How Could You Experience Love? What Gives You That Warm Fuzzy Feeling Of Love? (Updated) When You Are Loved? When You Love? What Is Love Anyway?

love and faking love, feeling love, giving love, unconditional love How Could You Experience Love? What Gives You That Warm Fuzzy Feeling Of Love? When You Are Loved? When You Love? What Is Love Anyway?

I really don’t like cheesy, corny conversations, so I am going to start with a joke. It is politically incorrect, so forgive me…

A married couple decides to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on the same island in the same inn where they were at their honeymoon.

On their first evening they go down to the dining room. They order the same meal. When the food arrives they start to eat. No talking… until the woman start to gush:

“I have this warm fuzzy feeling in my chest, just like 50 years ago!” she exclaims looking at her husband lovingly.

The husband answers gruffly:

“Of course you have. Your breast is hanging into the soup… that’s why!”

OK, now that you all hate me for being totally un-American, I can talk freely.

I was not born loved, and I didn’t know love until a few years ago.

When I muscle tested if I know what it feels like to be loved, the test said “no.” So, if you are anything like me (you should muscle-test it! see my muscle test video) then you have been expecting to experience love, but you haven’t.

I also had a difficulty in the actively loving department: I loved as a desire to consume. My love was an urge to possess, and urge to climb back or envelop: very physical, without a hint of eroticism, for the most part.

About 10-15 years ago, in one of the Landmark Education programs, I learned that Werner Erhard’s interpretation of love is “Love is accepting another exactly the way they are and exactly the way they aren’t.”

Suddenly love became this impossible task of acceptance, not a warm fuzzy feeling, or a desire to consume.

And then, the same Werner Erhard said something even more counter to luuv culture: “Love is a commitment to love. And love is accepting another exactly the way they are and exactly the way they aren’t.”

Holy cow. If you attempt that with a vibrational frequency under 299… major disaster. Between 299 and 540: when they are like they are supposed to be, you will be able to love them.

Over 540 this is peace of cake. Not so easy with the experience of love. (I have been at 540 or above for about a year now)

Just for the sake of probabilities: only 70 thousand (that is one in 100 thousand!) people are at or above 299, and only eight are at or above 540. I don’t know anyone personally who is above 540, and know a handful who are at 299 or 300.

But then it all changed when I downloaded the activator called “Unconditional Love.” Life altered for me, forever.

First off I experienced, for the first time, being accepted, being welcomed, being validated. Not for what I do, not for who I am, just so… no “because.”

Today, I make sure I include the activator in my work a few times a week. Being loved, accepted, welcomed and validated is essential to being a happy human being. Lately I am also experiencing being wanted and being needed… sweet!

So, this is what I’ve found out:

1. Human beings under the vibrational frequency on the Map of Consciousness (not a real frequency!) of 540 are unable to love you unconditionally, so you will always have to worry when you step on their toes. Self-preservation, self-promotion, and being right rule humans under 540, and your mere presence violates and endangers that unless you enslave yourself to promoting, preserving and fanning their ego.

2. Human beings under the vibrational frequency of 299 can’t even appreciate when you are on their side, let alone love you. They will “love” you when it is in their self-interest. They will say “love you” to say good bye to keep you in the dark.

3. Source is there to love you, but you need to get the faculty and the capacity activated, or you won’t be able to experience it: and knowing it intellectually won’t do you any good.

4. The only source of feeling the flaw of energy we may call love, is when you actively love another person.

Disappointed? Don’t be, this is how it is. Nothing and no one can change that. But you can change your experience of life.

Get the Unconditional Love activator It’s an audio. It works as well as if I were doing it just for you. It will be a line of demarcation for you… before you knew love… and after you knew love. UPDATE: now I have a new activator, and you don’t need to be connected to “get it” and make it work for you. It’s called Winning and Keeping Love. You can just play it in the background (do not actually listen to it, the words are immaterial, it’s an energy product,not a guided meditation!) More about that activator here

Now, caring or being cared for is a whole different phenomenon: it has a physical expression therefore you can’t fake it the same way as you fake love. You don’t get brownie points for “being a loving human being” just because you pout the words. Caring is a “taking care of” ‘being on the side of” phenomenon, and it would be great if a lot more people tried to fake that… we’d almost live like we are in heaven.

