I am depleted. Where did my energy go?

I could say "I am depleted" as I have always said: I am running on empty. I could also say: I feel emotionally and intellectually empty. But like you, I can benefit from adding to my vocabulary of state-expressing words, and feeling-indicating words.

When I don't feel energized, when I am not full of creativity and when I don't have three new articles almost ready to write, when I don't feel like I have new programs to launch, then eventually I start to wonder, maybe even worry.

It's not like me to have nothing to say.

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Understanding, mental representation, wrapping your mind around things

What big words, Sophie... ugh. Mental representation? huh?

But it is important to understand what your words mean, the words you use.

I am not sure what understanding is... I never use this word about myself. I either get it or I don't. I either see it or I don't. And something I cannot see how it connects to other things... but I don't use my "mind" to approach things. Continue reading "Understanding, mental representation, wrapping your mind around things"

The Process Of Raising Your Vibration Is A Spiritual Process… Here Are The First Steps You Must Take

the self is an empty space
Photo by Colmar Wocke

The process of raising your vibration is a spiritual process. It is a process where you regain your power, you restore your soul to its rightful place, where you restore your Self to its fullness, and you become an individual.

If you are like most people owned by the Dark Side, i.e. you are 99.3% of the population, your whole existence, your attention is directed outward. You expect everything to come from there, meaning, love, respect, value, knowledge, even spirit. You think that by connecting to Source (outside of you) you become spiritual.

you are an empty shellTherefore the most important action is to turn your existence, your attention away from the outside.

The purpose of meditation, real meditation, is not to calm you, but to take you away from the outside.

But real meditation is a meditative way of living. Mrs. Roosevelt said best: What other think about me is none of my business.

The only person that wants to be with others, wants to know what other people think, etc. is the person who has no self. Nobody home. Vacant. Empty. Machine. Second-hander. Wants to be told, given, filled up. Loved.
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Get out of your mind and take control of your life

Getting out of the mind is easy to do, hard to teach...

Mainly because the words are misleading: you don't want to control your mind, you can't. You want to control and direct your attention. Your mind is not controllable... But your attention is.

Once you get the hang of it... have an experience outside of your mind, life starts to open up.

The trick is not to try to change your thoughts... that would still trap you in the mind. Or change your fear... or change your desire... or change anything.

What works is to take your attention off the mind and put it on something, anything, in the present. My favorite is to download the Heaven on Earth and follow the path of the energy bundle through the 40 stops. It goes slowly, and it does work on all the 40 locations in the body: removing blockages, one after the other. I don't remember where I teach the stops... so I may have to recreate it... I'll add it to this post. Email me if you want it.

Another way to move your attention off the mind is to do the "find your feet" exercise... search the site to find it... I share it in some other article.

A third way is to start examining minutely your hand... you can even do that while you talk to someone, or listen to a lecture...

What is wrong with the mind-control type of teachings?

    1. the mind-control teachings, the teachings that say: control your mind? After all they say that if you can control your mind, you can achieve anything...
    2. And the Law of Attraction teachers/fans say: if you hold the image in your mind, and hold onto it long enough, it will happen...
    3. And the Positive Thinking people say: if you can turn everything into its opposite, or just avoid saying anything negative, you'll be happy, and blah blah blah...

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Process-conscious vs result-conscious… fulfillment every day vs one day someday

I have a brain that is a pattern seeking machine.

A pattern is when something is repeating, form, essence, pitch, sequence, day of the week, month of the year, etc... something that connects seemingly unconnected things together.

Seeing patterns can save lives, and animals living in the wild still have the capacity, but humans living in a comfortable world, have lost it... to their detriment.

Often the activity is called: connecting the dots... Even if Steve Jobs says: it is only possible to connect the dots backwards. He talks about different dots... he talks about the cause and effect type of dots, not the patterns. Continue reading "Process-conscious vs result-conscious… fulfillment every day vs one day someday"

Vocabulary… Does any word added increase your vocabulary?

I have written about increasing your vocabulary, I have said it in coaching calls, I have been asking people to do what it takes, and the answer is... nothing.

One possible reason is that you don't know what I mean.

I have two students, one of them ex... 🙁 who, while reading books, wrote down words with their meanings, and learned them like a second language.

I, myself, look up every word on my kindle when I read, I not, and then promptly forget the word. I have to look it up again the next time it comes up. And yet, I "sport" an ever growing vocabulary, that has gone from 1000 in 2011 to 5000 nowadays.

Makes no sense, does it? If I don't learn new vocabulary words, then what do I do? Continue reading "Vocabulary… Does any word added increase your vocabulary?"

Why unconditional “love” is damaging, and why setting conditions is healthy… even loving?

My new 20-day skill learning challenge is to listen and internalize 20 videos by Hungarian, now dead, psychologist, Peter Popper.

Why am I doing this challenge? What will this give me?

I am self-taught... or more precisely: I have an education that is hodge podge, eclectic: I gathered knowledge from all over the place, and I have gaping holes, that until this day I had no idea where to fill or how.

The gaping holes are so big, that some of my students could slip through: Whatever I knew didn't help them to become all they can become.

With that said, I listened to a Dr. Popper masterclass on youtube, sadly, it is in Hungarian, with subtitles that you need to set to your own language...

Dr Popper's masterclasses, a whole lot of them, have 60% truth value, 30% of what he says fills in my gaping holes. Continue reading "Why unconditional “love” is damaging, and why setting conditions is healthy… even loving?"

From Que Sera Sera, a meandering path to no regrets

I left Hungary 37 years ago. And yet, when I hum, half of the songs are Hungarian, from before I left there.

I trust that when a song pops into my head, it is some kind of guidance. So when the song that was somehow related to the Counter-revolution in 1956, Que sera sera sung in Hungarian, when that song popped into my mind, I said to myself: pay attention. What is it saying?

I was nine years old at the time, and I was puzzled why the song would be put on the black list... I still can't see why.

I am doing a little research on google. Continue reading "From Que Sera Sera, a meandering path to no regrets"

Invisible dynamic: the concern, having your foot nailed to the floor

Do you get fixated on what's wrong with you? With what's wrong with the world? With what you want? With what should be?

Fixate or abdicate is the "normal" binary behavior. Neither behavior serves you... it serves the machine.

I woke up this morning with a start. I had a nightmare.

I was in some exam situation where I was slowly losing my ability to grasp anything. I could not follow the instructions, and then in a lecture I didn't understand a word the instructor, a woman with a southern accent said.

Everybody laughed, she must have been funny, but I could not make more than a word here and there.

I cried. I cried to the instructor after the lecture, if that is what it was.

After I got up, I started to think how I would solve this problem in real life. It is actually true about me that I have difficulties with accent, that I have difficulties with fuzzy audio...

Then I sat down to work, and looked at my site, and it started to dawn on me that this was a "teaching/guidance" dream: I am leaving people in the dust. Continue reading "Invisible dynamic: the concern, having your foot nailed to the floor"

You are always investing… Investing in things, investing in feelings, or investing in yourself

Some days I get a ton of offers for new marketing tools, and I get desirous... I want to buy, but then I ask Source: I muscle test if I should buy, and the answer is always "NO".

So I have been pondering what guides Source...

What investment is useful and for what? Is getting more visitors to my site useful? Not really, the return on investment is fragile... Having more visitors to my site won't forward my work, more visitors may put some pocket change in my pocket, but are they really interested in what I teach? Not that I can see...

Every minute of every day, every choice, ask the same question: is this for a temporary gain, or is this for a permanent gain. Is it for me, or is it for some circumstance I'd like?

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