Knowing will not make your life smooth sailing… not that kind of knowing

I am moving this article to the front… because it goes so well with the bugfree series…

This article may be a bit upsetting… but hey, I am known for rocking the boat… Being a trouble-maker. Have always been…

rough_seasCan you identify with this scenario?

Something bothers you. Something hits you the wrong way.

You sit and you say: “I know I shouldn’t be upset about this. I know it is not cool. I even know that it is my issue, but I am still bothered.”

And you are bothered, and you are bothered.

And then your work suffers, your relationships suffer, your health, your sleep, your mood…

But this is the best you can do when you use the tools that are flooding the internet: mental tools. Intellectual tools. Knowledge.

Does knowledge make a difference? Yeah… but.

How long does it take from going to intellectually aware that it is not the trigger outside of you, but it is your issue, your unresolved issue that is making you upset, bothered, unbalanced, and ultimately miserable?

  • One of my students lives with a woman with children… The woman says: “My children will always come first.” and true to that statement, they always come first.My student is bothered by that… not intellectually, emotionally. And no amount of explaining, intellectualizing will change that.
  • My “friend” calls me while he drives home from Pennsylvania. He talks, and talks and talks. I have an unfinished article in front of me. I also would like to say something… but there is no room for me to speak. Finally I break in… and start speaking. Instantly my friend wants to leave the call… and do something else, just that he doesn’t have to listen to me.It bothers me. No matter what I tell you, it bothers me. It will carry over to our next meeting when he says “I love you” and I will be like “yeah, right”.

I could continue with examples… because I have many, and probably so do you.

My experience of life used to be that emotions like that, upset, anger, frustration, feeling slighted, feeling cheated, being hurt, offended, disappointed, etc. would “jerk 1 me around,” or “jerk on my chains”.

That is my language, you may say it differently, what I mean by being jerked around is that it pulls me off course.

I haven’t have a lot of “smooth sailing” experience in my life; every experience meant something, everything had something to do with me, even the weather, the humidity, the rain, the car troubles, the computer troubles, everything.

And I am talking about recent… Until about three years ago.

Since that sudden change three years ago, I have smooth sailing with occasional bumps… occasional hiccups… not even one a day.

I had a few months of smoother sailing back in 1985, 1987, and then again in 2007… a few months in total.

One of the ways I knew that something shifted for me

  1. I would notice things that I didn’t notice before, the clouds, the trees, the smell of the rain.
  2. I would find everything funny. I’d laugh and I laugh and I laugh. Embarrassing because I can’t even explain what was funny.

The rest of the time I would be able to coach myself back into smooth sailing at least some of the time.

The trick of the coaching was to shift where I am looking from… and get into responsibility and eventually compassion. That is my method of coaching myself…

The goal I used to have is to spend less time in upset or in being bothered than three minutes.

Very good, wouldn’t you think so? But even with just 3-minute long upsets my experience of my life was still being jerked around by emotions.

How did I get to smooth sailing from perpetual upset or other emotional turmoil?

Smooth-SailingAs I said before, it all shifted about three years ago. Three years ago I did three things:

  1. I connected to Source… I connected to the same energy as the energy embedded in the Harmonize Your Vibration audio… and it chiseled away the rough edges that snagged my emotions
  2. I started to use the Bach Remedies, and then with Source’s help I created the energy version of them, so I don’t have to do so much work… thus the Bach Energies… and Heaven on Earth, the remedy for emotional issues.

It’s all about the rough edges… the prior experiences, the prior hurts and slights.

And with those tools suddenly all the work I had done previously with coaches, and with courses, and with events became transformational.

Transformational means: you don’t need your mind, you don’t need your intellect to re-interpret what you see or what you hear. It is just different.

  • Upsetting things became neutral.
  • Hurtful things became funny or interesting or really worth listening to.

But the point is that I had done 26 years worth of work beforehand!
Every issue I dealt with before, mentally, was now resolved emotionally.
Every issue that I haven’t dealt with before is still there to be dealt with… For example my disappointment and hurt when my products were removed from

I am going to deal with them this coming Tuesday on the Playground call. Luckily to me I can pick the topic, and I am picking disappointment… or maybe “I am not wanted”. That will cover the issue.

The work I had done is best done in a non-intellectual environment. Knowing how to do something, knowing that something is not true, knowing near anything doesn’t mean knowing on a cellular level, on an emotional level, on an energetic level.

Most knowledge is in the mind, and takes work to turn it into anything useful.

Stuff you learn in a non-intellectual setting becomes deeply ingrained, and therefore much much much more powerful than “knowledge”.

If I throw you a ball, your hands reach up and you catch it. You don’t have to analyze it to tell your arms to move: they just move, because you see the ball coming… and it is not even “conscious”. (Or if you know yourself as clumsy, you’ll duck… without thinking.)

This is the goal of transformation: that you don’t have to think about it. At all…

And this is the work we are doing in the Playground. Changing you on the unconscious level of being.

And that is the work Source is doing through the Avatar State Audios, like the Harmonize Your Vibration audio.

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