Updated: How to make your own energy remedy: H.O.E., Unclove with H.O.E., or the Effortless Abundance Remedy

how to infuse the audios' energies into waterSummary: Some energies, healing energies, can be infused in water or water containing substances. Some energies can’t. The Energizer, the H.O.E., the Unconditional Love Activator, the 2nd and 3rd Phase Activators, and the Effortless Abundance Activator are such energies that can be infused and consumed internally. They work faster that way. Especially if your vibration is low. I myself use my own energies both ways, audio format and infused liquid format… every day. When I forget to infuse my water, I can tell… I start to be very vulnerable to emotions…


How to make your own remedy with my audios

  1. Fill a container with as pure water as you can find. Don’t use distilled water if possible, it is corrupted water.
  2. Place full size headphones ON the container. putting the audio source near the container won’t work.
  3. Play the audio for about 15 minutes.
  4. Your remedy water is ready to drink. You can make tea, coffee, soup with it, it won’t corrupt the energies. Drink it. You can’t overdose. It’s good for children, pets, plants. Calming, centering, soothing, healing. Enjoy.

if you look on the site, energizing your own water with the Energizer audio, the audio plays through headphones that are wrapped around the bottle you want to infuse the energy into.

The same way, you play the H.O.E. long range, or the Effortless Abundance Audio, 168 energies are going through the audio, you wrap it around the bottle of water, and the energies get infused into the water.

When you drink the water, or whatever you made with it, tea, coffee, soup, the energies go and infuse you…

It takes about 15 minutes for the water to be saturated with the energies.

The subtle emotional energies of the remedies leave the water unchanged, that is why it is so fast while the Energizer that “combs” the water to increase its coherence takes a lot longer.

The remedies I ship start with energized water, and then I infuse the subtle emotional energies into the energized water.

The remedy audios don’t have the Energizer energy in them.

Is the remedy I make myself as strong as what you make?

Yes, though it depends on your audio device, the headphones, the water quality, and the time.

If you use ear buds, I don’t promise you anything. If the speakers in your headphone aren’t touching the container, I don’t promise you anything.

Just like I cannot infuse water with the energies without actually putting my palms on the container, the audio, which is a recording of me infusing, won’t infuse.

If you have doubts about your method, just order the remedy from me, it’s not that expensive, and better safe than sorry.

Here is a link to all my remedies: https://www.yourvibration.com/energyremediesbysophie

Can I just drink the remedy and get the same results as you get… doubling the business every two weeks?

Drink the remedy in a co-creative way, the way of the Expanding Human Being

If you have a business, and the only thing is missing is your attitude: maybe.

Just know that I co-create with the energies: I carry my own weight, so to say. I don’t ask the energy to do everything.

What does that mean? It means two things:

  1. I drink the water consciously, at least a few times a day, 3-4 times minimum.

    Drinking the water consciously is to witness its action. You can learn how to do that through my recorded webinars… not free, I am sorry to say. It is a sort of mini-meditation in that you close your eyes and you are with yourself and the energies working.

    If you bought the Effortless Abundance package, the videos are included: priceless. The whole series cost 25 bucks, it should be 250, by the time we are done. I will raise the price as soon as more videos are available, at the moment I am recording one a week. I am told that being on the live recording is useful: you can be more present than when you are trying to do it on your own.

  2. The second thing is being conscious of what the energies are attempting to do. In the case of the H.O.E., the most important accomplishment is to take full responsibility of the context through which you look… I am not sure you are able to do that, just yet… we are working (me and a small group of my students) to make responsibility real and teachable.

    In the case of the Effortless Abundance, responsibility is extended to Abundance: If it is to be, it is up to me… No abundance can come to you without you having more to sell, better to sell, or start selling in a different context: sell not the product but its result.

    This is a big missing, and unless you learn how to do it, you will not produce the results I am producing…

    I am thinking of teaching that last thing: selling the results instead of the stuff… just don’t have any time right now.

Here are the audio files that are infusable. If you have a lot of activators that you bought from me, you may not know which ones are avatar state and which ones are not… this information is for you.


none of the avatar state audios are infusable.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

11 thoughts on “Updated: How to make your own energy remedy: H.O.E., Unclove with H.O.E., or the Effortless Abundance Remedy”

  1. A piece of the puzzle revealed – The action of consciously drinking each time was a question I didn’t ask (as usual!), but a distinction that resonated. I will remember I have to add more awareness to even the simplest things I do.

  2. Is it redundant to add the remedies to water that has already been infused with the water energizer stand-alone or are they different?

  3. the Energizer has one energy, the energizer.
    It is NOT a remedy.
    I add the energies of the activators to energized water.
    So if you make energized water only, no need for remedies.
    If you want to have the benefit of remedies then you need to add the remedy energies from the remedy audios.
    I am sure you are asking this question because you want it spelled out, not because you could not figure it out yourself.

  4. Hi

    I’ve been using it to infuse my drinking water for the last few days.

    Can the Abundance Activator be used to infuse fresh juices directly? Let’s say a glass of watermelon juice.

  5. Hi Sophie, I have a question: if I have a large container of water which I refill every, say, 4 days — is it enough to infuse remedies once, or shall I “recharge” the water after some time’s passed?

    Thank you.

  6. Miko, it all depends on the weather and other atmospheric/energetic interference.
    Where I live, one hour south of the Canadian border, my remedies are stable for months… And so is my water.

    Do you have the same question about your water? Your cell hydration is 30%… Where is this question coming from? I am confused…

  7. I haven’t been using the remedies for quite a while, only energizing my water. And so, prompted by your article, I wanted to set up a system for it, but I wasn’t quite clear if it’s enough to infuse a bigger container once, or whether I should infuse the remedies into my daily water allotment every morning, for example.

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