Update: here are a few “testimonials” about the Unconditional Love Activator:

Even My Grandson Experienced Transformation, Wow!

Remember Sophie, I was the first person to get the Unconditional Love Activator. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I just trusted you that you would not give me anything that is not good for me.

It was amazing. I was buzzing, I was bubbling, I was in heaven.

I didn’t quite understand what I was supposed to experience after the activator, but there was something that happened a day after the activator download.

My four and a half year old grandson told me that he was going to stop throwing temper tantrums. I was like “That’s great!” and I was wondering what would happen.

Then every day he came home from kindergarten and told me how many days he had been tantrum-free.

On the 21st day me and his mother took him out to celebrate.

He hasn’t had a tantrum since, and he stopped being obnoxiously loud and demanding as well.

I am sure it was the Unconditional Love activator that got to him through my history level, as you explained.

Thank you so much to you and Source.

Nancy F in New Jersey

Here is another one:

I’m in some kind of awed silence, even the ‘monkey’ is more quiet this morning

I listened it yesterday and fell asleep at the very beginning. I woke up at the end of the second round (the player automatically played it again) – slept more than 1 hour!

Surrendering? Since then I’m in some kind of awed silence, even the ‘monkey’ is more quiet this morning……

You can re-listen it whenever you want and as many times as you want, right?

love it and love you


Belgrad, Serbia

Same person the next day:

Hi Sophie,

It’s pretty difficult, almost indescribable to describe what’s happening inside… I did the activator twice yesterday, and repeat it this morning… feel some kind of turbulence – one feeling replaces another – fear, burning tenseness in the chest, nausea, everythimg in me is somehow stormy…and then the best is when I can cry! It’s such relief, calmness afterwards… thank you so much


Thanks, Sophie — I finished the activator a little while ago and feel very peaceful with a little euphoria, going to have a great evening. For awhile the tips of all my fingers were tingling and at one point although my hands were about five inches apart it felt like they were merged together. Altogether feel pleasantly Happy for no reason, just happy.


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2 thoughts on “How Could You Experience Love? What Gives You That Warm Fuzzy Feeling Of Love? (Updated) When You Are Loved? When You Love? What Is Love Anyway?”

  1. Groovy stuff. When I was involved with Landmark, I had this feeling about how difficult it would be to try to make it work with someone not doing the work. Of course it was not true. But still, seeing how hard people worked on themselves, and thinking about those who were a little less conscious…and you are kicking it all up a bunch of notches.

    Is is possible for someone with a high vibration to have enough outward flowing love to make it work with someone at a lower level?

    Have you ever heard of NVC, Non Violent Communication, from San Francisco?

    Do you get the feeling that I am trying to win you over with my bright-eyed chattiness, instead of doing the actual work of connecting and correcting? I’m a charmer!

  2. Read my previous answer, but love is, just like money. It won’t move towards you unless you have something to trade for it. And your offer, unless it offers value for another, won’t sell. Love is a trade. And I am not talking about divine love, and that is not what you want anyway. I am talking about someone loving you exactly the way you are, and exactly the way you aren’t.

    If you have nothing to offer to them, in terms of value, then there is no deal.

    Values, remember, have three tiers: intrinsic, extrinsic, and systemic.

    Love is bought by intrinsic values: inner strengths, your ideals, your ways of being, your valuing another, your affinity, compassion, interest, support, cheer, etc. of another.

    No love is bought by extrinsic values, like money, although you can buy companionship, and nooky with money…

    How are you doing with those intrinsic values? Do you have anything other than being a charmer?

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