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To take you to a place where you are free to be yourself and at the same time you are joyful, productive, and fulfilled

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven


You may be brand new, a wriggling newbie... or you may have been with me for years. You notice that you must have missed the fundamentals and now they are missing... I seem to be talking at you... Likely you don't quite get what I am saying in my articles.

Whatever your reason for being here: I salute you.

Why? Because you are smarter than the average bear... You realize that unless you know the framework, unless you know the system, parts of it won't do for you what they can do for you if and when you master the SYSTEM.

I have been at this for a long time. 35 years. During those 35 I learned and then quickly turned around and taught it, coached about it.

I soon noticed that I have a special ability: I can feel what people feel. I can feel their attitude. Also can feel when they don't listen. I discovered that I am a True Empath about 11 years ago.

For accurate muscle testing I have also learned to connect to Source. To not wait for Source to connect to me, but to initiate and do all the connecting.

What is Source? I don't know. My guess is that it's the Zero Point Field that is in all and through all, even the empty spaces of the Universe. An energy. Wave? Particles? Probably both and neither.

I have a unique relationship with Source... it answers my questions, my requests... It seem to root for me. It seems to care...

My main assignment, from Source, is to develop a methodology that can facilitate homo sapiens, the current humanity's transition into Human Being... the next evolutionary stage of humanity.

I like to say: I can take you to the Promised Land.

I have been leading experimental workshops for 11 years, always to a small number of people, so I can keep my finger on the pulse of each person, any time.

In these new courses you have the opportunity to learn everything I know from the basics to the complicated... so you can build on a strong and healthy foundation.

When it is needed, I include energy transmission to facilitate your learning, for no charge. That is often a 50%, maybe even a 75% discount for what it would cost you if I charged you for the energies.

But, ultimately the value of the courses cannot be estimated. For those who really learn it, what they learn is invaluable. You cannot put a price on happiness, joy, fulfillment, success, love, freedom, etc.

And for those who are not able or not willing to really learn, they just pay for the opportunity to spend time with me.

I can only promise what you CAN accomplish, not what you WILL.

What are you getting?

You are getting a course, with four levels, four whole courses. The total length of the course is 10 weeks. From learning to doing... the whole process.

These are not lectures... Not something to learn. These are workshop where you get to 'seeing' through personal coaching. It is hard. But it's effective.

  • You also get homework, that unless you do it, I pull you from the course without refund. Not a threat, a condition for continued involvement. Your 'doing' is mandatory for real learning...
  • In the last part, on level four you'll learn through doing... a project of your own.
  • My advanced clients who join, will do that from the beginning... but if you are new, you won't quite be ready until about session seven.
  • We'll start with establishing where you are at... your point A... and where you intend to end up... So you always know why you are doing this course... Without having point B in mind, you'll get lost.
  • If you don't have a point B in mind, you may not be a good fit for this program. If you have a bombastic goal in mind... you may not be a good fit for this program...You are hoping something will change, outside... and will neglect yourself, and your own transformation.

This course, done elsewhere would cost you at least two thousand dollars, and would not even include the 1-on-1 attention by a True Empath.

Why is that a benefit, having me a True Empath as your teacher/coach?

In my experience your low self-awareness and the inaccurate vocabulary combined result in misidentifying a lot of the important things in your life.

Being a True Empath, I feel your feelings accurately, and I ask Source to verify what you say, and help me find the accurate feelings and emotions, attitudes, and inner dynamic that you have been misidentifying to your detriment.

So you get clarity on your inner dynamics instead of adding more unclarity...

as you would without my help. Worth thousands and thousands of dollars on the long haul... as my current and past students will tell you if you ask.

I learned the bulk of what I teach, the distinctions, in Landmark Education courses. Those, the distinctions, I made them my own, and expanded on them. But the most important 'addition' is that I don't let you continue seeing what you have always seen, don't let you continue the story you have been telling, and don't let you say bombastic things that have come from wanting to impress...

I muscle test everything as it is being said... so it only depends on you doing what I ask you to do to get the result you sign up for.

Of course if you only want a little improvement, I won't even take you.

When you sign up, I muscle test your starting point measurements (mandatory) and decide if you want NEW, dramatically new, or just improvement... where you are allowed to remain the same, while your results get better.

If I see that you want to new: you are admitted. If I see that you want improvement, I refund your tuition minus $40 for my work I need to invest to make a decision.

It's the cheapest you have ever paid for a complete psychological evaluation.

One more thing: Now I have the DNA adjustment... last time I lead this course I didn't. I will use it every session to get you brighter, and less needy of me to do the work for you. No extra charge for that... although without the course it cost $45 per pop. So that is an additional $450 value, the average bid I got when I offered the energy audio, so it must be a fair price if so many offered even more.

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