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Feel Your Feeling... know your feelings...

Stop being jerked by your feelings! Become a person who doesn't have to react to every little perceived slight and offense

You may even become impervious... but definitely make huge strides towards becoming coherent

Sophie muscletestingFrom: Sophie Benshitta Maven

Most people feel a lot of stuff... others don't feel anything, at least not consciously.

I gave that workshop to alter the human condition for the participants where they were jerked around by their feelings leaving them powerless.

I am going to add another two workshops to new registrants to teach how the words you say in your head determine what your emotional experience will be. And to teach how to eliminate the effects of those words, how to directly, without a barrier, feel what you need to feel to become effective in life, business, and in relationships.

These workshops are worth at least $100 each. they are new knowledge... I just recently unearthed, and now you can benefit from it yourself.

And no, they are not included in the base fee. What is included in the base fee is the recordings of the original five webinar.

They provide the foundation, but at the time of those webinars, the new information was not available to me.

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