Updated: How to go from lazy, procrastinating never do well to someone who gets things done? This also applies to raising your vibration…

I found this article today… I wrote it 18 months ago.

Of course at the time I had no idea that there are spiritual capacities, that they are encoded in the DNA, that they can be turned on, that I can turn them on… none of that.

So the article is a little outdated, and yet… many of the principles apply, they are timeless. Good reading.

One of the typical mistakes I see comes from the “culture” of instant, quick, magic buttons, magic bullets.

The idea that if you can imagine it you can do it.

It’s not true, or it is not that simple.

We all understand that things take time to get up to speed, your car, an airplane, your computer, but we don’t think that the same rule applies to us. We actually really think, really hope, that someone can touch us, a holy man or woman, and we will be healed, and throw away our cane, walker, and run away dancing, laughing, victorious.

This is what the fake gurus (i.e. the associates of the Dark Side) want us to believe.

But why are they selling us a bill of goods if it is not true? The answer is simple: because what they sell matches your desire, that’s why you will buy it.

Of course, you are going to be disappointed. You will click your heels three times, you will close your eyes, you will go to calls, and nothing. I mean Not a thing will change with you or for you, or not much. Or if anything changes, it won’t last… Placebo effect.

The answer is inertia.

inertiaInertia 1 is a physical law that says the a body at rest will stay at rest unless a strong power is applied to it. A body in motion will stay in motion unless a counter power is applied that will slow it down or stop it.

I know, my wording is sloppy, but I am not teaching physics per se, I want to say, that the law that governs change applies to human beings too… not just objects.

The change you desire takes an awful lot of power, an awful lot of energy, applied consistently, for it to make even the slightest change in your thinking, in your behavior, in the quality of your life.

Last week I realized that I have been on permanent vacation, and stopped generating revenues. I still had some, but as physics and inertia teaches, the returns have been diminishing.

So I decided to get up and at it… start over again. Then… drumroll… I did nothing.

A decision is a force, but it wasn’t strong enough to get me out of “a body at rest” mode.

I set a schedule, an agenda for myself, I even hired a coach…

ToDo-listHad I done what I put on my schedule, the money would be already coming. The schedule was to do about six hours worth of marketing a day.

In a week’s time I did six hours of so-so work. Not enough to move anything.

In the meantime I feel like s-h-i-t about myself, I don’t even want to look in the mirror. I am avoiding the work, because I don’t deserve, I am no good, what was I thinking.

My todo list is popping up several times a day, and I get more behind every day. I decided that maybe I should get rid of my todo list… at least I won’t have a reminder what a jerk I am.

memythbSo, this morning I had an insight: keep the todo list, but put on it what I will do today, not what I should do today.

My track record for the past week was about 30 minutes of work a day… so put on the agenda 30 minutes worth of tasks. And get them done. And feel good about it, feel good about myself.

Cute baby trying to lift weightsMuch like in weight lifting: you won’t start with a 300 pound weight, you start with what you can lift once, and attempt to lift it twice. Then increase the reps to three times… develop the capacity as it is natural to develop.

You make the same mistake: you expect too much of yourself, off the bat, and then you stop, because you hate yourself.

small-weights-victoryAny type of work, any type of change needs to count on inertia. It takes work to even move something a millimeter… but if you expect it to fly because you started, you are in wishful thinking, and wishful thinking can only get one result:

Frustration and disappointment.

Both will make you stupid… so don’t go there.

Increase the force, increase the power until you match the inertia and then increase it until you overcome it.

Most procrastination is the sign that you are not willing to match your input with the inertia, with what it takes to get things done. Instead you do something else, play, read, sleep… neither of these will give you what you want.

But do it in the natural way: you need to practice.

collar-weightPeople don’t just decide to run a marathon and then run a marathon: they increase their running power for months…

Did you expect it to be different in other areas of life? Making money, losing weight, raising your vibration, learn to accept things, and such?

Many of you buy products that don’t work on your current level of vibration. It is like buying the 300 lb weight when you can’t even move it. And then write me messages to teach you how to use it.

It’s not a LEARNING issue, it’s a BECOMING issue. Become the person who can lift a 300 lb weight is a doing thing, not a learning thing.

You need to DO things with lighter weights, consistently, diligently, and cheerfully, for a long time, before you are ready to work with the 300 lb weight.

A customer bought the Effortless Abundance package. Her vibration was and is 130~141. The audios don’t work directly on anyone under at least 170 vibration. The remedy, which is the energies of the audios infused in water and consumed, work on her level, but, of course (?!) she isn’t doing that.

She wants me to teach her how to raise her vibration. But she has only the 300 lb weight (the Effortless Abundance Activator). Nothing I can say will be effective in raising her vibration. Read the update 2

Raising your vibration is a doing thing. Drinking the remedies, using the Harmonize your vibration audio 24/7… and getting conscious of the ways you are reactive, judgmental, entitled, lazy, impatient, intolerant, demanding, and stupid.

Getting conscious of that is doing. The more you do it and refuse to wallow in it, refuse to resist it, refuse to resign, the more muscle you develop to do it well, do it fast, and thus raise your vibration. simple… but neither easy nor quick. It’s work. The more you do it the better it goes.

baby-lifting-weights2And then one day you graduate to bigger weights and then struggle with that… than even bigger weights… and struggle with that.

Do you think if it were easy there wouldn’t be a lot more high vibration people? But it isn’t easy, and the vibration of the planet steadily and irrevocably is sinking. Yours included… unless you are willing to do the work.

Now that you see what I taught 18 months ago, you are going to appreciate even more the new method, that recognizes that without the capacity to stand aside and not get entangles in the hard, and dislike, and don’t wanna of a task, just do it… the spiritual capacity of being detached… that seems to be working like gangbusters.

And another huge benefit of this capacity: you can watch things not working, you can watch things you don’t like, and have a choice of reacting to them or not. And if you did react, you can catch that you are involved, and pull out… to where you are detached… Priceless

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  1. Inertia
    Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion, including changes to its speed and direction. It is the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at constant velocity. Wikipedia
  2. Update: I just got a note from this person saying:

    I’m not in any of them (coaching programs) because they are offered at times I am working, as I work in the evenings. So reading the blog and doing the avatar audios are the only way I can learn at this time.

    And don’t sell yourself short, I have learned a lot from the articles. After all, I am still here, you haven’t scared me off with your, “tell me the truth even if it hurts”, style.

    I look at my emotions as indicators now, observing them, then learning from them. I try to catch myself and be more present as to what is really happening in the moment. And I’m catching myself when I start to complain and gossip, very huge for me.

    As I’m writing this I am struck with an Ah ha! moment and am embarrassed to say that I am learning more than I realized and perhaps the audios have had something to do with that. Hmmmm.

    Which is to prove that there is more than one way to skin a cat…

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  1. Even before I saw my post in the article I knew you were talking to me. I understand and this helped to get me to that understanding. Thanks. And when you explain like this, as usual, you are right, I see now how I am and always have been an instant gratification type person.

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