Juicy lifeWater Energizer... Hydrate your cells not just your stomach.

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

Your body is in survival mode. And as long as it is in survival mode your mind is in scarcity mode... and no matter how much coffee you drink, what drugs you take, you are low on energy, on productivity, on creativity, and barely have energy to survive day by day.

You may have talent. You may have ambition. You may have opportunities.

But you don't have the energy!

Of course if you don't have the talent, don't have the skills, don't have ambition, don't have any experience, any story... even being fully energized won't help... unless you use the energy to expand... as a person.

Not your girth, not your 'empire', not your bank account... yourself.

I am becoming protective of this energy... Source frowns on people who just want to feel better...

Even though, occasionally I have a long time user of the energy and the energized water come to me ready to expand...

I am, unfortunately an empath, and a very trained empath and clairsensar...

Trained since I was 16... And I am in moment to moment communication with Source, having dedicated my business to work out how to cause a homo sapiens to become an expanding human being.

This is how I came to have this unique energy that transmitted into water, over time, it changes the water and raises its coherence and vibration to 653... That is the vibration of coherence.

Anywhere above 500 the water tastes better. The energy neutralizes some possible toxins in the water... and when you drink it, the water, it washes away a lot of the toxins in your body.

At 653 the water becomes coherent. That is a structural change...

Live cells in every living thing has cell water that is coherent. Whether it's an animal or a plant.

It retains the coherence after storage, as long as the food doesn't break the cells.

I say that human cells, your cells don't readily allow incoherent water in... it prefers to starve itself.

The water has to be 100% coherent.

The reason humans can survive, the reason some people can live longer, is that unbroken cells have cell water that is coherent... so when you eat the unprocessed food, your cells get coherent water through them.

That is the main secret of the raw food diet...

This method, the water made with coherent water, is as effective if not more than a raw plant diet... it gives your cells the water to do their job well. Especially to take out the waste products effectively.

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