Muscle Testing To Raise Your Vibration

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bach flower remedies to raise your vibration Muscle Testing To Raise Your Vibration

I have been trying to get the Muscle Testing program ready for sale, but I have had a snag: the emotions list was too long, too cumbersome, and most people would not be able or willing to go through a list of 100 stages… including myself.

Even measuring the vibrational level of each feeling didn’t feel right. Now what?!

But I suddenly had an inspiration, a minute ago, and I think I have had the solution all along, just didn’t think of it that way.

The Bach Flower Emotions and the Bach Flower Energies are perfect. They are recognizable, they are real, they cover all the field of character defect and attitude errors.

So I am going to use those as a guidance system to attack your “garden pests” in the garden of your being.

How does it work?

You observe your symptoms. You find the matching Bach Flower Remedy. You either buy the remedy at your local health food store, or order it online. You practice observing the ego aspects of your personality, and with the help of the Flower you transform it.

You will use muscle testing to make sure that you are picking the right Flower. But even if you pick the wrong one, you are going to start the work of weed picking, and your vibration will rise.

You’ll get better, and you’ll fly higher.

Warning: you should do this for the purpose of identifying, and correcting your ego-self. To get instant gratification is nice, but will not raise your vibration permanently: you need to earn your vibration and you can only do it with conscious work.

The Flowers help but will only do transformation, which is impermanent. Transfiguration is the goal: that is permanent.

So, what is your next step?

Your best bet is to buy a book on Bach Flower Remedies: I like the books by Mechthild Scheffer and Stefan Ball. I, personally, nowadays, always refer to Mechthild Scheffer‘s book: it speaks the language I resonate with: I read it and feel the feeling associated with the flower… perfect for me. Which means, to me, that I find her the most “Tree of Life” and the others Tree of Knowledge… i.e. they got to their conclusions through thinking, not connecting.

Nevertheless, I think the workbook by Stefan Ball is useful for you. Buy them locally, or order them from Amazon. I buy them on Amazon.

I will quote each flower from Mechthild’s book and add my empath observations, maybe experience.

Best way to do this work is to find the max 15 flowers you need. Mix 4 drops of each remedy in good quality brandy in a dropper bottle. That will be your personal remedy for the next 2-26 weeks, depending on your current vibrational level.

I still use them, and I need to get a new remedy mix every 3-4 days.

cherry plum the balance remedy I am now experimenting with one-flower remedies: and I am doing Cherry Plum now. It’s like walking on the curb… any moment you feel like you’ll fall… lol. Curious feeling, but obviously it was there always because the muscle test picked it as the first single flower to test.

One more week – max. – and the downloadable book will be ready. It will make some waves… lol. As most of what I do.

Muscle testing is the most misused of all modalities: Forgot to say: unless you are connected to Source on the second level, your measures will be wrong, even if your vibration is 940, guaranteed.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “Muscle Testing To Raise Your Vibration”

  1. I've just reserved a couple of books from the library by the authors you recommended (unfortunately, the titles above are not available but I just wanted to get a feel of the author's writing before buying a copy). Am curious to find out more about the 23 flowers that made up my remedy… Looks like there's a lot I need to learn about myself 🙂

  2. Nir, you have Agrimony, Aspen, Beech, Centaury, Chestnut Bud, Cherry Plum, Chicory, Clematis, Elm, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam, Larch, Mustard, Oak, Olive, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, Vine, Walnut, Wild Oat and Willow.

    My favorite book, and the only one I use for understanding the flowers is Mechthild Scheffer: Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice. Far better than any other book and amazon has it for 1cent plus shipping… the book on amazon

  3. I've used flower remedy in conjunction with chakra healing in the past. I just researched the theory, but now you've provided the tools to find my personal remedy. Thank you.

  4. please make sure you are connected to Source as you muscle test. Otherwise ego takes over. Best not to look at the label of the bottle at all… the knowledge of what you are testing can take you off truth. Good luck. send me your results, I'll double check it for you

  5. so you are saying to do the flower remedies along with the HOE at the same time?

  6. ok….but it still may be beneficial to do some single flowers along with the HOE…or that may be overkill?

  7. it’s worse than overkill, it may neutralize what’s in the HOE.

    What are you up to Aaron, these questions don’t give me a good feeling about you… what is the hidden agenda?

  8. I had the idea before about doing some single flowers to work on the cornerstone character flaws but I never asked you about it…this answered my question.

  9. it’s not that easy to get the cornerstone character flaw. But you don’t need a Bach remedy to do, just test and tell them exactly what the issue is. The Metchild Schaeffer books are really good at explaining. But I don’t think you should go into mindset stuff… just my humble opinion.

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