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The Amish Horse Training Method

The Amish uses horses and buggies to get from one place to the other: they have renounced technology, cars, television, internet, even electric light, if I understand correctly.

In this training we are only concerned with how they train their horses before they put them into service on highways with 18-wheelers and lots of loud cars, motorcycles... that are likely to frighten the horses... unless they are trained.

So they tie the 'virgin' horse to a strong pole and leave it there for 30 days on average, on the side of a busy highway. The horse first gets all frightened of the noises, but eventually realize that the noises have nothing to do with it, they are happening outside of it, and are not personal.

And from that point on they can be trusted to not pull the buggy into the bath of a truck and kill the riders.

This is your job as far as your mind-chatter is concerned. Of course the chatter that is semi-conscious, that you have control over, needs to be silenced... So you need to learn what is mind-chatter, and what is YOU-chatter.

You cannot make the YOU-chatter noise, because you are DOING IT. Stop it! lol.

It's three webinar recordings, both on the desktop and on the mobile app... plus a live webinar... if you can make it. Time and date: TBA

And, of course, pay for it here

Learn and practice the Amish Horse Training Method

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