What Is The Mindset That Activates The Light of the Creator?

What Is The Mindset That Activates The Light?

Why Being A SecondHander Is A Real Deactivator Of The Light?

When I say ‘The Light’ I mean inside and outside. The inner Light is the spirit… the outer light? is there anything outer, or your access to the Light is entirely from within?

I don’t know. I do know what deactivates it or keeps it off…

Most of the people on planet earth are secondhanders. Chances are that you are too. Continue reading “What Is The Mindset That Activates The Light of the Creator?”

You don’t have a life… you have many fragmented segments

The Missing Unifying Link

Can you find a thread that connects all or at least most of your daily activities? If not, then you clearly are living a fragmented life — a series of disjointed experiences.

Could a business or a machine run this way work well? Could a human body whose systems and organs are not coordinated work well!

What impact does fragmentation have on you and your well-being? What toll does it take on your psyche and your peace of mind when you have many diverse voices and demands tugging you in different directions?

If a business cannot function without a unifying mission, how can you?

We’ll go deep into this issue of fragmented life in this article. Continue reading “You don’t have a life… you have many fragmented segments”

Case study: from 200 to 400 in 22 steps. Could you do it?

How a student rose her vibration from 200 to 400 in just 22 steps… and an organizing principle.

And just so you know, only 10 people are on that level or above on the planet. How many claim they are already there? About a hundred.

The average vibration on the planet is 70… Busy concourse level.

Street level is 100. Continue reading “Case study: from 200 to 400 in 22 steps. Could you do it?”

Seeing. What? How? How far? How wide? How astutely?

seeing wider and deeperIf seeing is our access to everything, then seeing is our most important skill.

It is actually a metaskill… A meta-skill is a permanent part of you that enables you to achieve things. Metaskills get more and more important as the new kind of work… the future of work. And life…

But, unfortunately, when I look, according to my measures, it is our ability to see is the ability most taken for granted.

We, at any moment, feel that we see everything… except that even the best of us only see some of what there is to see, and the average sees about 3% of what would make them happy, healthy, loved, and prosperous. 3%… while they think they see it all.

We need to LEARN to see… whaaat? Yeah…

So in this article I’ll attempt to list all the ways seeing or not seeing makes a difference for your life.

Seeing and labeling, seeing an interpreting arise exactly at the same time… this is why so many of us can’t see what we see, we can only see what we’ve said about what our visual perception organ said about it.

If you want to compare people, and really know what the difference between them, instead of looking only at their performance, results, happiness, etc. you’d be better at looking at what they see, how they see it, how far they see, how wide they see, and how astutely they interpret them.

Why? Because you can learn to see more, better, farther, wider, and more astutely, while you don’t have much power, directly, over your results.

Your attitudes come directly from what you see. Directly.

And even though you and another dude see, supposedly the same thing, his behavior is going to be different, his results are going to be different, based on one single thing: what they see and what they say about it.

Most of my students have a base way to look at the world. They evaluate what they see by what they wanted to see. And what they see is not what they wanted to see 90% of the time.

So they see what they see through a very binary filter… and can’t see any shade, anything in between, any opportunity, any beauty, any good thing in it… because of that filter.

When they allow that filter to become more malleable, allow some gray come in through it, their life’s become a whole lot more manageable, and they start seeing more opportunities for being.

So when we look at the title of this article and ask the same question, the way most people on the planet look at the world is black and white, good or bad, right and wrong.

We call this The Valley of The Shadow of Death level… or the horizontal plane.

We see only things we either want or don’t want. Neutral things remain invisible… unimportant.

Our attitude, our mood, regarding what we see enters through the filter of ‘this is it’ or ‘this isn’t it’. Right or wrong. What we wanted or we don’t want this. Emotionally we swing wildly between euphoria and despair.

We don’t see beyond the immediate… where it goes, what may be beyond it is not visible… Other than the summary destinations, happy/unhappy, successful/failure, smart/stupid, special/nothing.

What we see covers our whole cone of vision… so if it is ‘good’, we are happy… and if it is ‘bad’, we are devastated… what we see is not just some thing among thousands of things, that it would be if we saw wider.

And because we live in a tiny box, never actually enlarging our world, our assessment of what is see is the opposite of astute… dull, boring, or black and white.

One of the tools I use is the 67 steps. It is a series of audios that traverse the whole universe of what there is to see. All measures of seeing is clearly visible from what someone actually sees, how they see it. How far they look and see… given what is shown to them? How wide they look… is it all about them? How astutely they see?

  • Do they see what is shown as something to memorize?
  • Do they see it as OMG, the world is so rich and we have so many different ways to look… It can be fun… it can be an adventure.

