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Inner Authority

Give your inner wisdom a chance to talk

When you learn where you feel, what you feel, consciousness can start communicating to you through your body... and you'll have guidance. You'll be, ultimately guided, to your TRUE self and to your Inner Authority.

The body will talk

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

Yesterday a student of mine confided in me that he is having a hard time telling if his body says yes or no.

His "inner authority", according to his "human design" chart is his solar plexus, in common terms, the pit of his stomach. Human Design says that mine is the sacrum. I dare to differ.

For some people it's the heart. Other have an instant knowing... That is rare. But even knowing you FEEL first...

You need to learn the language, the system of feelings... And tell them apart from emotions that are reactions to the guiding feelings.

WARNING: all guidance feelings that guide you for Inner Authority are negative, bad feeling feelings. If you can't tolerate them, can't appreciate them, please don't sign up! You'll need to love the messenger!

All the guiding feelings do is lead you to where you have power: with yourself.

The first step is to be able to direct your attention to where you are feeling. Attention, we could safely say, is consciousness... or if it is not... they always go together.

And there are more steps, each need to be learned and practiced.

Is it easy? No, given all the "noise" we have in our lives.

This webinar series is not lectures. They are actually much like guided meditations, where you close your eyes, and direct your attention where I ask you to direct it and feel what you feel.

For some of you this will be more important than others...

  • the people who start doing things without looking, and then you are surprised that you get into trouble
  • for those of you who live in the bull's ear... Plato's cave, the mind.
  • for those of you who have survived by not feeling, because what you would be feeling is too terrible, too painful.
  • for those of you who 'already know' and are right about it

Once you participate in a session, your job is to practice. Practice with the audio, and practice in your life.

  • Learning to feel your feelings, telling them apart from emotions, will allow you, help you, to become a whole, integrated human
  • You'll be able to make good or better decisions, choices from inner guidance, not from wanting to meet others' expectations of you, or from other imagined requirement of you
  • You will have more peace of mind and less waffling, doubt, hesitation, or mistakes
  • And you may be able to learn to muscle test once you are that integrated human.

About me: My name is Sophie Benshitta Maven. Really, Maven is a made up name: it means "someone in the KNOW", I added it a few years ago. It's not very different from having PhD after my name... except I let you know that it is my opinion of myself.

I am a True Empath. Unfortunately that is not my opinion... being an empath is both a 'blessing' and a curse. I can only feel your bad feelings... and of those you have plenty. The more pretentious you are the more bad feelings.

Being a TRUE empath means: I can connect to you, I can connect to the Source of All-knowledge (Bina), and I can connect to you.

Connect to you and feel what you feel, even if you don't actually feel it... I may not have the right word for it... but I feel it nevertheless. I am only 95% accurate in my definition of the feeling...

I can guide you. I can point out what you are feeling, so you can learn to know what it feels like... but I'd rather that you can feel what you feel, and be guided and not need me as a translator.

This course is a series of webinar workshops or meditations.

As a bonus, I'll include a series I held a few years ago, a different aspect of feelings... the jerky feelings... the emotions, the fixing that get you into trouble... The old course sells every day for $40.

I gave that workshop to alter the human condition for the participants where they were jerked around by their emotions leaving them powerless.

This new workshop is specifically for making decision, using feelings for guidance...

And here is a little secret: when you listen to the Big Bundle, this whole process, telling feelings apart, is a whole lot easier, because Consciousness makes you a whole lot smarter... once it is done repairing your brain... that is.

That is why while in checkout mode, you'll have a chance to add the Big Bundle to your purchase...

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