Thou Shall Prosper: The Ten Commandments To Prosperity: The Spiritual Laws of Money That You Have Not Known Or Ignored And Now Paying The Price

the ten spiritual commandments of money Is Money Spiritual? If it is spiritual then Only Spiritual Laws Apply to it, and only by spiritual means it can be attracted.

This is a long article. It is by no means a complete exploration of the topic, but it has enough useful information for you to start overhauling your whole concept of money. When you get successful at the overhaul, you’ll start increasing your wealth. Even if you just manage in one area, the results will start to show, almost instantly.

That is: If you understood the commandment correctly.

My students find it, at first attempt, totally impossible to understand, totally impossible to integrate, and resist it, so please fasten your seat belt. It’s not as bad as it seems at first sight. Anything worth learning is worth struggle for. Anything that is easy to learn is fool’s gold… not worth a dime.

I promise you don’t need a PhD or a business degree to understand, but you may need to read the article twice. And you may need to think. The best attitude I can recommend is the same a clothing store owner would suggest: try on this coat. Feel it, walk around in it. If you like it, take it, if you don’t like it, we’ll put it back on the rack… no problem. Just don’t try it on already resisting it. OK?

On my other blog, there is an article that got more views and more tweets than any article I have ever written. The other blog is And the article was about money and vibration. I wrote it.

What is the truth about money and vibration? Was the article I wrote six month ago, correct? No, it wasn’t. Have I changed my mind? Yes. Is that good or bad?

Changing your mind when you find out you had been wrong is very healthy: but only the strong and smart can do it. (Especially when the wrong opinion was publicly expressed in a highly distributed article, yeeks!) When you have enough courage to change your mind, publicly, you’ll see immediate results to prove that the new way of thinking is correct. This is what happened to me with regards to money.

I changed my mind and then I acted on the changed mindset.

Money opened up in areas where I had already offered value, but there were no takers. 1

I just finished a book written by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Thou Shall Prosper: The Ten Commandments for Making Money.

As an orthodox rabbi, how does Daniel Lapin know so much about money and the spiritual laws that govern money, instead of just having some good ideas?

Lapin decided to be both a business man and a rabbi at the same time, some 20 years ago.

The combination is quite unique. Most rabbis are hired and supported by a congregation and that is the rabbi’s only or main source of income. Lapin, instead, makes business his main source of income. This is how he can be of the most help to his mainly business minded congregation.

What Daniel Lapin says, in the context of money, is very valid, and most of you will see what “commandments” of the ten you violate, unbeknownst to you. 2

Arm yourself: the commandments won’t make much sense at first. Or if they do make sense, you are probably misinterpreting them.

When something makes sense, that means that it is common knowledge, it is culturally true, that it is Tree of Knowledge knowledge, and has no spiritual aspect to it, and no truth. It was made up by humans. Lapin talks about spiritual commandments, that should not make sense to your mind. You need to allow it to make sense to your higher self. If your higher self is “dead or totally asleep” then you can give it up right here… Don’t waste your time.

Tree of Knowledge means: from the limited perspective of the human mind.

When I was teaching a little segment of this knowledge to my class, they were buzzing with no understanding, misunderstanding, question marks, and resistance. Be willing to be open, willing to try it on for size and feel, or this article won’t make a difference.

Here are the ten commandments of prosperity:

The First Commandment: Believe in the Dignity and Morality of Business

I would say that, in my experience, money loses 90% of you right here. Said in another way: You lose your battle with money right here… lol. I am not laughing at you, but isn’t it funny that the first commandment is being violated more often than anything. Just like in the “other” Ten Commandments…

You, subconsciously, have probably bought into the widely promoted myth that business is bad, and that business exploits people. Your relationship to money, at that point, becomes very shaky. You want it but you can’t have it. You can’t be part of the “immoral group of people that make money.” Real conflict.

So what do you do? You worship and idolize movie stars, sports figures, and hope to win the lottery. After that overpay politicians, never call them to task… do you see that the whole social structure is so skewed by violating the first commandment, because it places value on stuff that has none, or too little.

I did business from here, from the misunderstanding of this commandment, until a month ago, and my results were totally consistent with that: I was barely scraping by. When I had money: I had to lose it, waste it, or give it away…

I see a real change in people’s relationship to me in all my businesses suddenly, now that I have changed my mind.

Was it easy? Hey, I am a human being too. But I connected to Source, muscle tested, it was true, so I said: what the heck, let me change my mind… lol. So no, it wasn’t easy. And it didn’t happen quite overnight. I had to explain it to others 3-4 times before I got it. By the way, that is my learning modality: I need to teach it for me to get it.

This is the segment I was trying to teach to my class today. The gist of the matter is: Money is spiritual, business is spiritual and good. Business is the only real value generator. It is not the production, not the creation of value that increases the value in the world, it is the transaction that does. How is that flying in the face of common perception? Lol.

OK, this was the hardest and most important of all the commandments, I promise…

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  1. You’ll understand more about that through my other articles, but just briefly: money is an exchange for value provided. Someone must consider the value they receive more value to them than the value of the money they pay for it. This is the basis of an ethical business transaction: an exchange happens that is a win-win. Money moving without value exchange is stealing or burning money… not spiritual. Many of the soul corrections I have examined have their strongest correction in the area of money!
  2. Vibrational review: Daniel Lapin personal vibration: 300, the book’s truth value: 500, meaning worth learning from.

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