Juicy lifeWater Energizer... Hydrate your cells not just your stomach.

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven

I am a True Empath. I muscle test these measurements while I am connected to you AND connected to Source.

I have a unique relationship with Source... it answers my questions, my requests...

This is how I came to have this unique energy that transmitted into water, over time, raises the water's coherence and vibration to 653... not higher.

At 653 vibration the water tastes better, it neutralizes some possible toxins in the water... and when you drink it, plain water, the cells allow it inside... It doesn't allow the water in even at 652 vibration. The water has to be 100% coherent.

The reason humans can survive, the reason some vegetarians can live longer, is that live plant cells have cell water that is coherent... so when you eat the plants, your cells get coherent water...

That is the secret of the raw food diet...

This method, the water made with this water, is as effective if not more than a raw plant diet... it gives your cells the water to do their job well.

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Sophie Benshitta Maven, sophie@yourvibration.com

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