Juicy life

You have lived your whole life in quiet desperation... trying to fix the original wrong... unsuccessfully

You tried positive thinking. You tried meditation, healing, psychic and spiritual healing, to no avail

You never considered that all those 'solutions' are inside the nine dots... and just dug the original wrong deeper

Sophie muscletestingFrom: Sophie Benshitta Maven

You are not alone... every single person on the planet is like you... it is part of the culture... the culture of homo sapiens... the talking animal.

I gave this workshop to alter the human condition for the participants where everything they did is try to fix the original wrong... worthless, stupid, nobody of consequence, unloved, unlovable... etc.

I am going to add another workshop to new registrants to teach this method, the easiest and most fun way to try out if you are really interested in becoming a seasoned umpire in your life, and rid yourself of the misery you've been carrying around forever.

When I tried my hand on this workshop, I managed to create myself anew... and cried tears of joy and being moved for days.

And no, they are not included in the base fee. What is included in the base fee is the recordings of the original two webinars.

They provide the foundation, but left to your own devices, it is quite difficult to come up with an out of the nine dots solution that feels like a solution, because it disappears the original wrong... or much of it.

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