Why you are fat, tired, listless, dumb, moody, and lack libido (if you do)…

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tired, listless, dumbUltimate healing is possible

You are tired, you are fat, you are listless and you are dumb… oh and moody, argumentative, resistant, edgy… Hard to be with… Or maybe you are meek and don’t have the courage to take care of yourself… Maybe it is not only in your head, maybe it is not only your personality… Maybe it has a lot to do with what you eat, what you drink, and this article is about that…

You have pieces of information here, pieces of information there, disconnected, most of it is untrue. In fact, the average truth value of information on the planet is 1%

The market is flooded with information and products that claim that all your misery is caused by a single cause… It’s bacteria! It’s viruses! You simply lack of enzymes! You are not breathing enough! You lack minerals, here is Youngevity! You’ll get well! You lack essential fatty acids, here, take this! You need to move! Start exercising! You are too acidic, you need to drink alkaline water! You lack of this, you lack of that. And, of course, those products will fix that one single cause… or not even that.

These bombastic claims hit a nerve in you, and you buy what they are selling. Then, for a month (or so) you’ll feel better… only to go back to feeling weak and sick, and sore, and sluggish, and depressed… etc. again.

Then comes along another product and you try that… another good month… and then come a slew of other products… but nothing really ever changes. You are tired, sluggish, fat, dumb… however you were before you started.

How do I know? I used to do that myself.

I tried all the single issue solutions… and nothing much changed. I was still listless, lacked energy, lacked the pep I used to have, enthusiasm, creativity, my groove. I slept poorly. I was edgy, dehydrated, craving food, all the things I had before. And it didn’t matter if the thing was vitamins, minerals, Omega 3, enzymes, MMS, MSM, wonder this and wonder that. This hack and that hack. I still felt a shadow of myself.

tiredYou need a system

Now, some or most of those claims are true, if you take out the words “single cause single solution” and consider that they are all true, and only if you find a system to utilize them all, that you will be well.

In this article I attempt to integrate the many disparate elements that need to be weaved into a system.

The fundamentals you need but don’t take care of… all of it:

  1. Minerals:

    Alchemist, over the centuries, hypothesized that it is possible to make one thing into another… turn lead or zinc into silver or gold.

    Their ideology was based upon the theory that it’s possible if it was possible for a ‘creator’ aka god.

    I don’t like to argue, debate, etc… From what I know, it is a bunch of huey…

    Is that the truth? I don’t know if it is the absolute truth, but today, it is the truth. You can’t replace the minerals with some other mineral, can’t create a homeopathic or energetic equivalent: if you need the mineral, you need to use that mineral. And use it I mean use it. Swallowing is not enough.

    Now, why did I bring that up if I don’t want to debate if it is true or not?

    Because some of what we deal with, humans, is a result of that impossibility.

    I first heard about the lack of minerals in our diet around 1986 through a tape called “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.” (30% truth value) I listened to it at least 20 times, maybe more.

    It’s fascinating information.

    The problem with it is that it was created (the tape) to sell a mineral product, that was very expensive, tasted bad, etc.

    But the principle that our soil is lacking in the nutrients we need to be healthy, vital, etc. is important.

    Carey Reams RBTI (30% truth value) explains how and why, and what can be done about it, but you need a ph.D. to understand, another ph.D. and lots of equipment to act on it, so what most people do is they pop mineral tablets, and nothing happens.

    Tired-all-the-timeI’ll get back to this issue in the end… just hold tight, don’t get impatient.

  2. Vitamins:

    We need vitamins, and I won’t write too much about this: the widely available multi-vitamin products are so mis-shapen, and their quality is so bad, that you are almost better off not taking any…

    Are there any good multivitamins? I don’t know. I have tried many. At the moment I take a geriatric formula… but I am tired, don’t sleep too well, and am putting on weight, so I don’t think I am getting what I need from it.

  3. Enzymes:

    so you can stay young, digest your food, so your body can create whatever it needs from the raw materials you provide it. You get it, optimally, from your food… but if you eat crap… you get crap.