If you want to change your life for the better. If you want to have more fun and more adventure, then the most important measure you can work on is your rigidity.

Rigidity, strangely, is connected to fear. The more afraid you are, the higher your rigidity.

The further apart your black and white is, like in special or nothing, successful or a loser… and, of course, the higher your fear score will be. Mine wasn’t very far… so I wasn’t very rigid.

This is why 70% of the work gets done about your pendulum… because without reducing the fear by introducing degrees of success and degrees of failure, for example, you remain very rigid, and won’t be able to transform your life.

The more you get that what you are afraid of is not real, not wrong, doesn’t need to be fixed, the more flexible you become, and the more all the ways you see can become bigger and more astute.

Whatever program you want to do with me, we need to begin with making your original ‘wrong’ malleable to release you and your eyes from your tiny prison.

You were not wrong… and they were not wrong…

Unless we can make the original wrong not wrong, nothing will allow you to raise your vibration, elevate your consciousness, enlarge your world and make you be the kind of person who can love yourself and love your life.

Just because you don’t like something, just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t make that thing wrong…

If you cannot see the truth in the above sentence, I cannot really help you.

In the Integrity workshop that is coming up, we’ll look at your organizing principle for life.

It is, at this point, most likely around right and wrong. You most likely live on the horizontal plane, and that is why you are not happy.

We’ll look what could be your starting life-raft… that could be an organizing principle to replace your right/wrong one.

We won’t go into your originating incident… but if you embark on the full Living with Integrity course, we’ll spend some time with it, so you can actually let go of your right/wrong to the degree your rigidity allows you.

I learned in the 67 steps that when you have an obstacle, and I do, you can go around it, you can go above it, and you can go through it.

I muscletest… because, of course, I don’t yet know what to do, where to look to get people through this obstacle that at this point looks absolutely and completely prohibitive.

One thing is certain: nothing will ever change if ‘What we do? How we do it? How far we go? How wide we look? How astutely judge what works and what doesn’t?

You can read a book, you can come to a class, you can get your DNA adjusted, you can listen to the 67 steps, but unless you allow it to change what you see, how you see, etc. nothing will change.

This is why I only sell the coaching, and not the program. In fact the program is not mine. I only use it. And so will you… if you enroll in a complete overhaul program of your world…

You need to commit to listen to a step every weekday… And never more than one step. You need to commit to write down what you saw. What principle you detected. And how it potentially influences what you’ll do in the future, how you’ll be in the future.

You can only be coached if you are in action.

Coaching is not teaching. It is not training. It is like spotting… making sure you are on the right track. If you do the program not so much for learning, but for seeing. Seeing a bigger world, seeing how else someone can look and see. If you are not doing to enlarge your world, and you won’t take, can’t take correction, I’ll cancel your program.

What are the benefits of doing the program? You see, today you live in a smallish box, and your world is small. Because of that every upset, every disappointment is a big deal. And everything feels like life or death to you.

In a bigger world the same upsets, the same disappointments lose their significance, and your experience of freedom grows exponentially.

The world for others is shrinking and it is getting more complicated.

You can counter that and live in a world of your own design: big, wide, where upsets are a blip on your radar, and you know who you are and where you are heading.

If you just want the audios, then I recommend that you go to https://yourvib.me/no-coaching

You’ll see he charges $5 a month… and uses the program as one uses cheese to catch a mouse… as bait.

Why? about 200 thousand people have bought the audios. But without proper guidance they all remained the same. All? Except maybe me.

I myself found it so profoundly useful, that I went through the 67 audios one a day, for three and a half years. The truth value of the audios is 30%, three times as high as a good program, but its value really lies in enlarging your world.

If you are OK living in your tiny box, it is not for you.

If you’d like to buy the summaries of the steps… not by me… I found it publicly displayed on the web… If you have more time than brains, more time than money, search for it ’67 step summaries’

What should you do if you have the audios, and don’t want to spend the money on coaching? Then you should just do all the things I ask of people who want coaching, and occasionally check in with me to see if you are doing the right thing.

One of my students raised her vibration by 100 points just by doing the steps. Her reports are very good, entertaining, and enjoyable. I will publish them as a blog… because even if you are doing the 67 step coaching, you can get pointers from her reports: you can see what you missed, go back and catch it.

Like with everything…

…your filters, and the way you try to understand, instead of allow the audio to flow through you, over you, you catch only a small percentage of what is said. For most people this number is 10% or less. This one student catches 20% of what there is to catch, so you’ll benefit from having her reports at hand.

