Being open is the hardest but most profitable ways to be

being open and vulnerableAbout a year ago I bought into a business coaching program where there are several calls a week with different coaches, and, for the most part, I think it is not a good program. Why?

I have been seeing that the coaches look at the program where their job is to say what they have to say… So when you really look there is a them and us, them and me separation… they are up there, and I am down here… and I have a few jobs: 1. admire them 2. participate if asked so they can sound even more awesome 3. if possible, talk only when what I have to say is ‘I bought this thing from this coach and it is awesome’ like a ‘witnessing’.

And the participants, about a hundred people, only want to hear what ‘the coaches’ have to say, like in a church. The coaches are the deity… and you are the whatever they call the true believers… I’ve never really been one. Maybe a little bit in Landmark Education? Continue reading “Being open is the hardest but most profitable ways to be”

Why would he with a 160 IQ produce low truth value science?

iq vs characterOr an even better question: can that same dude see clearly that his science is only 10% truth value?

And another puzzling question: what does it feel like being a shyster?

Does it matter that he is a Pisces?

The issue is, I say, character.

What is character and why is it more important than IQ?

This dude’s soul correction is the same as mine… Forget Thyself. Is lying part of my soul correction? Hm.

Soul correction is a machine with a set of character defects. Lying is a character defect.

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Permission to grow… permission to experience discomfort.

permission to growI read this quote in an email today.

I have done nothing all summer but wait for myself to be myself again.‘ — Georgia O’Keeffe.

What she doesn’t know, that if and when you become new, bigger, etc. then you’ll be yourself… but bigger… And in the meantime it won’t be very pleasant to grow. There is an expression: growing pains… and it is true, it is real.

This quote could be your slogan while you go through the brain balancing sequence for the next weeks, months, so you emerge more whole, more complete than you have ever hoped to be.

And you’ll need it.

If you think it is difficult and painful get your car out from two vehicles that are an inch from your car… then you know what we are doing… it takes tens, maybe hundreds of small moves for the brain to re-adjust to the new constellation and be stable again.

I may be going through it more dramatically than you are… let’s hope it’s so. Continue reading “Permission to grow… permission to experience discomfort.”

Do you have permission to be happy, joyful, successful?

permission slipDo you BELIEVE you have permission to be happy, joyful, successful?

What’s the difference between believing and knowing?

Let me preface that belief is a human word… Source says that what we call belief is really using our word to create a personal reality… So what we call belief is really words considered reality… You’ll see why this is an important distinction in a sec…

If you haven’t read the relationship between reality and personal reality, read some of my older articles… like this one. We call personal reality ‘occurrence’ there.

Yesterday I went over to my new next door neighbors to pet the two dogs they have, and we chatted.

I considered wearing a mask, and I decided against it. Continue reading “Do you have permission to be happy, joyful, successful?”

Changing your brain: can it change your life?

Changing your brain: can it change your life? I say it can… Part of it is the Hero program that I also call the GABA program.

WTF, right? What does GABA have to do with anything? It sounds unlikely… even if you know what GABA is… but it does.

There are two important brain centers in this regard: beliefs, convictions, worldview… that unless it changes, unless the beliefs, convictions, worldview can change, your actions and your attitudes will remain the same.

And because your actions are what produce everything that you ever wanted… and if you don’t like what you have produced, then you are sh!t out of luck… and that is where all the science, all the courses, all the books, all the brilliant theories are dumbfounded… because, gulp, no one has been able to change their opinions about themselves and about the world enough for it to be able to change their lives.

The examples we hear are… Continue reading “Changing your brain: can it change your life?”

How to fight the rise of evil, how to be untouched by it?

evil is risingThe rise of evil and what to do about it?

A student of mine sent me a link to a youtube video.

I put aside ego and watched it. The video was eye-opening.

It showed how someone’s worldview, value system can be shifted rapidly… within a few months or years. And how dangerous that is.

That the Trump era’s biggest accomplishment was/is that mass murder looks normal, and complimenting a woman on her dress or beauty looks outrageously aggressive, maybe even criminal.

That one character in the Harry Potter books, Remus, went to fight against the Dark Lord, the Dark hordes, and chose to left his pregnant wife home is the most horrid thing a character did in that saga.

Did you watch the video? Good… This article will attempt to knock you conscious (Just like the Big Bundle energy does!) and see what you can do in a world that has gone crazy.

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What is yours to do? Your ONE THING, right now…

do what is yours to doDo what is yours to do… and all will be well.

This is a big question… as if there were some pre-ordained vocation of activity each of us should do.

But I think that it is misleading… and a bad idea to consider.

Everything is done by the WHO you are… and the who is very important in the number of, the kinds of things and how someone does them

So in my humble opinion every person’s number one job, every parent’s number one job is to help the person become more of who they can become.

If I measured on a scale of 1 to 100 where you are in that regard, I probably would be driven out of business… so much hate would come towards me.

Because you are barely on the scale, most of you. And then you ask me an experts, what is yours to do. Use whatever activity you choose to do to become more of who you can become…

One of my coaches came to the same conclusion yesterday… he realized that he had been coasting for ten years, not growing, not moving closer to who he could be.

He was frantic… Continue reading “What is yours to do? Your ONE THING, right now…”