To what degree do you fulfill others’ expectations of you?

I had an experience this morning that made me look and made me ponder.

The number of times my site is recommended by google has dropped to one third in the past two-three months.

I wasn't sure why... so yesterday they told me: it is because I am not getting any visitors from Pinterest. That is weird... why would I want get any visitors from Pinterest, and if I did... what would they want on my site? I don't sell clothes, pretty nick-knacks... that is what Pinterest users want, right? Pretty stuff...

So I looked up my stats software and I found that I had 51 visitors from Pinterest. They stayed anywhere from 1 second to 3 seconds, meaning: they weren't interested in what I have to offer, not in the least. Continue reading "To what degree do you fulfill others’ expectations of you?"

Soaring together… a dream that was NEVER going to come true, just has

I am having second thoughts about sharing this information, because Stendahl said about love... and the fragility of the salt crystals of love...

I made a dietary mistake on Monday. You know, the kind your voices scream in your head: "you only live once"... or maybe the way Madame de Pompadour said, lover of the French king Louis XV "Après moi, le deluge!" After me the flood... sloppy translation but you can get the gist... f*** it, I want to do what I want to do even if it destroys the earth... or my health."

Anyway, the same mistake at age younger than mine may not be a big deal, but being a fragile 71, it nearly killed me.

My eating style... the "how" and "when" of eating that in my experience is more important, and harder to keep than the what... is being a separator, or the new word for it: Alternating.

The food I ate had three problems:
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Alive Inside

I have been going to Senior exercise classes for two years now, and my life has a high point every week: the exercise class.

I just watched a documentary and I found out why. The documentary is introducing music through personal headphones and ipods to people with Alzheimer's and dementia, showing that they come alive, and their memories, at least temporarily, return, and with it their sense of being a person, and joy.

I live in silence... and dance at the exercise class. I don't have a radio, don't have a TV, so I don't listen to music, but when I accidentally do... I party. I celebrate... OK, too much information? ok... I shut up.

Explained… the only path to happiness is…

Explained: That is the name of one of my favorite shows on Netflix.

We all walk around with some approximate knowledge of things... we know absolutely nothing exactly, deeply. At best we remember what we read, heard, but that is second hand knowledge. In a world where PhD's have 7-10% truth value, second hand knowledge is virtually worthless. Even if you had the ability to repeat word for word what they said, your knowledge would be still just 7-10% truth value... sound dismal, doesn't it?

So we are bumbling idiots in a world that is too big and too complicated, and unpredictable, and fuzzy for our taste... and we bang ourselves up, repeatedly, for no other reason than that we didn't know. Continue reading "Explained… the only path to happiness is…"

What is the 91% linchpin that keeps your foot nailed to the floor? Can you guess?

My job is a lot like tuning a car... but a car that has 160 adjustable parts... like a human... not so easy...

I love the joke about the guy who brings his car to the mechanic because it doesn't work properly. The mechanic opens the hood, listens to the motor running, goes to his toolbox, picks out a big hammer and hits the motor, and voila the noise stops.

Then he writes a bill for $500. 500 dollars? cries the customer? for one hit with the hammer? Oh, you want an itemized bill? No problem. says the mechanic, and writes: hit with a hammer: $1. Knowing where to hit: $499.

I am that mechanic.

All the problems are invisible to the naked eye, maybe even to an X-ray machine! So it's taken me seven years to learn where to hit... $1... learning it, a lifetime of experience and expensive learning: $499.

The sticky part

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Principle: Make your plane land on the landing strip, regardless of the weather

make your plane go where you want it to goI have been "harping" on this with my students: hear the principle first, and then hear the rest...

If I asked you (Cinderella) to separate the wheat from the chaff... what would you do first? If you are like me, you first find out what is the difference... in looks, in weight, and then start separating them accordingly.

I even used to use this capacity (oh, forgot to say, it's a capacity!) to hire or not hire someone to work with me. I would ask someone to separate a pile of things by their category...

For you Everything is the same as everything else ... except not always

Universally missing capacity... I found out.  The underlying capacity can be said with these words: be able to tell the forest for the trees. Continue reading "Principle: Make your plane land on the landing strip, regardless of the weather"

Is your life, the way you make your money, your living arrangement a good match for you?

I wrote this article seven months ago... and some of the emails I get tell me that people what to stay the same, do different without changing, changing themselves, or changing anything about themselves.

It is not going to work.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news... but someone has to tell you... reading a book, even taking a course won't change you... and therefore won't change anything...

At the end of this article I'll share one thing that happened in the last day or two, that changed a long time student of mine, at least temporarily... read on...

As I am working on BecomeAnIdeaMachine, this is my second day of this spiritual practice, I notice that I am already looking wider than yesterday.

I am not feeling well, the psychic attack is strong, so I am a tad more intolerant than my usual self.

Intolerance normally manifest in me in distaste...

I thought I'll check out Bosch, the televised version of my favorite detective... I closed it after two minutes.

But I had an insight that can be really significant for all of us, so let me put it into words here.

Ever since they put out the pilot of the Bosch series, I have seen how important the role of the person who casts the actors in the success of a film or a series. Continue reading "Is your life, the way you make your money, your living arrangement a good match for you?"

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

...poet and filmmaker Jean Cocteau said.

  • 1. "There are truths that you can only say after having won the right to say them."
  • 2. "True realism consists in revealing the surprising things that habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing."
  • 3. "What the public criticizes in you, cultivate. It is you."
  • 4. "You should always talk well about yourself! The word spreads around, and in the end, no one remembers where it started."
  • 5. "We shelter an angel within us. We must be the guardians of that angel.


"If the Angel decides to come it will be because you have convinced her, not by tears, but by your humble resolve to be always beginning; to be a beginner." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

I sound like a broken record... but I must share when I can see more of what I need to see to train you to raise your vibration.

I have been seeing (concluding) that there may be a linchpin type of lock, measured in your starting point measurements... #11. To what degree you think of yourself: Continue reading "“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”"

Bored, listless, desirous… check your biology

Since it got really cold in Syracuse, NY, I have been having a difficult time maintaining a high level of cell hydration. Why? I keep my apartment cold, and I get sore throat from drinking cold water.

By last night I was running on empty. I had a hard time concentrating, I had a hard time having a good time. I had cravings... not food... mental craving. I had cravings for stories.

Last night I had wild and slightly violent dreams, and felt no desire to do any work this morning. I got up at 3 am.

So for the past three and a half hours I have been watching youtube videos... Continue reading "Bored, listless, desirous… check your biology"

How high can you go from where you are?

I monitor visitor behavior on my site... to see how they treat my articles... I spend a few minutes a week, in the morning. It often gives me an idea of what to write about, what to teach next.

This article is a result of that few minutes of looking today.

Oh, I mostly look at people who signed up to get an email notification each time I publish a new article... by the way. Those people have expressed interest, so I want to see what people who say "I am interested" are doing.

There are two kinds of "readers" that I have detected.

  • The first kind reads the whole article, reads the footnotes, and then returns later and reads the article again.
  • The second kind skims the articles. Skims 2-3 articles per minute, looking for something interesting to read.

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