But listen first, write your report, and only then read what she wrote. The order is crucial, so don’t cheat yourself.

Here is the link to get the coaching program.

Get the 67 step coaching program
PS: The Life-raft workshop, Living life with integrity is going to be at 2 pm this coming Saturday, October 8.
You can sign up to be in it here –> https://yourvib.me/integrity-live

What is your life-raft that helps make sense of it all?

Most people have no usable knowledge, knowledge that would take them from A to B.

The kind of knowledge that is useful everywhere, that acts like the foundation, so they can have an experience of standing on two feet. Two feet to feel grounded, to feel powerful, to feel that they can do anything.

Religion used to give that, the sense of who I am. Something you are certain. And nothing can change that. Nothing can dislodge that.

And then, to that foundation, one can attach other things. It is like a life-raft, you can grow it…

Mine was that I was a Jew. Continue reading “What is your life-raft that helps make sense of it all?”

The Evil Eye and the soul correction workshop

Why the soul correction workshop isn’t for you?

The workshop is starting today.

As I am preparing, emotionally, for the course, and the challenge to crack some hard nuts, difficult issues on the call, I have amped up my awareness, and I am starting to see stuff that I could not see before.

Now, in every interaction, the background intention I have: can I take someone all the way to SEEING soberly and clearly what the correction is, based on what I see in that conversation? Continue reading “The Evil Eye and the soul correction workshop”

Two ways to live… and, of course everything in between

There are two ways to live. Blindly or consciously. Two ways to relate to things: cowardly or bravely.

The brave inherits the earth and whatever it has to offer… In this Bible context inheriting means: enjoying. Benefiting. Emotionally, spiritually, and maybe even materially as well.

But how do you know that you are cowardly? Continue reading “Two ways to live… and, of course everything in between”

How to increase your elbow room so you can dance

In this article I take you through a whole range of emotions to get to a clearing. Just like taking you through a dense forest… But there is a pot of gold in the forest’s clearing… so it is worth wading your way through, I promise.

If you play by the rules you lose

Very interesting observation: British writers, also British films are honest about corruption, about people talking about the rules but not keeping them.

So today I am going to talk about something I have never talked about… In fact I have never thought.

People really don’t know that they are next.

Continue reading “How to increase your elbow room so you can dance”

When a bee stings you, it leaves its stringer in your flesh

I stepped on a bee in the park once and it stung the foot of my sole.

But my mother was so afraid of bees, and they stung her every time she got close to them… Then, for days on end, she could be the center of attention…

This article uses the bee-sting as an analogy… to show how an early incident effects your life… forever. 

The bee sting and the stinger

Do you know when a bee stings you, it leaves its stinger in you? And unless you can dig it out, it is the source of infection, swelling, and much much pain. Continue reading “When a bee stings you, it leaves its stringer in your flesh”

It is in the code books stupid! Look in the codes!

I woke up this morning with a question.

What feels good?

Being good, doing good feels good. Doing bad doesn’t feel good to me. And when I am asking my clients, they claim it doesn’t feel good, but then why are they doing it?

I pondered this for about half an hour when I suddenly, like a lightening, saw that good and bad are human constructs.

No, more than that. They are cultural constructs. Maybe even as cultural than that… Each family has their own good or bad concept.

As in… there is no culture that is homogeneous. My good is your stupid. Your good is my stupid.

So what decides what is good and what is bad… and where one must look from to see that?

Because if my code-book, the book I have all the good and all the bad actions documented… analyzed, and coded, is different from your code-book.

The concept ‘code-book’ comes from the book ‘The Art of Hunting Humans’…

…a tongue in cheek analysis of humanity and the human condition. I listened to it a few times as my walking companion a few years ago when it came out.

One of the issues in life the concept ‘code-book’ makes clear how two people or two groups of people can fight. Never understanding that their concept of good and bad is fundamentally different, and therefore they fight over their code-books.

For an emperor, or for a certain ex US president and his party, their code-book says: staying in power, no matter what it takes, is what is good. And that the end justifies the means: slavery, no freedom, lies, racism, no access to education, misogyny, suppression, misery… as long as it helps you stay in power. The end justifies the means.

When I choose the books to read, the movies, TV shows to watch…

…I choose them by my code-book. I choose what inspires me. And what inspires me is that the code book of the story matches my code-book. What is good according to my code-book.

I started to watch a British TV show yesterday. It is old, I think. I just looked up, it started back in 1994. Delicious.

The main character of the show is a detective who is also a master chef. Endearing. Matches my code-book. I’ll probably watch all 40 episodes.

