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Many books, videos, movies, courses that each would set you back with at least 10 bucks each...

These are books in the online and e-reader formats, stuff I bought and I am sharing with you...

I also write about these... because they made an impact in my life, in my work, in what I teach. I expect that if you read them, they will make an impact on you... and you'll be able to appreciate what I teach better, and be able to become all you can become.

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven

I am a True Empath. And I am an innovator.

I don't invent stuff... I repurpose...

These books, movies are repurposed... lol.

Why am I charging for these? Because anything that is free won't make any impact... And I am all about impacting...

You can gather most if not all of these on the world wide web, for nothing... except your expertise, time, and if you have those: go ahead... But if you have those and you use your time to say no to me, you'll probably say no to everything I say... so go away and stay away. Please.

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