Vibrational Reviews: The Bible, The Quran-Koran Aurelia Louise Jones, Carl Jonah Calleman

What is the system I use to write this vibrational reviews, you ask?

I have a secret: I have a software that records all the searches inside the blog (search box is in the sidebar of every page). If I haven’t the answer, I get it, and publish it either as an article, or as a vibrational review… Now you know… lol.


Healer: Cosmoenergy Master Inna Winner (real name: Inessa Khvoshnyanskaya) vibration: 170
Methodology: 130

Aurelia Louise Jones
personal: 200
books: 190
truth value: 150

Carl Jonah Calleman
personal: 170
teachings: 204
truth value: 35

The Bible
Old Testament in Hebrew (The Torah): 499 400
Truth value: 499 400
Old Testament in English: 590 300
Truth value: 340 190
New Testament: “Jesus'” teachings and story: 440 300
Truth value: 220 180
The Quran – Koran: 200
Truth value: 170

I appreciate comments. Between you and me we can get a rounded truth, instead of just numbers… Please comment!

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  1. Remember, when I use the word “love” as a verb, I mean it in the biblical way. In the Bible love, as a verb, is used for the intimacy of sexual intercourse, it is not a feeling. Loving money is not possible without going deep into it, interacting with it, playing with it, being intimate with it.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

20 thoughts on “Vibrational Reviews: The Bible, The Quran-Koran Aurelia Louise Jones, Carl Jonah Calleman”

  1. Is there any significance of why the previous numbers are strike through in the blog ?

    The Bible
    Old Testament in Hebrew (The Torah): 499 400
    Truth value: 499 400
    Old Testament in English: 590 300
    Truth value: 340 190
    New Testament: “Jesus'” teachings and story: 440 300
    Truth value: 220 180

  2. the numbers crossed out were the vibrations I measured when I first measured them.

    Just like the Universe expands, the knowledge, and therefore the truth of the Universe expands.

    If we pick the number 1000 to be constant, then it signifies more every day, so if something doesn’t change, like the vibration of a dead thing, it will go down.

    There is another element: as the world of the humans gets lower, their interpretation of the bible gets lower… but I think that is less significant than the growth of the truth one can access.

  3. Hello Sophie. Thank you for all your vibrational reviews. They really help to put things in perspective. Can you do a review on the Lamsa Bible, A Course of Love, and the energy practitioner Carol Tuttle?
    Thanks, Michael

  4. I am not sure how to relate to the Lamsa Bible. I don’t see Jesus as a factual person, and definitely don’t see that he is divine. Muscle test says that the vibration is 300. I am not willing to spend more time with it.

    A Course of Love vibration is 200.
    Mari Perron personal vibration: 120

    I have written about Carol Tuttle on the site. look for the article.

  5. What is the vibrational frequency of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gospel according to Thomas….please

  6. the content of each?

    Dead Sea Scrolls: can’t connect to it. it is possible a lie… no such thing?
    The Gospel of Thomas: vibration 200

    I can’t figure you out Susanne… your questions show no core, no Self, no rhyme and reason. Why do you need all these measurements?

  7. Hey Sophie can you do and give a vibrational reading on Joseph Smith and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (maybe also a THEN and NOW if they are different)

    Thank you.

    I grew up this way and would just like to know the truth value.

  8. What about my love, Jesse Edelson, if you care to share that?

    Thanks 🙂

  9. I’m not sure the way you are connecting, if it is muscle testing. I am not sure why you would be able to connect to a person but not another person. So therefore I think you can connect to him because you are connecting to other persons 🙂 Let me know if this is incorrect. Jesse Edelson is my love

  10. Are you able to connect to Jesse Edelson the way you connect to others?

  11. others are famous people, so I can find them on the internet. If your Jesse Edelson were a famous person and his vibration were of interest to others, I could and I would. But I don’t measure ordinary people’s vibration because someone is in love with them.

    If you send me a picture of him, his date of birth, and $15 through the proper channels, I can connect to him and will.

  12. Hmm Okay, well maybe one day he will be famous and of interest to others. Thank you for your time and answers! Best to you

  13. And of course I will consider doing that. I am not sure it is so important I get a reading of Jesse’s energy from you, as time can tell our relationship to each other and the truth of each other’s beings, and I can also learn to decipher how I feel, what’s my intuition, and guidance from the loving trusting source. And I may need / want to donate to you anyways, if I get over my fear of sharing money or giving money or donating money. Thank you for what you do though

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