Energized Water: What’s in the bubbles?

What’s in the bubbles?

Some users of the Water Energizer audio noticed that bubbles start to appear in the top of the container when the water is almost coherent.

I didn’t notice it in the winter, but even mine had bubbles in the summer.

So I went to hunt for answers: what’s in the bubbles?

One of the current trends is rejuvenation, life extension, staying young longer. It’s not just old people’s, but even young people’s concern.

It could be mine, but I think I am past the point… I just want to stay alive and be able to work, walk, and have fun… too much to ask? lol. Continue reading “Energized Water: What’s in the bubbles?”

link is fixed… Why you are fat… it is important to know if you want to change it…

I am struggling with my weight again. So when an email hit my inbox today about a new weight loss method, I jumped over and watched the whole video. All the while I hoped that this thing would work for me… it made sense, so before I would buy, I asked Source (i.e. I muscle tested) if that was going to be good for me.

Source said no. It said the thing is not a lie, it may work for others, but it would not work for me.

Curious. Continue reading “link is fixed… Why you are fat… it is important to know if you want to change it…”

The Scientific Approach to Ascension, or why our collective IQ is dropping…

I got a comment this morning on my article about the Mind Movies. Of course I am knocking the program and its creator.

The commenter says: Stop being an asshole and a bully. Promote your products without discrediting others.

But the principle: The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing is also true about useless crap. You become part of evil when you remain silent

Why is the vibration of gurus so low? Why is their teaching ineffective?

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The roller coaster of your inner life… the highs and the lows… Nerve wrecking

People are starting to recognize themselves in my articles.

I often struggle to say things in a way that matches the inside language of people… How they say it to themselves.

For example this whole idea of the swinging back and forth between the delusional and the devalued opinion of yourself… Continue reading “The roller coaster of your inner life… the highs and the lows… Nerve wrecking”

You feel lonely because you build walls instead of bridges.

Walls around you, walls between your two selves…

But how do you do it, and why do you do it? and how do you undo it?

It all comes from your story. Not what happened, but what you have been saying about it: the story.

I am very aware of my mortality… and my imminent demise. And what I am also very aware of is that no one really wants me to live, other than myself. But is that a story? Or is that the truth… It feels like the truth.

I was pondering this under the covers this morning. How neither of my brothers seem to care whether I am alive or dead. People I help need me because they need my help. But then I started to look at people who help me… and I was surprised to see that they would, at least for a time, miss me, and remember me fondly.

That surprised me. Continue reading “You feel lonely because you build walls instead of bridges.”

How to change your future by changing your story

Your stories are boring, repetitive, and rigidly fixed. You tell them the same every time, and that gives you a life of gloom and doom, an ever narrowing, ever more impoverished version of the Life you could have.

This article is about blowing some life into your story, so you can have more life.

“Know something, sugar? Stories only happen to people who can tell them.” – Allan Gurganus

Gurganus is right. The truth happens to everyone, but stories only happen to people who can tell them. And tell them well…
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What you don’t want to look at…

My first suspicion came when I noticed that leaders, people who ‘selflessly’ gave of their time to the organization, died, left and right, of cancer.

Kabbalah says that certain diseases are opportunistic, like the Dark Side, they enter your body on cracks between who you claim you are, and who you really are… the space between you and you.

Even little kids have that…

You are fed by your mother. You choke on the food. Your mother doesn’t know how to help you. You don’t die. Your parents rejoice and hug you and kiss you.

Normally they don’t express feelings, but this trick did it… so you ‘invent’ for yourself a new way to be: don’t do anything. don’t say anything. Don’t cry… and then it will go away and the praise, the kisses will come.

Eventually you are a grown person, having had tens of incidents and experiences when it didn’t work, when it only bought you grief and humiliation, incidents of sexual attacks, inappropriate touch, and some maybe even more painful… but in your little mind that hasn’t moved from the choking incident, you tell yourself: the kisses and the reward are surely coming… Continue reading “What you don’t want to look at…”

What if two fairy tales could turn your life around, so you could love your life?

The two fairy tales that give you your life

I am running three developmental courses right now. Developmental courses and personal conversations are:
1. How I inform Source on what needs to get done and what’s in the way of humans being willing and able to be all they can be;
2. How I test ideas, theories, activators, methods and such;
3. How I find out what people can do, what they can’t do. What they can learn; and what they cannot learn because it is not a skill, it’s a talent, a gift.
4. How I get great ideas for articles, like the idea of the two fairy tales.

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Steal back your future

What do you carry that weighs you down so much that that you can never ascend?

Or what weight you carry so that you can’t climb the Tree of Life, until you put it down?

Have you noticed that making permanent changes, doing new things, doing things in a new way, going to places unfamiliar is difficult for you, near impossible?

Consider that you are dragging a persona with you. That persona is what makes the going so difficult, so encumbered… Continue reading “Steal back your future”

How to have a different future than your past has been?

What gives you being/acting in the present is the future you live into.

I learned that sentence in Landmark Education. And until today it was pretty much just a sentence, that I could not explain to any of my students. I will write about this until I GET IT! lol… how is that for authenticity?

This morning I was watching a TED video with Benjamin Hardy. He says somewhere: “Since 2015, my articles have been read between 50 and 100 million times. Nearly 400000 people subscribe to my weekly newsletter.” His vibration is 170, he has 2 spiritual capacities open, his stuff’s truth value is 3%: it is all tree of knowledge. But his stuff resonates with people. Continue reading “How to have a different future than your past has been?”