He, the dectective, has to eat at a resort hotel in one of the episodes, (I have watched four so far) and the fancy menu of the restaurant covers up that nothing is made freshly, from raw ingredients, everything is pre-made and just heated up, in the microwave.

He prefers not to eat. And later when the kitchen closes, and the staff goes home, he makes omelet to eat.

Definitely matches my code book… I even have weepy eyes as I write this.

I see that I refuse to accept other code-books’ good as good…

I see them as evil… And have a huge gut response to it… My nose is buzzing… the definite sign of disgust.

I won’t share my whole code book. But nothing I say can come from anywhere else.

The art is to not be so sure that your good is good, the your good is THE good. And then start judging, demeaning, killing others for theirs.

The art is to get that a codebook is a codebook… and muster some compassion, if needed, for a codebook that according to yours is inferior to yours.

And laugh. At the utter ridiculousness of the human condition.

Some 34 years ago I was ‘FORCED!’ to pick a higher power. I was joining a 12-step program, and there it is a condition. Everyone chose god, but I am an atheist, and religion, in MY codebook is bad.

So after fuming for a little bit, I chose, for MY higher power: WHATEVER WORKS.

It may have been one of the major reasons why I managed to grow, why I did my homework, why I raised my vibration and consciousness, while others, smarter, richer people in the same programs I took did not. They assigned higher power to something that is outside of their power… I chose something that is within my power…

‘Whatever works’ needs you to look and analyze… and choose to do that. The thing, the process, the practice that works.

Now, if you want to do something constructive, I have a suggestion.

If you do it, and if you do it the way I ask you to, your happiness will increase by a lot… maybe as much as double and triple.

Start taking notes, while you live your life. Start noticing your choices, start noticing what inspires you. Especially noticing what inspires you.

But don’t lie.

Why do I say that? Because I found out that people lie.

If you judge people because you don’t feel safe, if you judge people because they don’t treat you special, if you judge people because they don’t value you, then you WILL lie about what inspires you.

You are interested in your ‘real’ code book, and see what you see.

If you, on the other hand, really like to abuse people, make them feel bad about themselves, or you wish they did… note it down.

It is hardcoded in your code book… Look at what you wish with sober eyes, the same way a scientist looks at a disemboweled carcass, or at the video where the lion eats the pretty antelope or its own cubs.

It’s in their code book…

Now, if your expressed ‘good’ doesn’t match your code book, you can never be happy. You’ll eat yourself on the inside.

So you may want to adjust one side to match the other. Either stop devaluing others, or stop pretending that you value them.

The end does not justify the means. Not if you want to love yourself and live a life you love!

The most missed element of integrity that nearly everyone misses is this: Integrity is: Honor your standards and ideals. Honor, in this case, means that you obey them. If it is your rule, then behave accordingly.

Why? Because without integrity nothing works. Nothing in life can work without integrity.

So if your standard for goodness is to respect people, and you don’t, then you cannot have integrity, and your life can’t work.

And if your life doesn’t work, then you hate yourself, hate your life, and nothing you do can work.

So either change your code book and the standard to: people are only there to provide you what you want… Not pretty, but it’s OK. Do you think it’s bad? If you think it’s bed, then change your behavior, change your attitude, so you can have integrity with your code-book.

Integrity is an inside job… My opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to YOUR integrity.

That doesn’t mean I won’t have an opinion though… because I will. I will see that you have different values from me, and may not want to hang out with you…

Anyway, if you want to hang out with this issue for a while, so you can adjust some of your code book or some of your behavior so your life can work, the Integrity Workshop is your best bet.

Get the integrity workshop
If you sign up, or if you already have the course, you’ll be eligible to participate in a live session on October 8 where we’ll look at the Codebooks… aka your standards and ideals… by which you judge yourself and others. I have already sent past participants an email with the link to the webinar: check your spam folder.

We’ll endeavor to bring your codebook and your behavior and attitude together, so you can start having integrity with yourself.

If you are new to integrity, in the shopping cart I give you an option to sign up to only the live session… That if you don’t want the rest.

If you want to find out about the codebooks, here is the book, here is the audio version with the Big Big Bundle energy embedded. The energy itself would cost $100. It makes your Consciousness come alive while you listen to the audio. Priceless.

PS: We will always find that you act according to your codebook…

But is it really YOUR codebook? More often than not we’ll find that it’s the Selfish Gene’s codebook… And the Selfish Gene is only interested in your self-propagation and survival, not in your happiness. So it will be very worth looking at your codebook… and weed out, or at least identify the rules by which you can’t succeed. Here is an article that goes into detail about that kinds of codes…