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I wrote this email four years ago… it is a great reminder for me, and it is quite apropos for you. Even though you may not be in marketing, you may not have a sales letter… but you have me, and I could be your Big Kahuna… So here is the email:

You Suck

Some people get lucky.

Most people I know want to avoid a situation where they can look bad. I know I do.

These are the ones that stagnate.

Then some of those people get lucky and get a mentor that pushes them… pushes them to be more, do more, have more…

Sounds good, right? Let me tell you, it sucks. It sucks big time.

You need to talk to people you don’t know. They may be nice, but probably won’t be. They may say yes, but probably won’t. And chances are, they will say: “You suck” one way or another.

you-suck-2Why would they say such a thing, you say? Because you suck! All the way to the top!

The person who says it, knows that. He knows that he sucks too… just on a different level.

I have a website critique today.

i_suckNormally it’s me who tells people that they and their work sucks… today someone especially honest and caring will take his time to tell me how I suck and why I suck, and I will appreciate it.

But right now I am scared. Right now I am sobbing. Right now my mind is looking for excuses why I should not do it, why I should just call in sick.

My mind likes to stay comfortable and within reasonable boundaries.

But nothing great has ever been accomplished by reasonableness.

I am not reasonable, have never been, and won’t be today.

I suck. I suck big time. The BIG Kahuna is critiquing my sales letters today…

I have a chance to start sucking on a higher level…

Now go and get ready. Wipe off those tears, tear up the suicide note, and get on the webinar: You get to show the world how much you suck today.

You are next?

Update: Follow up on the results of this article that I also sent out in email:

25% of people that read the email so far, have unsubscribed. 90% of those are from Canada.

WTF? Right?

I am learning that the “culture” of Canada is nice-nice… on the surface. You need to be polite, courteous, and pretend that you are a nice, good, conscientious person.

Pretend that you don’t suck… so you will grow.

Only in the rare moments when you get a glimpse that you are short of who you want to be, that you have an opportunity to grow into who you want to be.

XtYu_700If the mandate of the culture you subscribe to doesn’t allow you to look the tiger straight in the face, i.e. if it is politically incorrect in your culture, you won’t be allowed to see the gap between who you are and who you want to be…

And such is the culture of Canada… that is why their vibration is so much below the vibration of the United States’.

Of course, as an individual, you can be different, but it is hard, swimming against the tide.

Going along to get along is one of the most dangerous things: you become like the masses… not a good thing…

Whenever I applied to a leadership program in the past, one of the most important questions was: can you prove with examples that you are able and willing to take correction?

When you unsubscribe because someone says “you suck” it is a clear indication that you cannot take, and won’t take correction.

Any journey worth its salt is an endless series of corrections.

Anything that can be reached by just keeping your eyes on the goal is a two-bit, imaginary journey, not worth taking.

In my carrot and stick webinar series I teach the method of self-correction, to dubious results… although the methodology works, it needs you to be the kind of person that loves correction… a rare kind of individual. And to be able to catch yourself, that is one in a billion… so although the webinar series was great, and you will, maybe enjoy watching the replays, benefiting from it other than understanding the technology is questionable to say the least.

But be my guest, watch the replays. https://www.yourvibration.com/carrotwebinar
it’s free, although you need to become a member of the membership site where I have all my free stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Updated: You Suck”

  1. As I was looking for pictures, I found this page…

    If you are like the commenter, you are part of the problem… not part of the solution.

    You are into consolation… not the truth. What the heck are you doing on my site? Looking for consolation? Coddling? You won’t find any of that here.

  2. I liked this article…finally this article stuck a cord with me. No crap…the truth.

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