Stone Soup: the fairy tale. Case studies galore

stone soupCapacities, distinctions, intelligence, and success in life: there is a strong correlation. The Stone Soup fairy tale is an excellent teaching story.

Let’s start with debunking the current world view, that intelligence is inborn. We are all born tabula raza… a blank slate.

Your intelligence depends on the number of large chunks, neural connections permanently formed in your brain firing together automatically. Those chunks are created in learning. Not learning about… no, actual learning a skill to unconscious competence.  Driving a vehicle is unconscious competence for most. Reading and comprehending? not so much. Continue reading “Stone Soup: the fairy tale. Case studies galore”

Reality? Collective hunch at best

late to the party realityOne person who I often trust sent me an email with a link to a video. Must watch, he said.

I watched, so far, an hour and 20 minutes… I rarely can tolerate anything longer.

Then I read the comments… and was (was I really?) surprised, appalled, and then confused by the comments.

The video was a lecture of an MD-scientist who was talking about what interests most of us most: what the F… is really happening?!

Reality. Reality is happening and we have no idea what it is… we see something, other people see something else… what is real, what is made up? Continue reading “Reality? Collective hunch at best”

Politically incorrect…

how everyone in my family diesIf you have been on the phone or on webinars with me lately: you have noticed: I have been looking for words: the first signs of dementia.

My IQ dropped 40 points, and muscletest confirmed: my brain was deteriorating. My brain health went from 30% to 7% as well.

I am like Charlie in the book (also movie), Flowers for Algernon, where Charly, a young man got a brain enhancing surgery, but the results were temporary, and when he was in decline phase he could see all the things he understood and could do before, but not any more.

Doesn’t feel good…

In this short article I will look what I did… Continue reading “Politically incorrect…”

Reality? collective hunch at best!

lily-tomlin-actress-quote-reality-is-nothing-but-a-collective-hunchMy article Energies Part 4: Designer Energies has been read by many people, and everyone I have spoken with, has, so far, misunderstood it. It matches not reality, but what they think of as reality

Why? Because the article touches on the most fundamental worldview through which you perceive everything: Through your personal reality.

You can’t see it, you can’t verbalize it, you don’t believe when someone calls it your worldview: it is reality for you, and that’s that.

No matter who it is, what they do for a living, what level of education, what level of vibration they are at: we all have a personal reality. Each vastly different from another’s…

In a conversation I just had with a client who is of Hungarian descent but was born in this country (the USA) I shared that Hungarian parents don’t talk to their children in the high pitch voice and baby words as Amarican parents do. They talk lovingly, but normally.

Hungarian children… Continue reading “Reality? collective hunch at best!”

Resistance to new: fear. Fear of the unknown. How to win?

fearPart of being a good coach is to experience the scary stuff the client is experiencing or will experience on their journey… so I can have compassion, and maybe some tools to ease their bad experience and help them through some obstacle.

I am in the middle of exactly that… and I am quaking in my boots…

I was never a fan of new things… I am not an excitement junkie… not me… sorry. And now that I am old, it is even less tempting… and yet, it takes me less deliberation nowadays than it used to, to ‘jump’.

Jumping off the diving board is a very good analogy… but even getting into the pool or the lake. You don’t know if you can survive.

In fact, all fear is fear of death… The interesting thing about me: death itself doesn’t scare me as much as the path to it, the pain, the horror, the experience.

OK… even just writing those few words… Continue reading “Resistance to new: fear. Fear of the unknown. How to win?”

Right to end your life… do you have ANY rights?

Is your physical activity enough to make a difference in the quality of life, in your health, in your longevity?

This has been my question for quite some time.

If you have this question, you, like myself, have some barriers… time, laziness, weakness, or pain… as it is in my case.

I am 73 years old and I have been frail and weak and have struggled with that all my life. Activities that needed me to be on my feet were not liking me… Continue reading “Right to end your life… do you have ANY rights?”

On coaching: what it is, what it isn’t… It’s a bridge

walk-the-bridge-with-me coachingGood coaching is a bridge… Bad coaching is not.

We all have some area where we don’t already have a bridge, a path, to where we want to be

What bridge? What is a bridge? Between an idea and its fulfillment, materialization. Between a problem and its solution.

Most bridges are connectors between words and actions. Or future words and the process that will make it work. Or teaching and what we actually make of it.

Or maybe our words and the feelings we want to feel, mostly about ourselves…

Words and feelings. Words and doing. Doing and something built in reality. Different ‘modalities’. Continue reading “On coaching: what it is, what it isn’t… It’s a bridge”