Vibrational Reviews: Siddha Yoga, Gurumayi, Dr. Georgi Stankov, Silvia Hartmann, Emotrance, T. Harv Eker, Millionaire Mind Intensive, Avalon Effect

Siddha Yoga, Gurumayi, Dr. Georgi Stankov, Silvia Hartmann, Emotrance, T. Harv Eker, Millionaire Mind Intensive, Avalon Effect

Siddha Yoga: 245
Gurumayi personal vibration: 300
shaktipat raises your vibration: no
Swami Muktananda had a personal vibration of 640

Dr. Georgi Stankov
personal vibration: 175
teachings: 130
truth value: 125

Silvia Hartmann’s Emotrance
Silvia Hartmann personal vibration: 175
Emotrance: 210
Truth value: 240

T Harv Eker

personal: 299
Millionaire Mind Intensive: 600
Truth Value: 530

Avalon Effect (ligh therapy)
equipment: 250
method vibration: 250
light therapy as an idea: 300
truth value: 250
Raises/lowers vibration: if your vibration is higher than 250, it will pull you down to 250

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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6 thoughts on “Vibrational Reviews: Siddha Yoga, Gurumayi, Dr. Georgi Stankov, Silvia Hartmann, Emotrance, T. Harv Eker, Millionaire Mind Intensive, Avalon Effect”

  1. I went to Siddha ashram in upstate NY many years ago to receive shaktipat from Gurumaya. Later on I found out after spending hundreds of dollars on Siddha yoga that Muktananda was involved with sexual scandals with his young female students, thus I have a negative view now on Siddha and feel deceived. Are you sure Muktananda rates that high in consciousness? Perhaps I received inaccurate information about him.

  2. I always felt that T Harv Eker's work was some of the best related to prosperity consciousness

  3. My vibration is 940, and I still desire worldly stuff.

    Most sexual innuendos in ashrams are initiated by the “abused” and the lower self can't resist.

    I don't know if Muktananda fell for it or not, but you should never pity the victim: my vantage point shows that there is no such thing as victim, only victim consciousness: which is a great way to avoid being responsible for your behavior.

    If you don't want to burn, don't go to the fire.

    And I used to be one of those “victims” always getting into trouble… lol. I should know.

  4. Can I just download money? Connect to source and just make my request? I have T. Harv’s book. I’ll take a good second look after your review of Harv. I do think there is something to wealth consciousness, that it is a particular vibration related to accepting wealth and managing it.

    I know all about desiring ideal states (peace, love, joy) as ends values rather than wanting stuff In Order To get the good feelings. I’m not crazy for stuff, except for art and music stuff, but unwound love to pay off my student loans and have done travelin’ money. Wealth is a feeling as much as anything, but cash can make things move. Yes, it would also be great to be able to win friends and influence people with money.

  5. Johnny, until you understand that money comes to you in the hand of someone who wants to trade it, you will never have money. You, and most people.

    When I ask them: what do you have to give me for the money you want? They don’t have an answer.

    They may say: my time. But your time itself is not worth anything to me, or not much, given that there are billions of others that have their time to offer for pennies a day.

    You may say: my artwork. But how much artwork do you have? Is it enough to sell enough of it so you can travel the world? Is it good enough so if I want to, I can turn around and sell it for more than I bought it for?

    There is a movie I didn’t value much, but it turns out that there are tons of things in it no other movie shows, so here you go: In the French movie Intouchables (not a typo, it’s an I at the beginning) the hero sells an artwork for a lot of money. Watch that movie and learn some money from it… you don’t speak the language, how are you going to get any without being able to speak its language?

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