation chamber, where you are not affected by other people’s energy, thoughts, feelings, inclinations… and possibly you are protected from eft and such… the energies of your computer screen, etc. All can be disruptive to your energy, especially if you are already vague, if you already don’t know who you are, what you are about, etc.

I tried the Q-link when my vibration was under 200. It was bad… I was in turbulence. I could find no peace.

Energetically it is like being in a room full of mirrors that reflect back to you your own badness… but so persistently that you can’t escape it.

I would not want to wear it again… and I still have it. When I go near it I feel that turbulence, just like I feel the turbulence when I go near the huge quartz crystal my ex boy friend gave me… Both retained the energetic signature of the previous owner… not pretty.

Just like water, you entrain to the energies reaching you… Why not entrain to the energy of the Universe, the hum, the magic, the beauty, the harmony by regularly connecting to it?

Connecting to Source is that… entraining your energies to the Universe’s. Magnificent, calming, and refreshing at the same time.

The guy I coached a few years ago learned cloaking and bubbling in the same course where I learned it.

His business was suffering, and he suspected that his wife was draining his energy and that’s why.

He did the cloaking and bubbling, and lo and behold, the incoherence, the turbulence, the emotional turmoil was bigger than before.

He needed protection from himself: he was the evil one, he was the one who drained his own energies by being spiteful, hateful, judgmental, and cowardly.

q-link review

As with the Q-link, with bubbling: you must be mindful: it will amplify your own energies: are you sure you want to be with those?

Until you learn to love yourself exactly the way you are and exactly the way you aren’t… unconditionally, you are best not lock yourself into a one-person cell… you won’t enjoy it.

So, how do you learn to love yourself? I have the two versions of the Unconditional Love Activator for you.

One version needs you to connect to Source… it is probably the most amazing thing I have ever created: my vibration started to rise in earnest when I started to use it.

We think that we are the judge… that we know enough to judge, that we see the big picture and therefore we are able to judge accurately.

But the bigger picture you see, i.e. the higher you are, the more loving, the more compassionate you are… so your self-judgment is a sign of near-sightedness, a sign that you are on the pedestrian level.

In the connected version of the Unconditional Love Activator, you are in the energy of the Universe, and in that energy there is no room for hate, not even dislike… And in that space your own self-doubts, self-hatred melt away.

Warning: it is not like a pill… you need to immerse yourself in that energy often and long. The pedestrian world will pull you back to its own energy, until you learn how to not allow it to effect you. I still haven’t… and I still DO the Unconditional Love Activator from time to time, to true my energy, true my vibration to that of the Universe.


PS: By the way, there are thousands of positive or mildly positive testimonials about the q-link… many of those get a commission, so I discarded those.

It seems that people that work in an environment with very high eft… like a TV studio, experience benefit from wearing a q-link. And good golfers, the ones that can concentrate and have a harmonious energy already, also benefit. Ordinary folks, like you and me, don’t.

Now, if you are hellbent on buying a q-link or such… first harmonize your vibration with the Unconditional Love Activator and then, maybe, your energy will be nurturing to you. Until then: I definitely recommend against it.

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  1. Thank you, Sophie. Very interesting. I may do the Unconditional Love Activator next. But no rush. I am practicing being transparent to my thoughts and judgments, and just observing. My main move it to connect from the heart and from my Power Point as I call it…the one you pointed out, located in the back. Even then, without all the drama of survival…

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