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Get the famous remedy that creates Heaven on Earth

42 Bach Energies infused in alcohol preserved energized water. It will start to work on your character defects, on your attitude.

Make you healthier and younger and happier if you allow it.

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven

I am a True Empath. And I am an innovator.

I don't invent stuff... I repurpose...

I got trained, long time ago, to make personalized Bach Flower remedy for people... but it took a long time... so I asked Source to duplicate the energies in the flowers, but even that took too long. So I asked Source if it would be willing to bundle the energies... and it did. The Heaven on Earth (HOE) is the result. The Heaven on Earth remedy is that HOE energy infused in water, by me, personally.

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Sophie Benshitta Maven, sophie@yourvibration.com

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