How to Be the Type of Person Everyone Wants to Know

Here is an article that has truth in it, but not the whole truth. The article is a typical psychological take on a human condition... and is incomplete.

Here is an example of what a 7% truth value is, and what is missing to make it acceptable... and no, a 7% truth value is not acceptable.

I am going to attempt to add some of my own discoveries... to bring it up to a higher, hopefully much higher level of truth value...

First: read the article. I felt horrible reading it, because it made me feel bad about myself. Not many people consider me good company... so I definitely don't qualify to being the type of person everyone wants to know.

At the same time my fixed mindset is only 7%... so what's going on?

I'll explain after the article... but first read it, OK? Continue reading "How to Be the Type of Person Everyone Wants to Know"

Fighting the demon: You/I spend most of our lives trying to fix something that never happened…

You/I spend most of our lives trying to fix something that never happened. That was never factually true. Even though you keep telling the story as if it were true.

Some people call these demons... even though there are no demons... but nevertheless, using the expression: fighting your demons is very accurate, if you don't believe that demons are entities. There are no entities in the visible or invisible Universe.

And yet we are fighting... I call it an itch... a compulsion... something that makes you weird. Continue reading "Fighting the demon: You/I spend most of our lives trying to fix something that never happened…"

You live in a world of your own design, a world without meaning, a world of misery

If meaning makes the difference between a life worth living or not, why is it that don't you create a meaning that makes life worth living?

You can't, you won't... but why? Let me muscle test!

  • You lack intellectual capacity? 30%
  • You don't have the spiritual capacity to see the big picture in width and it time? 90%
  • You lack the willingness to be responsible, willingness to cause the context. 100%
  • You lack the courage to cause the context, or pretty much anything... 100%

Being a sheep means lack of courage, lack of vision, lack of responsibility

Stuck energy. Stinginess.

Can you change? Yes. How? Through activating spiritual capacities with practices that need that capacity.

Without meaning YOU create, life is not worth living, is a struggle, and you suffer. Continue reading "You live in a world of your own design, a world without meaning, a world of misery"

Are you fully dead or mostly dead/slightly alive? Depression?

The attitude of submission, dutifulness, and the death of individual and the death of joy

Part of the enslavement process that has been going on for thousands of years, you are robbed of your sense of free will, and your joy.

The chicken coop doesn't want you to enjoy anything... or more precisely, it separates enjoyment as a special thing on special occasions, not your natural state. Same with happiness.

But the truth is: your natural state is joy. Enjoying the body, the movement, breathing, eating, working: everything.

One of my challenges is to re-awaken, to liberate that capacity that society is hellbent to suppress. Continue reading "Are you fully dead or mostly dead/slightly alive? Depression?"

There are no good energies and bad energies. There are no light energies and dark energies. There is only energy.

There are no good energies and bad energies. There are no light energies and dark energies. There is only energy.

Good and bad, dark and light, are moral judgments, also called systemic judgments, or black and white world view.

What is prompting this topic is that today is Day or Power, which means a huge energy influx from the Light... the Energy Source of the Universe.

Energy dissipates, and for the world, the universe to keep on going, it is getting a twice a month energy infusion from where it has all come.

I am not saying this is the truth, but by all measures, this seems to match my experience, and my muscle testing through Source, also known as the Zero Point Field. Continue reading "There are no good energies and bad energies. There are no light energies and dark energies. There is only energy."

Rob Brezsny interprets the invisible and answers attacks

I am sharing today's Rob Brezsny newsletter, because he answers a lot of question for me, about my work as well.

For example, why would soul correction be calculated from your date of birth... WTF, right? But it is very accurate, I must tell you. Even though I discover and am shown aspects of a soul correction, once I see the new aspect, I can look and it fits all people with the same correction like a glove.

I am also starting to see more clearly some low vibration aspects of different systems of thought.

For example: any system of thought that subscribes to god, gods, angels, or in fact any entities, loses truth value and vibration to the degree that the system depends on that idea, on those ideas.

The idea for a need for a supernatural being, or two or many shows a low grasp on reality, and that is low vibration.

The vibration, could be said, is a number that shows the accuracy of your world view.
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What is the most frequent beingness?

The most frequent "who" aka beingness I encounter is stingy.

Stingy can be seen in everything you do.

Everyone wants something, and very few are willing to do anything for it.

One of these things you want, for example, is the experience of being in the flow. I also call it "hitting your stride". Hitting your stride is that state where things go smoothly, you are your best, and things are humming. Heaven. Bliss. Wonderful.

But... unless you have invested enough energy to have a stride, you won't be able to hit it. Continue reading "What is the most frequent beingness?"

Beingness is invisible, but it is the key to happiness…

I am learning what to teach, what is missing, what is needed from my students.

There is something I struggled with for decades, I have, it seems, overcome it, and have never seemed to look at it again... ponder it, and then teach it.

A different look at distinction reveals a different way lack of distinctions make life more difficult.

Imagine a surgeon in the operating room talking like this: Nurse, give me that little thingie... you know the one with the curved blades that aren't blades at all, but look like blades... you know?

If things don't have exactly defined names, the surgeon will kill the patient.

Half of being a surgeon is to know what tool to use and what it is called.

The same is true in every area of life, especially when it also concerns other people. Continue reading "Beingness is invisible, but it is the key to happiness…"

Cults proliferate in the “we generation” periods… We are in a we generation period.

I go shopping for food once every two weeks. I have a shopping list of 15 items, of which 10 are there every time... not changing.

My eating style is to eat by appetite, one food per meal. And boring... little or no variety. I do well with that. Variety: my gut cannot keep up with that.

But every time I shop I sneak in something different, eat it and get sick for a day or two or three. That is my indulgence for that two week period.

It makes me feel free.

I am from Hungary. I like spicy sausage. There is a famous sausage in Hungary, Gyulai kolbász. Chorizo is similar, but not the same. So I have been buying Andouille sausage made by Dartagnan.

Obviously the sausage is made of pork meat and pork fat.

I am Jewish.

So today I asked the question:

why am I allowed to eat pork? Isn't the Bible an accurate prescription for health?

I know, I know... but this question opened a veritable can of worms.
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How to manage yourself for change?

manage-yourself-for changeI guess it is that time of the year... where the broken faced child comes out of the woodwork...

Life is cyclical. In addition to the visible cycles, there are invisible cycles.

They are intimately connected to some early life events... there is nothing you can do about them coming up: a cycle must repeat.

One of these cycles is the broken faced child coming out to torment you.

Rarely if ever I see someone who has something I "envy".

Envy is a sign that they have something that you want, for yourself. It is a good thing if you look at it that way.

In most of us, the soul has a warped way to communicate to us. Probably because we don't listen to gentler nudges.

So, yesterday I saw something that I'd like. In this Tai Lopez person I write about in my previous article.

So, just before I went to bed I muscle tested if his IQ is higher than mine.
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