Soul Correction: Your Troubles Are Repeating Themselves. Your Life Is Scripted. You Are Living Out A Script… The Outcome Is Not Pretty. You Are Trying. You Fail. What’s Going On?

your life is scripted. different locales, different characters, but it is the same repeating story Your Troubles Are Repeating Themselves. your life is scripted. different locales, different characters, but it is the same repeating story. You Are Living Out A Script... The Outcome Is Not Pretty. You Are Trying. You Fail. What's Going On?

The first modality for emotional healing I encountered was beating. By my mother, occasionally by my father.

The second modality I encountered was psychotherapy, by a psychiatrist, who, after two years of therapy, decided that sleeping with me is more fun. I was 16 at the time.

Then I graduated to inmate patient in the psych ward, and they wanted to shock the hell out of me: except I cried bloody murder. I wasn't sick, you see, I was just an unrecognized empath. They said I was schizophrenic, and being an empath is a lot like that, except that the speaking comes from you, the feelings come from someone else.

Psycho analysis was the fourth modality. Utter rubbish, if you ask me. My only insight gleaned from about 6 years of analysis was that I was different and that I liked it. Pretty slim, I could have told you that without paying through my nose all that time, lol.

The fourth modality was Landmark Education. Then it was called est training, infamous, but it did make a difference. It brought a point of organization into my otherwise very cloudy emotional state. It was a very unforgiving modality: you strayed for a moment, and you got yelled at: that's just your racket! lol.

In addition to the very regimented Landmark participation, I did a lot of reading. I have always been an avid reader in spite of my wicked dyslexia: I can read if there are no moving objects in the environment, no sound, and I can accomplish that lying in bed.

The modalities that I have studied and was attracted to was Transactional Analysis: What Do You Say After You Say Hello, Games People Play, etc.

Of somewhat similar vein is the book: Love As A Story.

Two days ago I picked up a book, called The Great French Cat Massacre, a tedious history of "mentalite" which, the author says should be translated to world view. I think mentality will do just fine... lol.

The book is about how folk tales told by story tellers shape and reflect of the world view (mentality) of a culture.

For example, the French "mentality" is: screw authority, you can only get ahead and even get by with your wit and cleverness (cheating) in life.

Obviously the other two nations, British and German were very different, but this is not what this article is about.

This article is about getting to know yourself, getting to know what script by what mentality you are playing.

Why? Because it contains your soul's correction.

You may not know, but I have been really disturbed when I found out that my written source is low vibration and the truth value is low on his book I was using to determine what is someone's soul correction.

This was about three weeks ago, when I started to tell people what their correction was.

But I haven't been sleeping well. I have been asking Source to guide me to something that is more truthful.

And I think that maybe today is the day.

The same guy who invented Transactional Analysis, also invented "what is your fairy tale? what is your life as a fairy tale?"

And knowing your fairy tale you can get untangled and live free. Change your script or invent a new script.

I am going to examine this with Source more, and will let you know the results. I am very optimistic. I have a good feeling about this.

PS: just asked Source. It says: script: yes. fairy tale: no.

Regardless, you can't get from a to z by jumping. So we'll explore this topic in depth. That will allow the next step to emerge.

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