What is the most important thing in life?

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The “culture” we live in, the mind-meme that is the dominant influencer of our emotions, our actions, our decisions in life says: the most important thing in life is fitting in, taking care of your loved ones, to be loved, to belong.

Sounds so nice, doesn’t it? Sounds like that is what will cause our species to survive, that is what is going to cause us to be happy.

Let’s examine if it, in fact, contributes to happiness, and to the survival of the species… i.e. if it contributes to personal growth, personal evolution, because any species that its members don’t grow or can’t grow is declining and dying.


I have given up trying to speak to the masses.

The masses are infected by this mind-meme, you can see it on Facebook, you can see it by what they share.

The masses have given up on being an individual, independent thinking, personal growth, personal evolution, etc.

So I know that the masses are going to hate me, and that is OK with me.

I write my blog posts for the next Avatar(s) who will need guidance to get out of the “human condition” and consciously evolve into Human Beings… so they can activate the inactive DNA strands, so they can become the next species, the species of Human Beings.

I never heard this meme until I came to America. My parents never said it. My parents did not sacrifice their ambitions, their growth for anyone, including each other, or their children. It was a different culture, a different mind-meme. I never thought anyone should sacrifice anything for me, and I never agreed to sacrifice anything for the sake of another person, for the sake of “love”. And I never “learned” to “go along to get along” either.

I did not conform, I did not buy into the family, the couple, the job, the “society”.

The truth about the people you love and the truth about you

They are not interested in their growth. In fact no one is interested in your growth. Even your teachers weren’t and aren’t interested in your growth. They are interested in you staying the same.

The rule of the land is a power game: it demands conformity in which each person controls every other person: the culture of slavery and dependence.

Even words like “interdependence” that sound sooooo gooood, so lofty, so magnanimous, are code words for slavery. They don’t mean for you to become the best you… they mean for you to help everyone else to whatever they want for you as the price of you belonging.











family-is-the-most-important-thing-in-the-worldI have always admired the redwood forests of the West, because I thought it really magnificent that the shallow roots of the trees combined each other, with other trees’ roots, create a network, a strength, a co-dependency, so if you want to uproot, if you want to fell one three, you have to deal with them all.

But the truth is that those trees never really “learned” to be individuals, be strong individually, being an Expanding Individual… and they are on the verge of extinction as a tree species. They need to be protected, because they are weak. They are the welfare recipients of the tree-world.

Unless those redwood trees learn to sink their roots deep enough they will not survive as an individual and they will not survive as a whole.

And the same is true for humans, the human society with its welfare mentality.

Similarly to redwood, the sense of urgency, the sense of necessity doesn’t live strongly in humans: humans live in a false security of like minded humans: but it is a false security: none of you is capable of survival in a worldwide calamity, not even in a local one. 2

The false security is taught to humans, in church, by movies (I just got done watching a slew of episodes of a TV series on Netflix and clearly felt the mind-virus trying to infect my mind, implanting itself and try to replicate. Luckily I am very self-aware, and have intercepted the attack. But you, my dear reader, you were infected, in most likelihood, when you were a child and very susceptible to suggestions.).

You trust that others will take care of you, even though you have learned that they don’t. And as much as you profess your love for your “loved ones” if you need to choose between your life and theirs, you will choose to survive yourself, because it is against life to do otherwise.

But the illusion is there. So you sacrifice what’s important to you, (you kill your spirit and your aliveness) as an individual, and your replace it with the false security, the illusion of belonging, the illusion of “love.”

And it will drive the last screw closing your coffin, this “love” thing.

That “love” thing we all want and cherish

You want others to go along to get along. You want to control what they do, what they think, so you can maintain the illusion that they will take care of you. And you are willing to give up thinking and acting as an individual so you can feel belonging, so you can buy “love”, so you can feel the false security.

