Before anyone can help you, before you can help yourself…

Before anyone can help you, before you can help yourself, you need to accurately identify the blockage, the problem, the mess you are in.

It is hard. Why?

Because there is too much data. It is trying to find footprints under the snow… you don’t know where to look, and even if you managed to shovel away all that snow, who knows if you can see the right footprints…

The difference between a good detective and a normal guy, gal, is their ability to tell the difference between what has ‘diagnostic’ value and what doesn’t. Continue reading “Before anyone can help you, before you can help yourself…”

What level is your emotional intelligence? Your EQ…

I was lead to an old article of mine. Controversial, and I bet not very useful for most people…

I wrote it in 2012. I have grown a lot since then.

In the article I was attempting to guide you to detect truth value, estimate the vibration teachers and products… without muscle testing.

In the article I was making the same mistake I have been making, all my life: supposing that you can see patterns, that you can see behind the curtain, that you can see more than you actually can.

Emotional intelligence, the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically, seeing emotional patterns, being able to detect lies, not by rigid made up rules, like in law enforcement, but to actually see something that another is trying to hide, or someone trying to make airs, or such… requires a lot higher emotional and overall intelligence than most of us have.
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The blind chicken syndrome

Even a blind chicken will find a seed here and there… but it may die before it finds enough to survive.

There are statistics that before someone become a millionaire or a billionaire, they went through a few bankruptcies.

One could surmise that it’s a rule… but what no one is saying, at least I haven’t heard… is the blind chicken rule.

If you learn to see through trial and error what there is to see, in business, in relationships, in health, then your next try will have more chances to succeed, if you put in practice what you saw.

There is something about the learning that is unusual: it is non-verbal.

If and when the person turns what they saw into words, rules, the learning disappears.
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Your obsession with fast, instant, effortless…

It’s not how fast you are, but how fast you get there…

Our culture is obsessed with fast. Instant. Effortless.

Fast thinkers are put on pedestal.

But, between you and me, anything that is built fast will come down fast.

The faster someone is, the less they perform in my programs, for example.

Fast is from the left brain.

There are people who seem fast… but the truth is: it took them a long long time, countess days, hours, weeks, months, to build a large enough foundation from which, they can, seemingly produce lightening fast products, books, results. Continue reading “Your obsession with fast, instant, effortless…”

The secret that every successful person uses thinking that it is common knowledge

I have been in deep thought since yesterday…

This article can become a watershed… when you’ll say: before I learned that… and after I learned that… What? Read the article.

“Adoration of a President-to-Be” –

Newly engaged John F. Kennedy & Jacqueline Bouvier – Cape Cod, July 4th 1953
source: Life

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Who are your customers? You don’t have any? Think again!

You have customers. Many. You have “vendor-customer” relationship with them.

It takes intellectual intelligence (the one the IQ tests test) to see this. It has nothing to do with being stingy, or emotionally unevolved.

So let’s have this conversation now to cause a sudden rise in your intelligence, and potentially a sudden rise in your income, your popularity, your street value.

The story behind this knowledge comes from 1991-1992.

I was a student in Werner Erhard and Associates in 1991, when Werner appeared on 60 minutes and consequently had to leave the country, his company, and go into exile.

He sold the company to its employees, and the company faltered.
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Selfish? let’s look at selfish, let’s look at unselfish… shall we?

Life is best when it is lived where what you want for yourself is a side effect.

For half of humanity that sounds like liberal nonsense… but this is how life becomes the most enjoyable, and maybe the most “life-earning” as well, in spite of it being counter intuitive.

And this is true in every area of life…

I can’t write a better article on this than Zat Rana on Medium.

What I can write best about is the wretchedness of going straight for what you want, and quitting when anyone else benefits… And I can share how this… getting what I need as a side effect, consciously, has been one of the secrets of my inner peace, fulfillment, and happiness.

Some 15 years ago I started studying Kabbalah, an ancient body of thought. The truth value of Kabbalah is about 30%, while most other “ancient” teachings are less than 10% truth value, so if you have a large body of knowledge yourself, if you have read hundreds or thousands of books, if you have degrees, etc. you are somewhat safe in studying Kabbalah. Continue reading “Selfish? let’s look at selfish, let’s look at unselfish… shall we?”