  4. Probiotics:

    to fight the negative effects of overprocessed, sugary, antibiotic laden food you eat. Also, if and when you change your diet drastically, for a while you may need to help the inner good fight of good bacteria to be able to accommodate the change. Like I found a sheep cheese product (Feta at Costco, they deliver even if you are not a member). I pigged out on it, and got promptly not so well… So I took probiotics for a few days to get different microorganisms that specialize dealing with milk… and I got well.

  5. Essential Fatty Acids:

    take Omega 3 and such so your internal membranes can stay young and you keep inflammation to minimum. And your skin, your eyes, your lips will remain moist. But you don’t need it all the time… just observe your eyes and your skin…

  6. Anti-Parasite remedies:

    so you can make sure no uninvited guests live in your body

  7. Digestion/Regularity:

    keeping the intestinal tract healthy, the good and bad bacteria and fungi, yeast and such in balance… so you can get the most out of your food, so you can be sane, intelligent, and discomfort free. Poop at least once a day. If you are not doing that, you either don’t have the right composition on intestinal flora, or you consume no fibers. But remember 90% of your poop is microorganisms, mostly bacteria.

  8. Anti-bacterial internal remedies,

    like Hydrogen Peroxide, or Sodium Clorite seem to kill only bad bacteria (70% truth value)

  9. Water:

    purifying it, energizing it, drinking enough of it. Only coherent water energizes, and it comes either from raw produce or from your energized water container you used my Water Energizer system.

  10. Your lifestyle:

    exercise, rest, sleep, have some fun, read, read, read… walk, run, love etc.

  11. How you are supposed to eat…

    like a cat, like a caveman, etc. I call this the eating style. You can eat the right foods and still not digest it properly, if you don’t eat with your perfect match eating style

  12. Your mental and emotional health… everybody has a different fix for this, and none of them works very well… My programs are getting close, but not quite there… Because it is soooo complicated.
  13. Stuff to fix what is wrong

    And then there are the hundreds of herbal, homeopathic, amino acids, powders, potions, drinks, shakes, baths, light therapy… but all of those are trying to fix what’s wrong with you… while you continue eating empty, processed, toxic food, drink empty, processed, toxic drinks, and continue to degenerate… making billions and billions of dollars for the people who, instead of fixing the problems, add to it, for their own enrichment and your detriment.

  14. etc. etc. etc.

As you can see, navigating this veritable maze of parts and elements, requires a PhD level of education, and maybe even that is not enough.

So what can you do? there are a few things you can do. You can follow the Anastasia Model… grow your own food. Or you can ask for my help. I have a PhD level of knowledge, but I also have a helper: Source. As long as I can connect to something, I can ask Source questions about it.

Surprisingly Source doesn’t know everything. Everything would be 100%. And when I ask, Source ‘says’ it knows about 70%, and it is willing to share it with me. If I say or write something that is not accurate, it is because I didn’t ask Source…

One of the things I can do is ask Source about your eating, your nutritional deficiencies, etc. I can evaluate every organ you have.

I am offering a 10% discount, until Tuesday midnight (8/25) on the food list and or the supplement list. Use coupon code TEN to get the discount at checkout.

Let me muscle test your food list

Here is more about The Anastasia Model…

The visionary future flashed out in the 10 volumes of the Anastasia series was dealing with a lot of the issues, but not all…

And even that utopian vision that excited millions of readers and created lots of eco-villages largely stayed out of reach for most people: how are you going to get the land to create your homestead on, and what do you know about growing your food… I nodded, I dreamed about it but I never actually did anything: it didn’t occur to me as a doable plan, not for me, and probably not for you. and yet…

But today I watched a sales video that dealt with an issue that none of the above “tools” deal with, although the Anastasia series, somewhat touch on it: growing your own food, or at least some of it, in tiny spaces, using worm farms you grow yourself… doesn’t sound appetizing, but it’s probably less gross than it sounds, and if you have at least a balcony, you can probably do it in a vertical growing manner.

I stole the video, so you can watch it without having to buy…

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