My horoscope for this week, and what did I do with it? Let me ask you: what do you do with your horoscope?

free will astrology: guide you in your soul's purpose and soul correction My horoscope for this week, and what did I do with it? Let me ask you: what do you do with your horoscope?

It’s Wednesday, and I headed off to Free Will Astrology for my weekly horoscope.

Virgo Horoscope for week of January 19, 2012

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Three famous actresses formed the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League last year. Rachel Wiesz, Kate Winslet, and Emma Thompson say they believe people should be happy with the physical appearance that nature gave them.

Is it rude of me to note that unlike most of the rest of us, those three women were born gorgeous? It’s easy for them to promise not to mess with their looks. Do you ever do that, Virgo? Urge other people to do what’s natural for you but a challenge for them? I recommend against that this week. For example: If you want to influence someone to change, be willing to change something about yourself that’s hard to change.

First off, I found the part in the horoscope that talks to MY soul correction. Why? Because once you know what is your soul’s correction, which is the soul’s purpose, you want to use everything to guide you to do it. If and when you are left to your own vantage point, to your own devices, you’ll work on one aspect of it, thinking that that is all.

I immediately started to rewrite the blog post I am working on, adding stuff that I need to observe, need to learn, and confessions about where I fall short.

Then I read it out loud to my teacher/client because it also applies to her. Then we had the whole call about that, and dug out gem after gem where our elevated point of view left students unnoticed and unappreciated and developed a plan on how to remedy that.

It was an amazing call. All from two things:

1. A horoscope by a spiritually elevated person (Rob Brezsny vibration: 300, syndicated horoscope column: 500)
2. Having everything mean working on my soul’s purpose. Something like: chicken liver is for dinner? how does that help me work on my soul’s purpose? It’s snowing? ow does that help me work on my soul’s purpose? My order is 2 weeks late? ow does that help me work on my soul’s purpose? My computer is crashing? ow does that help me work on my soul’s purpose?

Then, the critical and judgmental part of me kicked in: I got an invitation to a webinar by a former teacher of mine. I remember she was exactly the opposite. She found a suitable way to explain away all her shortcomings. And although she and her work started me on really raising my vibration (her work got me to 295 for a mere $7,000, lol) her vibration is stuck at 295, and I am at 940.

The only thing that earns you a higher vibration is working on your soul’s purpose.

Now, the question in the title: what do you do with your horoscope. I have known al ot of people that think that horoscopes are divination: this is what is going to happen.

Divination violates free will and therefore is un-spiritual. It is very damaging, just read my article about the person from city X… from 2-3 days ago: I fell into a trap and made a complete fool of myself, all because of divination.

Hey, I didn’t say I am not ever attracted by Dark Side stuff, like divination! But I pick myself up and self correct. I put my attention to what matters: working on my soul’s purpose.

I recommend that you do the same.

If you don’t know what is your soul’s purpose, there is a donation button in the sidebar that allows you to ask me for yours. You need to send your date of birth. Or just ask me to do it for you for a donation.

let me measure your vibration

Once you have your soul’s purpose, you’ll have an anchor, a fixed point in your life, and will start to have peace, certainty and purpose… guaranteed.

You can learn from good examples and you can learn from bad examples. I learn from both! You can’t learn enough… lol.

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