Energies Part 2: The water energizer

Water… OK… first my story.

2009-11-05-incurableIn 1993 a physician declared me incurable. I was weak, I was malnourished, and my blood work did not respond to anything, and was completely messed up. I didn’t seemingly have any known disease: had I died they would have put in cause of death: old age. I was 46 years old.

I hired a nutritionist, who out of desperation, put me on a complete elimination diet: I was living on protein shakes for a little while. and then slowly moved on to the complete elimination diet: you try to find out what doesn’t agree with your body.

In spite of all that effort, dietary changes, etc., two years later, a naturopathic physician still declared me incurable.

detoxMy body had no energy, my cells were drying out, and I could barely work.

Then, out of the blue, I got an email from Robert Scheinfeld 2 talking about the ‘magical water mug’ that gave him his energy back and rid him of pimples… That resonated with me… I also had pimples.

The story of the “magical water mug’ was this:

A retired German engineer was diagnosed with cancer and through his private research, he discovered that his cancer was due to an underground water river under his bed where he slept. The water caused him to have cancer. To cure himself of cancer he developed a machine that could change the “spin” of the water… whatever spin means. Then he sold the technology to a company in Florida, Sante Water, and this company sold the magic water mugs… among other water related things.

Spin? Rather spin a good yarn, a great story

Sante water’s website said that cancer cells have a different spin, a positive spin, and that takes energy from the body, negative spin means health, and turning the spin of the water and drinking it will make more of your cells negative (healthy) spinned. And they claimed that that’s what the water mug did: change the spin to negative. Great story: no one understands what spin is, no one can see it… sells like hotcakes.

energy cell mugenergy_egg







LOGO2I ordered one mug. It was 85 dollars. 20 years ago. It would energize one cup of water at a time… The mug had two walls, and in between the two walls was an energized gel… and the energized gel transferred the spin, turned the spin of the water you poured into the mug into negative spin… with entrainment. I liked the mug, the water tasted better, so I ordered another one of those mugs.

Eventually I ordered everything from Sante Water, I even became a distributor to get stuff at half price.

I would not go anywhere without my energy water! I smuggled the water energizer onto the planes: at the time I traveled a lot. I wore the kind of clothing where I could hide the energizer wand, because I didn’t want to be without my water.

Eventually my cells started to re-hydrate again, my skin regained its elasticity, no more blemishes, the accelerated aging reversed, and I felt better.

Fast forward another 15 years… Sante Water went bankrupt. That was at the same time when I started to connect to Source regularly.

One day, after I spent $60 on a bottle of energized water, I asked Source, if It could please duplicate the Energy Water. I had my hand on the water… The answer was yes. Could  I please have it? Yes. I tried it…

The result was water identical to the water I used to buy for $60 bucks… Starting with filtered water, it takes me, personally, hands on, 2 minutes to charge the water with the Energizer Energy.

Today, this morning, I asked Source about the spin… Is it true? and the story about spin, negative, positive is a lie. It always boggles the mind how people come up with these interesting stories that are a total lie… but stories make selling so much easier. People prefer buy the story that the product. ‘If the story is good, the product must be good’ is their thinking.

The energized water works because it restores the coherence of the water to the degree that it is clean of foreign particles.

The energized water’s effect, mainly, is on the cellular level. The incoherent, “curly,” troubled water isn’t accepted fully by the cells, the cells won’t let it in, and the cells not only dry out. The cells cannot effectively get rid of their waste products because of lack of water in the cells, so your cells sit in their own excretions, too weak to defend themselves from attacks like cancer or pathogens.

Unless you can lubricate your cells, remove the waste products, you age too fast

Unless you can lubricate your cells, remove the waste products, you age too fast, and it doesn’t matter what you eat, it doesn’t matter how many vitamins you take, your body will break down.

Most everything else you do to take care of yourself happens on the macro level while on the micro level, the cell level you are dying.

Chakra healing, energy healing, crystal healing, meditation, visualization, transformational programs, medication, surgeries, exercise, acupuncture… all macro level treatments. Even your diet, vegetarian, macro whatever, raw diet, paleo, unless you find a way to lubricate your cells, it is all expensive urine.

