The cost of believing in the power of mind

people don't think... and thinking is power.You are supposedly the peak of evolution… and you supposedly have a brilliant tool: your thinking brain. But when you only use it to do mind-functions, remembering and recalling, you use only 1-3% of its power… and you are a slave. Unless you have the courage to learn to use your brain correctly… you’ll remain a slave.

A famous physics professor, one day, was shaking his head.

‘I can’t teach them physics the way I learned physics’ he complained.

I interview students for my graduate program, and they are all, almost all, unable to think for themselves.

When they show up for the interview, I ask them: Why are you wearing the suit jacket you are wearing?
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Emotional toughness, resilience can help you getting there

emotional resilience toughness high TLBDo you hate to learn new things because every time you do, it somehow tells you that you have been wrong? Or not enough? Not good enough?

Well, toughen up princess…

But otherwise it’s normal. I know.

As a child I lived across the street from my elementary school.

I was nearly seven when I went to school, I was born September 4. My mother held me back because I was so tiny. My brother was two years older.

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Life is a system of seesaws, little hinges swing big doors

a system of seesawsWhat is the real meaning of little hinges swing big doors? What glorious thing can it mean to you and your entrepreneurial aspirations?

Without understanding that life is a collection of interactive systems, without understanding the seesaw principle, without being able to create, manage, and tweak systems… your life will work as it has always worked… just barely… Continue reading “Life is a system of seesaws, little hinges swing big doors”

Not dyslexic? What can you learn from dyslexic entrepreneurs?

dyslexics don't make good employeesIs it dyslexia that makes these entrepreneurs successful, or is it the strategy they developed to manage and overcome the effects of dyslexia?

There are disproportionately more dyslexic entrepreneurs than in the rest of society? Society: 5-20%. Entrepreneurs: 35%

It’s not an accident.

I have dyslexia. My younger brother has dyslexia. He is six years younger than me. we are as different as two people can be. I am a risk taker, he isn’t. I am an entrepreneur. He isn’t. I read a lot, he doesn’t. I am a loner, he is a family man.

puzzled expression

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Entrepreneurial desires, self-sabotage and the Selfish Gene

entrepreneurial desiresThis article is intended for people who are or want to become entrepreneurs… in its simplest form: create, run, and make money with a business.

I think I don’t have to go into details about entrepreneurial desires… if you don’t have it, realized or unrealized, you would not be reading this article. That desire is what drives a person to the seemingly easy, seemingly profitable lifestyle that we call entrepreneur.

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We are not in Kansas anymore…

we are not in Kansas anymore. the business climate is changingThis article is about how you need to change so your business can be more successful in this new economy, this new business climate.

I am muddling through to see what what I saw this past Thursday will mean to me… what new actions, what new thinking, what new everything it might mean.

Why? What happened on Thursday?

As you know, I am in a coaching program with some 80 other people who have a business or want to have a business…

It’s not cheap. It has sessions with different coaches every weekday. I attend two of those… the rest, if I am interested, I watch the replay.

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I have been sitting on a goldmine… but now I see it

sitting on a goldmineSometimes you don’t know what you have… You may be sitting on a goldmine without realizing it. I was.

This has been my story for a long time. Whatever business I have ever been in, someone, maybe many people told me that I was sitting on a goldmine… except I couldn’t see it, and I couldn’t mine the gold.

And it looked that I am in the same situation, locked it, permanently… no matter how much higher I view the world from.

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