What Are You Raising When You Raise Your Vibration?

 What Is The Vibration That The Map Of Consciousness Measures And What Is The Vibration That The Gurus Are Talking About?

What Is Vibration? What Do The Numbers Mean? How Do You Raise Your Vibration? Is The Guru Of Your Choice A Vampire, A Cult Leader, A Slave-Driver? You’ll Find Out Inside…

This issue is fraught with controversies. So let’s take a look. The truth will set you free, but it will first piss you off!

Hoards of self-proclaimed teachers can be found on the internet, promising to raise your vibration. But what do they mean by that?

They say: “My methodology will raise your vibrational frequency, your consciousness,” or something to that effect.

When I measure their vibration, or the vibration of their methodology, the numbers are low. Anything under 500 is low!

So, what are they doing? What are they teaching? What does their methodology do? What is it that makes people keep going back? Because many of them are going back, believe it or not.

Well, if I understand it correctly, the common idea about frequency or vibration is that it has something to do with feeling more energized, having more energy, maybe being less lethargic, depressed, bored, listless, or lost.

Let’s see what some of the “raise your vibration” methods do:

1. They all raise hope. Hope is wonderful. It’s bright sunshine on a dark winter day. You perk up, you feel optimistic about everything. It feels like the sunshine and the feeling is going to last forever.

2. They make you move or breath in a way that you will get a little oxygen drunk… and it feels wonderful, giggly, full of the illusion of more energy and a brighter future.

3. During the sessions they direct your attention from what you don’t want to something else… a pretty picture, a story, a vision, an illusion, anything that is not what is causing you to have dark thoughts, tiredness, listlessnes… all the symptoms I spoke about earlier.

4. And some teachers tell you that they see your past lives, or that they see that there are entities attached to you, that you are almost going to meet your soul mate if you stay with them… or: The Dark Side is rising, you better hide; I’ll let you know when it’s OK to come out and have friends again!… This is going to get you hooked on them, after all they are the seers, so you’ll go back for more. And now that you have cut yourself off from sanity, no one is going to tell you: be careful, they are not serving you! Or if someone does, you’ll be upset. After all you have spent so much time and so much money with them… So you start throwing good money after bad money.

These appeal the lowest in you, THE EXCITEMENT SEEKER.

panem at circenses: give bread and entertainment to the masses and they will be happy The emperors of Rome used it, they said: Panem et Circenses: give the masses bread and circuses and they will let you do anything and won’t say a word. They will be happy.

Or 3700 years ago when Moses came down Mount Sinai with the tablets… and the Israelites were busy building the golden calf… Hey, you probably agree with those Israelites: it is much more exciting to hope to build an idol that will connect them with Source, than connect directly to the light and do the hard work of becoming like the Creator! Where is the excitement in that?!

So Moses, in anger, broke the tablets and went back to get another set… then built the tabernacle, to make all the excitement seekers happy… another idol by a different name.

No one ever spoke of connecting to the Creator directly, and doing the work. Not really. Not ever. The method was never shared… until today.

It’s boring! Looking from your lower self, there is nothing exciting, nothing delicious, nothing worth repeating of placing your faith in!

So until today only seven thousand people connected (and did the work), though tens of billions of people have lived on Earth.

cult: without me you are lost. without me you are nothing. you need me In the meantime your vibration stays where it was (or gets lower), your “guru” or “cult leader” makes money on you, and you feel good about it. After all, you make a purchase, your mind is busy justifying your purchase… and a lifetime customer is born.

What isn’t being said is that engaging in these superficial games, and these exciting but Dark Side inducing games, is chosen by you, because you are lazy and because you are a coward.

I have been saying for a few decades now that the problem of the world is basically “courage deficiency.”

It takes courage to choose to live from your higher self. You can fail…. and a coward really doesn’t like to put themselves in the position where they can fail. They stay down: you can’t fall too far if you didn’t climb high… or however this saying goes… disgusting.

I know people whose vibration is higher, often waaay higher than their “captors'” and yet they choose to stay with their captors.

Although 200 is the level of courage and integrity, having a vibrational frequency above that doesn’t guarantee that you will use your capacity for courage. Most people don’t, so why should you? Right?

Your vibration is a measurement (not a real number!) to examine to what degree your knowledge and your behavior are consistent with the Original Design for a Human Being. To what degree you live your life from the Tree of Life context, instead of the Tree of Knowledge context.

Just like many things that you can build, some part of t are ahead, other parts are behind.

As an architect, I had weekly long classes in freehand drawing when I was in architecture school. The most important thing I learned in architecture school is connected to this:

You need to alter the way you look at the world.

First way: looking at some of it. Looking at a detail. Having a narrow cone of vision. This is where you can get the details right. The second way: looking through squinting where you see all of it, and no details. You see the whole picture and the proportions, the relationship between parts, the composition. All of it.

If you do this alternating viewing, you can never get wrong (of course you need to be able to see!) and you won’t get hooked, enamoured by, or enslaved by “details” that are disconnected and disharmonious with All of it.

Many of the specific soul-corrections aka soul purposes deal with this. I watch people descend into the “detail of their choice” rapidly and cluelessly.

N. is an expert on evil, not realizing that she is dealing with a detail that is like a crack on the surface of the beautiful whole.
S. has his syphon ready to pull and steal the power, energy, and beauty out of anything and anyone that looks promising. His eyes are fixed on his own inability and unwillingness to get his own. Slothful… par excellence. The archetype of a thief.
M. keeps her attention on her weaknesses and can’t see the magnificent and glorious human being she is. There is nothing she can’t do.
G. is so busy keeping his attention on his gnawing hunger that he can’t notice what he has and can’t enjoy it…
G. is so busy making up lies that she has no time to actually check if what she says works, and do the work to have integrity. The archetype of a liar.

And the soul corrections just continue, in a seemingly endless fashion.

Isn’t that a better idea to breathe, jump around, wait for your soul mate, hide so that the entities can’t find you… and other garden variety soul numbing, mind numbing half-truths that give you an excuse not to have to grow, get better, own up to who you are: a magnificent human being with bad habits?

You are the judge. You can only judge for yourself. Judging another to get yourself off the hook is more of the same! Lower self finding the escape route from becoming a Human Being.

So, you see that vibration or vibrational frequency is completely misconstrued, and misunderstood.

Every single thing that is out there (if there are exceptions, I don’t know about them!) desires to hook you and keep you being your lower self: while talking about values, and transformation, and consciousness…

And you pretend to be too stupid to refuse to eat it, so you eat it hook, line and sinker.

PS: I have put two services in the sidebar of my site: one to get you your vibrational frequency number and the other to get you your soul correction.

Lots of people send me money to get their vibration number. None to get their soul correction. Except for my advanced students, of course, that are diligently working on their soul correction/soul’s purpose.

This is exactly the same situation Moses found himself 3700 years ago: no one wants to do the work, everyone wants to get the goodies.

Did you notice that none of the so-called 2012 and mayan and other bs bloggers ever mention working on yourself? Or the gurus…

This is the state of the world in 2012. Are you an exception?

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