Birthing the Self from the Emptiness Within

Giving birth is one of the most ordinary and un-ordinary things.

It's ordinary because it is so common. It is un-ordinary for people who, for some reason, can't conceive, or can't keep the embryo alive.

What is a lot less ordinary, is giving birth to a Self.

Looking at the list of famous people, most of them never birthing a self, one can see that giving birth to a Self is one of the least ordinary things to happen on Planet Earth. Continue reading "Birthing the Self from the Emptiness Within"

When did it happen, how did it happen that you stopped looking, stopped seeing reality, and you don’t even know that you did that?

In the beginning our eyes sent wordless signals to our brain. And the brain figured it out what that signal meant for you, in that moment. It kept you safe, it kept you in food, it kept you in the good graces of your tribe.

But at some point words, like a narrative, accompanied the visual signals, and after another while we stopped looking and we started to be satisfied with the verbal commentary.

Of course many of us did. But because the people that were going to the words to know what they saw died, they became dinner... Their genetic material didn't learn anything, because they were dead. But many didn't die... and they lived in a false security not informed by reality, and there was no evolutionary pressure to start looking again...

This is the segment of humanity that has grown in numbers the most. They weren't bothered by scarcity of food, scarcity of power, lack of survival skills, they just multiplied like rabbits.

Their offspring comprises now 99% of humanity. The 1% is mostly millionaires and billionaires.

The difference between the two groups is invisible to the naked eye... you have to watch them in action to see that the 99% isn't even looking before they make a decision.

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Have a mind like a sieve?

It takes more than just insights, or reading, or listening to audios to become a fully equipped person who can live the good life. But what is the fundamental missing piece that so darn few ever benefit from in ANY of the activities they undertake?

With life spent in cars and buildings, our eyes stopped looking and assessing our environments. And with smart phones and computers, our eyes became like stationary search beams, not seeing anything outside of the beam...

But more importantly: out of sight - out of mind: the brain does not connect what you see with anything... nothing is ever written on your brain's hard drive... only into its RAM... and once you look away, it all disappears...

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I have been very sick, but I am feeling a little better. I can stay with a thing now a little longer, I can take an idea a little further.

I have been working out the toxins from my poor battered body, slowly, and somewhat effectively. Three weeks it has been since I gotten myself poisoned.

And one of the signs that I am coming back to myself is that I am noticing more.

The role of liking in following guidance, following coaching.

I have a few "clients" that keep on coming back, show up on my webinars, want stuff from me, but when I look: they follow maybe 1% of what they got from me, and the rest: they go to someone else to get guidance from. Continue reading "Liking"

What you don’t know that you don’t know… and can’t “know” because we don’t have a word for

I am working to take some of you back to the place where we abandoned the evolutionary path that would have taken up higher, to the promised land, and made a wrong turn.

From being guided by our feelings to being guided by word.

By feelings I am talking about the sensations our bodies give us, not about the emotions that are exclusively marker feelings, created by words.

The article I have found for you is very closely related to what I am talking about, even though it talks about words... but words are not necessary if you have allowed yourself to feel what you feel.

Working with clients, and working on myself, I can see that for much of the time what I am asking of you doesn't make sense... meaning: the words, the mind, has no idea what I am talking about.

But some of you will trust me, and you'll manage to retrace your path to a time where inner guidance was reliable.

Why isn't it reliable now? Because your current "inner guidance" is all words, and words are the main tools to enslave you and separate you from yourself.

Here is the article...

I am expecting some of you raising your hands saying you want to work with me on this.

Unknown Unknowns: The Problem of Hypocognition Continue reading "What you don’t know that you don’t know… and can’t “know” because we don’t have a word for"

Why are you not able to sustain sustain a new mindset? Sustain Change? Sustain Evolution? Sustain Growth?

Yesterday I spent 90 minutes with my coaching client.

This is what I learned:

You are not retaining any of the insights, any of the knowledge you read. And because my site, my programs need you to retain what you were taught, my programs, with you, are wholly ineffective.

I already saw this when I was in Landmark programs: I saw that even seminar leaders don't retain the knowledge, the coaching, they get.

Change is not enough. We must evolve... evolution is irreversible

Every new seminar they start from zero, or near zero.

I retain everything. But what is the difference between them and me, you and me? Am I superior? Am I special?

So solving this puzzle has been the biggest mountain to climb for me.

It is not that I am smarter. it is not that.

I got the clue from Atlas Shrugged... I knew I had a reason to read it again (third time) I just didn't know what it was.
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What capacity is missing so that you cannot recognize the same thing in a different environment?

What capacity is missing so that you cannot tell, you cannot recognize the same thing in a different environment?

I think this is the main issue for people who cannot grow... even if they keep on having private sessions, do all my courses, or all Landmark courses, or all Mindvalley courses, or use energy stuff... mine or others'.

When you put something they know some other environment, they don't recognize it in a different environment, a different context.

So what is the missing capacity, you wonder... And how can anyone dream up a method to teach it?

A little historical view of how humans evolved (or not) during their lifetimes in previous times... Continue reading "What capacity is missing so that you cannot recognize the same thing in a different environment?"

When all your efforts result in no learning

"It's easier to evaluate your results through drunken delusion than to gaze soberly in the mirror and face the truth."

I had a conversation yesterday with one of my clients, and as it is predictable in many conversations, weight came up.

Weight is a universal source of grief, effort, disappointment, and self-hate.

But why would that be so?

I can recall, in my life, four "campaigns" to regain control over my body.

The most recent one is successful and is going to last. The previous ones included one or two elements that were not sustainable. for example the first time I was on a starvation diet, and I maintained it for 10 years, until I came to the United States, where the plenty beat me on my a**. Continue reading "When all your efforts result in no learning"

More on the 10 dark years theory… or why it takes so long to succeed

Most winners in life master one thing in particular: they are astute. Astute: having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people.

Accurately assess... as opposed to have an opinion, have a good feel, or guess...

Is that a skill, a capacity, a virtue? What is it and how do you get it?

A have a new "most visited" post, the 31 quotes that give you chills... Why? Because it promises an experience... an experience you crave in the consistently dull and painful life you have.

Wanting to get chills without any other benefits says a lot about you and your life. What does it say? For one: you are a mystery to yourself...

I have said it before... humanity bars its way to evolution by throwing big words around. Continue reading "More on the 10 dark years theory… or why it takes so long to succeed"

Let’s build a high vibration person

Let's build a high vibration person... let's build a skill, let's build some skills

I am starting a new series that also shows a new direction I am taking my teaching/coaching practice.

The new direction is skill-building.

Obviously, if you are like most people, you have no idea what a skill is. You may say some inane things, but you still don't know. Even if you read the "what color is your parachute" famous book that has been published and every year for 48 years, with over ten million copies sold.

I have taught it. I have lead the workshop. And I can safely tell you that in all those years, there wasn't one person who learned from me, or from the book what a skill really is, and then develop skills that would take them far on the job market.

Why? Because skill is part of the invisible world.

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