Do you have enough energy to grow as a person?

The higher your integrity number the more ‘sensitive’ you are to your out-of-integrity… lack of integrity, your violation of your own integrity.

Several other areas of life you’ll find a similar, seemingly incongruent, reverse relationship between phenomena:

The more you know the more you know how little you know.
The smarter you are the more you know how not smart you are

Of course this is true in the reverse: the less you know the less you know how little you know.

I have just finished a three book series where there is time travel and three different timelines… historical timelines… Continue reading “Do you have enough energy to grow as a person?”

Dopamine rush, coachability and a Stradivarius violin

People with the same size brain are as different in what they can do, as a pop and mom store and Walmart, the company.

If we compare people with computers, which we can… we can do whatever the hell we want to do, can’t we? So when we compare these two things: a human and a computer, is the difference in what they can do in the hardware or the software?

Most people are trying to upgrade their hardware: eat right, sleep, get up early, smart drugs, blah blah blah.

When you look, the entire medical and scientific establishment also spends most of their resources on improving the hardware, making it serve longer, fix it (diseases)… and no one seems to pay any attention to what someone is going to do what that hardware.

Oh, and how will they do it, if they will do it?

Three things happened this morning that triggered this thought process. I’ll summarize in the end. Continue reading “Dopamine rush, coachability and a Stradivarius violin”

How your past self is creating your future and what you can do about it

There is a Landmark Education distinction that no one gets…

It has a huge overlap with the distinction “you live in a world of your own design”.

This, the “you live in a world of your own design” is somewhat like the Law of Attraction: you attract what you are… but much deeper. It is BEING that, not feeling, or thinking only, though you may feel and think it as well.

But thinking and feeling don’t create being… the reverse, the opposite is true. The thinking and the feeling come from your being.

The overlapping distinction, “you are a clearing for” is almost the same, but has a funnel like feeling to it.

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A wave of suppressed memories, feelings surfacing

I have been looking at the memories surfacing in the past month… allowing me to look at them, like you would look at physical memories in an attic or a storage facility, and reminiscence and then put them back where they were, or in the garbage.

The first wave was shame.

I dealt with tens of instances in my past that I am ashamed of. Yeah, yours truly… I did all those things I am ashamed of now.

I have also gone back and watched some actors I grew up loving, now dead. Some theater plays. Some singers. And wept. Good cleansing tears.

And I am not even on my deathbed… as far as I know… lol. Continue reading “A wave of suppressed memories, feelings surfacing”

When life FEELS empty and meaningless…

I love this joke:

This dude goes to his rabbi to find out the secret of living long.

The rabbi says: simple. In the morning get up, do your ablutions, have breakfast, kiss your wife, go to work, after work go home, kiss your wife, eat dinner, watch TV and go to sleep. Do this every day. That is the secret.

Oh, the dude says. And if I do this I will live long?

I don’t know, says the rabbi, but it will feel long.

This is where the laughter of recognition should come in.

The overwhelming experience of a lot of us of loooong days and short weeks is what I am going to look into in today’s article.

Life is empty and meaningless… says Werner Erhard. What he doesn’t say: it doesn’t need to FEEL empty and meaningless… It is up to you. That it IS empty and meaningless is independent of you. But the feelings are up to you. Continue reading “When life FEELS empty and meaningless…”

Whenever there is a gap between your habits and your goals, your habits will always win.

If you ever wondered why you haven’t been accomplishing as much as you intend, wish, desire to accomplish, that quote should be your guide: Whenever there is a gap between your habits and your goals, your habits will always win.

What habits are we talking about? Interestingly, here, we are mostly interested in the how, instead of the what habits.

I have students who seemingly do the right things… but their results fall way behind what the effort would suggest.

The reason is in the how… Continue reading “Whenever there is a gap between your habits and your goals, your habits will always win.”

How to become worth a damn?

The only real security is your ability to produce

Want to become worth a damn? Become a genius at implementation. At getting things done. That is where the magic is…

Honestly, whatever you buy, whatever you learn: make sure you implement it, 100%, 110%… and become the best at it.

Most people, most likely you, or you would not be reading this, suck at implementation.

I remember I used to be the same way.

When I did my first Landmark Forum, on day 4 there was a question and I raised my hand. The question was: Who are you that you are?

I was called on, and I said: “I am that I just want to remain a student”.

The Forum leader promptly ‘translated’ it to everyday term. He said: ‘I see, you are a failure…’

That hurt, but maybe that is what it meant. If you are a serial learner but not an implementer, you are a failure. You have the illusion that you are going someplace, but no proof that you indeed are. Continue reading “How to become worth a damn?”

What does it mean: get out of your own way?

I am noticing a phenomenon that is both interesting and terrifying:

when people include themselves in their cone of vision, in their visual field when they need to answer a question, give a view of something, they literally become stupid. Moronic.

What is happening? The ‘about-me’ stands in the picture blocking the view to what is actually happening. So you cannot see much, so you’ll make decisions from what you see: the ‘about-me’, and not from what’s going on.

I can see it on people, whether I know them or not…

One of the measurable ‘results’ is your low ‘how much of what you hear/read gets through to you?’ measure.

If what you hear/read has to go around your ‘about-me’, then most of it will not get through. Your ability to grok, to understand, to use what you hear/read gets lowered, occasionally to a moronic level. Continue reading “What does it mean: get out of your own way?”

What does a Hungarian joke have to do with your life script?

Teacher: list five African animals
Morris: three tigers and two elephants

There are a few jokes that I brought with myself from Hungary… that describe the human condition very well.

One of them is an elementary school joke: Morris is asked to say the multiplication table… with 8.

He starts to chant… lalala-lala lalala… lalala lala lalala…

What is this? Asks the stunned teacher? Oh, I remember the tune, but can’t recall the words… answers Morris.

Several of my students, maybe all, got stuck in an childhood age, resulting from a decision to fix a traumatic incident. Continue reading “What does a Hungarian joke have to do with your life script?”

Deception abounds in all areas of life… not just politics, not just fake news…

The number of doctor-driven sales videos of scientifically put together herbs and components is proliferating in my email box.

I have spent some time, actually many hours, to listen to these sales videos, and diligently muscle tested what is true about them and what is lie about them.

This is what I’ve found:

The scientific/experiential basis of these ‘remedies’ is relatively sound. The average truth value, in this aspect, is 30%, with some as high as 70%, and some as low as 10%. The scientific base… not their product!!! Please read that again. Thank you. Continue reading “Deception abounds in all areas of life… not just politics, not just fake news…”