Hope: public enemy. Ego’s way to keep you waiting

hope displaces actionYou have hopes, aspirations, you have dreams. Some have been around and with you since you were a little kid.

You keep them close to your vest, because without hope what have you? If you lost your hopes, you would have nothing, you feel… so you keep them close to your vest, you are protective of them.


If you took hope out, instead of hoping, you would, probably, have a sudden clarity about the fact that what you are doing and not doing are not in concert, not in harmony with your aspirations.

Hope and the energy of hope act as a displacement 1 for action.

samaras_2688311bAction takes energy, action takes the courage to take the good with the bad, to do things that scare you, to find out what’s real and what isn’t and do something in the arena of reality.

Choosing hope over courage has gotten you what you have.

Your vibration is low, your energy is low, you don’t sleep well (or you sleep too well!), you are not happy, not fulfilled, your emotions feel like the enemy, and you shrink.

So you cling to your hopes.

Hope is a code word of victim. Hope is waiting for something to happen, for something or someone GIVE YOU what you want.

Why GIVE YOU? Because as sure as that you are going to hell (or more precisely, you are living in hell) as sure as that, that YOU are not going to do anything constructive about your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

You avoid talking to me like a plague, because I have the tendency (that is my job!) to wake you up and give you the unpleasant truth that you are wasting your life.

Living life the way you do, NOT in action about your dreams and aspirations, is a waste. A waste of Life Force, a waste of a life.

635e9f940fe9b994b254d1784784c2f9In some hidden recesses of your consciousness you know it, but you choose to hate ME for saying it out loud.

If you have come this far… let’s see if we can locate you on a scale, and let’s see if I can move you closer to living life the way it was meant to be lived.

Let’s look at the “buying into living life fully” process a little bit:

You can be anywhere in the “buying into living life fully” process, but there are three distinct phases:

  1. Phase 1: You are unconscious, totally unaware, and wasting your life isn’t a problem for you:

    you are too busy with other things. You probably came to this site to check out some healer… and accidentally you are reading this article.

  2. Phase 2: You are starting to be aware, or you are aware that you have a problem: life is running out on you, and it is irreversible.

    You are going to be out of life, and no results to show for it, and all your dreams and aspirations were for naught.

  3. Phase 3: You are aware that YOU are not doing what you could do, what the Soul nudges you to do, but you are afraid, you’re worried. You are still on the fence.

    You may have even tried some of my products, came to a coaching session or two, and you don’t like how it feels, because you have never really internalized that if it is to be it is up to you!

    So you are bummed out or angry, or disappointed in ME for not giving you that: doing it for you.

  4. Phase 4: You are at an interesting place: you are both ready and not ready. You are in a push-pull state. The “thing” that is in your way is your mortal fear of commitment.

    Commitment is a big issue for most people. Why? Because once you commit, you have a beast that awakens inside: the Ego.

    The Ego is an aspect of you that wants you to survive by not changing. By not making any commitment to anything. It will do whatever it can to overpower you. It will hire your best friend, your family to take you out of your commitment. It will create “opportunities” that will distract you, shiny opportunities.

    The moment you consider committing to a relationship, suddenly you start noticing all the other attractive people you are unchoosing when you commit to the one. It will suddenly make you attractive and send those attractive people to seduce you.

    I am not kidding. Commitment is the most sensitive part of your whole plan. If you screw that up, you won’t ever be able to change.

    In “real life” people make a trial commitment to relationships. They call that engagement. Why? So you can dupe Ego to go along with the decision. Otherwise it will screw it up.

    Unless you become masterful, or at least good at stealth techniques aimed at dealing with the Ego, you won’t be able to change.

    But in the path you have had no idea this is going on “under the hood” and your life is a series of broken commitments, disappointments, yours or others’, and you feeling about yourself like a dork 2.

    action-learning-diagram-alan-hirshFear is a good indicator whether you are on the right track or not. Fear is Ego’s first line of defense against change. No fear? You can rest assured that the “change” you are contemplating is just surface and makes absolutely no difference.

  5. Phase 5: You are ready and you are going to need all the help you can get.

    And I am here for you. Through my inexpensive coaching programs I can guide you safely through the maze of changing, so you can start to live more in line with your Soul’s desire.

I can work with you if you are in Phase 4 and 5. The tools I offer, the remedies, the activators, the recorded courses can help you get to Phase 4 where you can learn to tiptoe around Ego, to tread lightly, to get past the gatekeeper, the Ego.

PS: The first session of the Playground is tomorrow. If you have been postponing to sign up… be at the “maiden” session if you can.

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  1. a substitute. In Freudian psychology, displacement (German Verschiebung “shift, move”) is an unconscious defense mechanism whereby the mind substitutes either a new aim or a new object for goals felt in their original form to be dangerous or unacceptable.
  2. dork: a stupid or boring person that other people laugh at

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