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An accurate snapshot of how you are, predictive of how you behave when you are sick, when you are challenged, and how you cause your problems... how you block abundance, love, happiness. Including how you can grow happier, younger, and richer

Sophie Benshitta MavenMy name is Sophie, and I am a true empath, not a psychic, so I need to see you to connect to you. So please send me a picture that shows your eyes.

I'll muscle test you against the list of the 42 Bach energies... and send the results to you in an attached jpg file.

I will send your results in email... the email address you put into your payment box... Please send your picture to my main email address, sophie@yourvibration.com

Once you have your result, you will know what the HOE audio mainly works on, or alternatively you will know what keeps you stuck in life, what undermines all your efforts rendering them null and void, in the area of health, money, relationships, fulfillment...all of life...

I ask Source, i.e. muscletest what are the Bach answers to these three questions"

  • What is your typical reaction you have to the world not giving you what you want? i.e. you not getting what you want. Will you get angry? Will you get resigned? Will you feel frustrated? Will you make a fuss, drama?
  • Right underneath the complaint: what you try to be but are not successful at? Will you pretend to be cheerful? Will you pretend that you are smart? Will you pretend that you are holier than thou?
  • What is you linchpin that holds it all together? Is it that you decided that your way or the highway? That you know? That you are special? That it is your birthright?

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