Humility: how do you know it’s lacking? What is there instead?

self-concern vs humilityHumility, wrongful pride, high about me score, self-concern… They all say the same thing.

The single most important blockage you have to raising your consciousness, raising your vibration.

In the 3-wishes workshop, one that I lead every Saturday afternoon, the one that never gets boring, I stumbled onto something that had never been revealed in all its gory beauty to the participants before: how focusing on hiding the self-concern completely and totally robs you of a life that you live powerfully, a life that you enjoy living, a life where you are productive and love yourself.

I have taught the concept, the distinction of ‘about-me’ for a decade now, but had never found a way to make it so visible, so visceral as in yesterday’s workshop.

humility... what does it mean?In the following video that I made some 8-9 years ago I explain how wrongful pride, a high about-me score, lack of humility manifests itself in life.

I had a good example to watch: myself. Over the years, most of it in the first 49 years, I was being completely lead astray, kept miserable, alone, and widely hated by my missing humility… so I knew what it is like — intimately. But most of us never identify it, never distinguish it as lack of humility… We are sure we are right… we are accurate… we are the victims.

I didn’t know it was me, I thought other people did that to me, by the way. The world… lol.

self-concern victim t-shirtI was a victim, and then a recovering victim… You might remember me sharing about my T-shirt, the one I got in the Communication Commando Course. Everyone avoids a victim like a plague… even if they, themselves feel like a victim.

After yesterday’s session, one of my best participants contacted me to buy an activator to activate the capacity: humanity (also called ‘it’s not about me!’)

As I was preparing the activator for her, I noticed that there is another activator I created more than eight years ago… So I went back and reviewed it myself.

To my surprise, I already know about humility what I know now, eight years ago. I just forgot it…

So I gifted it to my student: it was profound to me to see how accurate I was eight years ago.

Then I separated from the video the part where I detail what happens when your about-me score is high, when your humanity score is low…

This short video is half of a meditation session, a session where I activate the capacity of humility.

It is the best thing, up there with sliced bread. It altered my life, and it is single handedly responsible for my high vibration. How high? Almost ten times higher than the average vibration on the planet.

I always wondered what kicked my vibration in high gear, but I didn’t remember. Or maybe I didn’t realize how that single step skyrocketed my vibration.

From that fact you can safely surmise, you can safely guess, that the ‘normal’ person has a high about-me score, has wrongful pride, and that is what prevents him or her from being able to raise their vibration.

There is only one hindrance: for this activation to work, you need to be able to connect to your Tangerine Spot, intimately, with your attention. When you are connected to the Tangerine Spot, you are connected to Source on the first level. There are two more levels, I have only taught the first two to some students, one of them is still a student… and now he actually works with me.

If you are a newbie in connecting, putting your palm over your Tangerine Spot works, but it can get tiresome… Wearing a skull cap with enough weight for you to feel it is also a good help in locating your tangerine spot.

Your challenge will be, no matter what method you choose, in directing your attention there and keeping it there. so you may have to make a habit of using this activation video daily.

Training your attention is an invaluable activity you can engage in, this video will help you: all it takes is correct practice.

Attention is directed by WILL, no the mind. The mind doesn’t know anything about attention.

I am connected all day, nearly 24/7. Even when I yell… even when I moan… even then.

activate humilityThe activation was part of the daily connection series which I called: Third Phase activation… Each of the 12 activators cost $30, and the collection of 12 cost $117.

Seeing how even my core group can’t get over this hump… because understanding is not enough, I decided to run a special on these activators, that include the Humility (aka Wrongful Pride aka it’s not about you) activator.

If you get the whole package before Tuesday, January 19 midnight, you get 30% off the package. Or just get the Humility activator and use the same coupon code COMPACT. In an additional step you can add a 15-minute training to be trained to keep your Tangerine Spot active.

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How do Being Needy, Being Want-y, keep you from getting what you want?

needy wantyBeing needy, being want-y is low vibration… about 100 on the vibrational scale.

I order my grocery through Instacart. This way I never have to leave my house, I never have to see or get near another person. I ‘blame’ the pandemic… lol.

But today, when I stood behind my front door, waiting for the Instacart delivery person, Angel to leave my grocery at the door, I shouted: ‘Thank you Angel’, and then I started to sob. Continue reading “How do Being Needy, Being Want-y, keep you from getting what you want?”

A cool dog story or what is motive power?

Missy... a should motive power dogThis dog story illustrates something profound and new in this article: motive power.

This story is about two dogs.

The female is Missy. The other a male, Jojo.

Missy is a medium-sized… I am not good at dog breeds. She is friendly, reserved and weighs 15 pounds.

Now, Jojo, the male, is a real character. He’s a dachshund. Jet-Black/yellow in color, and weighs just 7 pounds.

Guess who’s the boss in this relationship?

Well, it ain’t Missy.

Jojo is only 7 pounds, but his small stature doesn’t inhibit him in any way.

He strides right up to the biggest dogs ( including Pit Bulls ) and extends a friendly greeting. Continue reading “A cool dog story or what is motive power?”

“The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing.” The Anna Karenina Principle explained

The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing… but do you even know, have you even decided what is the MAIN THING?

If you haven’t, you aren’t alone. You are also a ready prey to the ‘if you don’t know where you are going, every road will take you there.’

What a pity human beings can’t exchange problems. Everyone knows exactly how to solve the other guy’s.

And, to be sure, the internet is full of articles who know exactly how to solve the other guy’s problems, with how to do this or than in 3-7-11-15 steps… but they are all wrong, and those ‘solutions’ are not solutions at all. Continue reading ““The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing.” The Anna Karenina Principle explained”

The winding, meandering path to success… You can only connect the dots looking backwards

winding river the path to successEveryone wants to understand BEFORE they take a step onto the path to success. But putting one foot in front of the other, with awareness is what allows you to get to where you want to get to.

Some people are crazy smart. They see everything laid out like a street map where I see nothing… or I see, maybe, one step, and therefore I am filled with fear and trepidation. I can’t see beyond that one step.

I am sure you can relate to this and relate to the ‘inner voice’ the mind saying: you are never going to make it.

And sometimes you find someone whose entire processing style is less intimidating, someone who doesn’t profess to see everything, although they may, and will take you step by tiny step.

Because step by step doesn’t necessarily take understanding, which is elusive, really, it takes putting one foot in front of the other. Continue reading “The winding, meandering path to success… You can only connect the dots looking backwards”

How to have room to build something of your Self?

How to have room to build something?I have been getting a lot of money after I had all my savings seized… please don’t ask, I won’t tell you the details.

The money comes from clients, students, and -gasp- my nephew send me money too.

I have noticed that the giver probably feels better about himself than the receiver… So I am happy I was willing to be vulnerable enough to ask for help… Not my usual behavior. Continue reading “How to have room to build something of your Self?”

Fun Monday… How inspirable are you?

In today’s article I am switching gears. We’ll be funny today…

Maybe even ha-ha funny.

Why this change of heart?

In the Starting Point Measurements there is a question: how inspirable are you and how inspired are you now? Continue reading “Fun Monday… How inspirable are you?”