I have looked at other water energizing products, and the ones that are effective are very expensive, and lots of the products I looked at are completely ineffective AND expensive.

If you want me to write a review about all the methods I can find, please let me know in the comments section.

“My” water energizing system is very simple:

  1. You can pay me to energize your water remotely. $50 per instance, for now.
  2. DSC01570You buy the Energizer Audio and use it to charge your own water.

Both work only with energizable water.

My experience is that simple 2-tier filters, one tier or stage to filter out mud, clay and other dirt type of impurities, and a simple carbon block as a second tier or second stage to filter out dissolved chemicals like chlorine, fluoride and bacteria, and amoeba.

Many people have bought the Energizer audio but don’t regularly use it, because they haven’t been able to come up with a system that is easy to use and to make that easier I made a list of Amazon products that will make it easier and faster and you can just leave the system in place and refill it with fresh water.

I’ll do that in another article.

PS: Please put a comment below saying 1. how much water you drink a day? water with nothing in it. 2. what do you use to purify your water? 3. do you use a system to energize your water and if yes, what system?

I appreciate your input… it will make what I say or write first more relevant. Thank you.

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  1. author of the 11th Element that I had bought
  2. author of the 11th Element that I had bought

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

18 thoughts on “Energies Part 2: The water energizer”

  1. 1. Usually, I drink 1.5-2 litres of plain water (during the hot summer days even more)
    2. the water is purified through replaceable filters
    3. and afterwards, i energize this water with the Energizer audio. I also use the energized water for cooking, tea, coffee, washing/soaking vegetables, watering my plants…

  2. I drink approximately 2.5 liters of water a day, sometimes more, depending on season and bodily feedback. For the past month the water has been energised with HOE, and for the past week, also with the water energiser audio. The water feels very silky and my body is very welcoming to it in its new state. I use a British Berkfeld water filtration system.

  3. Sophie, I love your energy articles. Thank you for writing them.

    I try to drink about half of my weight in oz. I had an Aquasana filter for 8 years. When I moved to this town where I am now, I stopped using it because water has high amount of radium or something like that . Now I buy RO water and energize it with your Energizer, uncond. love and abundance activators.

    I wonder sometimes if your energizer would make all the bacteria, viruses and nuclear stuff inactive? I am thinking if its true that bacteria has positive polarity then maybe your energy has a negative polarity just like nature? Just a thought.

  4. I don’t think that whole polarity theory is true. One interesting thing though: hydrogen peroxide kills bad bacteria but doesn’t touch good bacteria… how does it know?

  5. This is fascinating stuff. I think of things working in the universe like the magnet it attracts or repels. I first learned about water years ago from reading a book by Victor Schauberger. I’ve also studied works of Professor Pollack and others and watched a Russian documentary “Water”. Here is a translated version. It has some interesting points.

  6. i drink 64-80 ounces of H2O filtered by a PUR 3 stage faucet filter. have your water energizer audio but have not used it consistently. time for a course correction!

  7. I think I usually drink about 0,5 – 1 l. of clean water a day. I use tap water, which is said to be really good where I live, but I’m considering buying the Aquasana filter now, after reading your articles.

    I energize it with hoe-long range with water energizer and the unconditional love activator in 5 l. glass bottles everyday.

  8. I and my son drink 4 Brita pitchers of water daily and use also it for cooking our food. I energize this water and homemade sangria with Harmonize and Unconditional Love on speakers put against the pitchers.

  9. Hi Sophie,

    I drink about 32 oz. of plain water a day, but that’s increasing since I’ve cut out juice and regular soda.

    If I’m at home, the water either comes from a Brita pitcher or from store bought bottled water.

    The Brita pitcher had the Energizer Audio played on it and then I put tap water into it. When I drink from the bottled water, I put in the Unconditional Love liquid remedy.

    I have a Polar Pitcher at work that I fill up from our water fountain, which I’ve been told is a reverse osmosis one. I don’t know how that’s better, but it’s a selling point apparently. I also used the Energizer Audio on that pitcher.

    If I drink bottled water at work I also add the liquid remedy. I have to admit that I add the liquid remedy to the water I pour into a glass from the pitcher too.

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