But if you look, if you take an honest look at your life, at your skills, capacities, personal power, if and when your “loved ones” need your help, you have very little to offer, because “real” security would require you to be powerful, skillful, detached, and cool-headed. You are none of those: you are a weakling, and the so called “love” did that to you… the “love” that is the false security, the go along to get along, the principle of “don’t stand out because if you do, they chop your head off…”, your loved ones, that is. Not the enemy, but your loved ones who want you to fit in, to toe the line, and not to become an individual.

Loyalty, dignity, expanding, respect, acceptance, real ambition, enthusiasm, responsibility are all damned, all sacrificed at the altar of this fake security, this fake “love”.

This is the source of humanity’s quiet desperation: it is against nature, it is against your DNA: because growth and being an individual, expanding, forever growing is hardwired in your DNA: I didn’t have to install anything not already there… albeit I had to activate loyalty, dignity, respect, acceptance, and authenticityResponsibility and integrity, and the other DNA capacities that are the difference between a human and a Human Being.

If cloning were a viable option, the new species of Human Beings could be born within a year… unfortunately we are not quite there… and the next person who activates their DNA capacities can come as late as in a few hundred years, if the human species survives its descent into the hell it is headed by this “love” thing as its guidance.


You could say that I am the Antichrist… if you consider that Jesus was for your kind of love… I dare to disagree, but you are encouraged to form your own opinion.

I am not afraid of you. I am not afraid to stand out. I am not afraid to speak the truth. I am not afraid to be an individual. I am not afraid to be alone.

If you have been following me, but were leery about sharing it with anyone, you are now justified. I don’t think it would help your fitting in, if your friends and family knew that you are associating with the Antichrist.

Do I advocate no love?

By the way, I am not advocating that you don’t love the people that you love. I don’t advocate that you abandon your family. I am advocating against the false security you buy by not becoming an Expanding Human Being, an Individual, for fear of not belonging, for fear of being disowned, for fear of being different.

peterdrucker142500I am advocating against fake love… the love that isn’t. The conditional love that is now ruling of the world.

I am all for unconditional love. And first and foremost: I am all for you loving you. The real you. The one that can.

Your self-loathing is the reason you look outside of you for love. But your self-loathing is coming from the people that supposedly love you… and you have been, time and time again, choosing to look to them for love. They don’t love you, unless… They love you, unless… the Conditional Love of the current humanity.

Unconditional Love is a capacity… part of the DNA upgrade. It’s main element is acceptance. Not succumb, not tolerate, not resist, but accept… Respect another person’s right to be themselves. Exactly the way you want your right to be respected to be yourself.

And while you take the Unconditional Love Remedy, if you do, it is actually easier to accept, easier to be with, easier to love unconditionally. and have the courage to be you.

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  1. In one of my webinars I asked every person of the call if they could run for an hour if some great flood or something like that threatened their lives... None could. None knows how to survive without a refrigerator, without a car, without a Walmart, without a grocery store. None knows how to make fresh water, how to sleep in the wild, how to make a fire... We all depend on the fake sense of security for survival
  2. In one of my webinars I asked every person of the call if they could run for an hour if some great flood or something like that threatened their lives… None could. None knows how to survive without a refrigerator, without a car, without a Walmart, without a grocery store. None knows how to make fresh water, how to sleep in the wild, how to make a fire… We all depend on the fake sense of security for survival

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What is the most important thing in life?”

  1. I will follow a path of aliveness with your coaching. For me that will mean bringing discipline to my play. And it will be play. My intention is to become myself. My mind belongs to the old world, and you have helped me to see that it does not serve me. Onward.

  2. oooh god,, this post makes me feel so sad. One part of me knows that it’s true and another part of me does not want to believe that it’s true.

    The sadness comes from what I think is close to unconditional love for my grandkids and just their bravery in being in this crazy soup. And yet I am very sure that I do have ‘conditions’ as well.
    I have expanded because of them. I tried to control every aspect of my own kids lives,, did that work? NO, it didn’t. I can’t even control my own life…

    I feel these little kid’s pain and isolation and joy all at the same time… I don’t know unconditional love, but it’s the closest I’ve come in this life. And I am very grateful to have this experience. And yes, I do need to love myself a lot more, not only for me, but for them. xxx

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