Juicy lifeThe 67 Steps

It's 67 videos... and their audio version... created by Tai Lopez. I have been using this to elevate people... and train them to become more of a person more suitable to life than they are.

Tai Lopez sells it as a way to become a higher earner, a business, person, and it's all about money.

But that is just one, very limited way to do this program. The other way is my way: get trained to look at life through another person's eyes... Tai's and the many authors he quotes. Priceless.

You can go to check out his program here or just buy it through me... I spend my commission to coach you... that is what the free weeks are... my commission spent on you.

My way of teaching it includes having to report to me, having to be kept accountable for actually doing the program... aka email coaching... that you can cancel any time.

Purchase includes one month email coaching.

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