Correction or fix? When are they the same? or how to become an intelligent consumer?

bandaidI am a people watcher. I watch what they do, I watch the emotions underlying the behavior… the hidden stuff.

Even people whose life philosophy is to help people take missteps into the arena to offering fixes. But for most practitioners it’s a pretense thinly veiling that they are in business to make money…

What is the difference between fixing and correction?

It is not easy to see if something is a fix or if it is a correction.

  • You fix something that is wrong, on the same level of thinking that created the wrong.
  • You make a correction on a much higher level, with a bigger picture in mind, where you can see what missteps have caused what seems to be out of alignment with Life and with what you are up to.

Let’s look at a few examples of fixing and correction:


  1. You have bad skin. You tend to get pimples. Or you have psoriasis. You want to have nice skin.

    Every skin issue is a sign of deeper trouble: hormone imbalance, or toxicity.

    • Level 1. Everything that you address on the skin level, the symptom level, is a fix… it works temporarily (maybe) but doesn’t correct the underlying issue
    • Level 2. The underlying issue: your body is toxic. You need to remove the toxins, regularly, and you’ll have less skin issues. You need to drink more water, preferably energized water that is coherent and therefore easily enters the cells where the toxins are. The water will remove the toxins.

      Alternatively you can do detox diets, that act on toxicity like the pimple cream: doesn’t solve any problems, not really.

    • Level 3. Find the reason your body is toxic and start elminating the reasons.

      I used to get horrible pimples a day or so after I ate breef broth or stew. I eliminated both, but I really learned the even deeper reason some 40 years later…

      I used to get psoriasis when I was under pressure. I started to drink Energized water, drink Heaven on Earth, and I also learned how to handle pressure, voila no more psoriasis.

      I used to have horrible altered mental states, and depression. I found out that my gut was toxic, that I had bacteria and yeast take over my guts.

      I changed my diet to give no food to the bad bacteria and the yeast, no more altered (bordering psychotic) states. And I also take hi-test probiotics, because it is better safe than sorry…

      But when I just took probiotics, nothing changed, the symptoms were still there, unchanged.

  2. My friend is struggling with poor self-image: no matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to create a business that would support him and his family well.

    If you read my other article, you’ll see that unless he learns the skills of doing one thing at a time, to not try anything new until he drained the swamp, and other skills, he will not make any real change in his life.

    No matter how many courses he pays for, how many software products he buys, they are the phd level products that his skill level of a kindergartener can’t use effectively.

  3. Your spiritual growth: until you handle the deep delusions about yourself and about reality, about your life (the stories), everything I offer is going to leave you untouched.

    Of course my energy products facilitate the work of removing what’s holding you back, but ultimately you need to do the work, I can only help with my programs and products.

    I have people, meditators, that come to me, that have no control over their attention, that are completely untouched by the phd level practice of meditation.

    I have people who practice visualization, but because they don’t really understand that visualization is a tool in the process of getting things done, they are wasting their life away.

    I have people who are trained in energies like reiki, theta healing, the healing codes, but ar powerless: using energies while your life skills are in baby state is useless and even harmful: they make you arrogant and feel superior while on the other hand you watch your life being shallow, meaningless, and conflict ridden.

    The best way to make lasting and profound changes in the right direction is to use tools and methods that are synergistic with each other and are at your level, addressing the deepest causes of your misalignment with Life.

    My whole methodology is finding what is out of alignment and find a way to put it back… much like a chiropractor.

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