Update: What’s happening on yourvibration.com? How is the ascension project going? Successes, setbacks…

in the beginning there was the Source, it was everything and it was nothing What’s happening on yourvibration.com? How is the ascension project going? Successes, setbacks…

You deserve to know. After all the rest of your life depends on this.

Obviously you don’t have to believe it, it is enough that I am certain… for the time being, anyway.

For those of you that don’t know, about a year ago I volunteered to turn my life over to the task of teaming up with Source and cause some kind of movement in the right direction.

I didn’t know what that meant, and I know Source didn’t know it either, because the level of trust was low. It was like: Humor me… lol

After all so many men tried it before me, and they all failed.

Failed? Who? In What? lol.

According to the Original Design, the Vessel will only receive “light” if it requests it. And it said, eons ago, that it will receive no more light unless…

Unless what? you say. Light what? you say.

Let me explain, briefly, because I don’t like to repeat stuff you can read in other articles on my site.

it was everything, it was nothingIn the beginning there was only Source. Undifferentiated; everything and nothing. Source is Thinking Stuff: it creates what it puts its thought on, it creates when it impresses its thought on thinking stuff, in the case of Source, on itself.

So, Source can create “stuff” of itself.

So, Source created The Vessel. That divided All-of-it to Source and the Vessel. In this setup the Source gives, the Vessel receives. Nice.

A little later The Vessel decided that just getting wasn’t what it wanted (don’t forget, the Vessel is also Thinking Stuff!) so it said to Source: No more. I want to be like You. I only want to get light if and when I earn it!

And so it happened. Whether it was intentional or not, I don’t know. But with that New Deal, the New Original Design, the physical Universe sprang into place. Everything that we know and can experience is included in that. Everything physical.

The Vessel broke into trillions of pieces, and they are the souls. Each is like the Original Vessel: was designed to be a pure receiver, vowed to become like The Creator, and earn its light.

Humanity with its ability to think became the host of the souls. Humanity is the only species that is capable of changing itself, thus the perfect host for the soul that wants to change itself.

Humanity, as a physical being is also interested in receiving only, regardless what it pretends to be.

So soul and humanity can develop into a higher being, a receiver and giver hand in hand, if the soul succeeds at convincing human beings to do that.

There was one glitch in the design: no one thought that humanity should be told about the plan. No one thought that humanity needs to be taught to connect or this plan is going to fail.

This was the situation a year ago, when I talked to Source. That’s why Source said: humor me.

After all, from Source’s point of view, it was always there, ready to connect. So if humanity didn’t connect, it’s all humanity’s fault… After all there had been plenty people who did connect, 7,000 to be exact, so what’s the problem?

What Source, from its vantage point, could not know, would not know, is that humanity didn’t know how to connect.

The people that connected did not follow some pre-prescribed procedure: they just connected. Even themselves didn’t know how: it was like “I don’t know, I just connect”.

Or worse, they made up “s-h-i-t” and when someone else did it, it didn’t work.

Luckily for the project, I am an empath. Being an empath is the ability (I can’t shut it off) to feel another person as if it were me.

So, when I look at someone who is connected to Source in the moment when they connect, I know what they did, although they don’t…

I feel my own feelings 100 times less strong than another’s… weird, I know.

The person who I saw connecting was Vianna Stibal, on a youtube video, and when I did what I felt she was doing, I connected.

Connecting is unmistakable for me. It is like going home. It is like the only place anywhere where I am loved, where I am welcome, where I get tears in my eyes the moment I am there. 1

The experience is that when you connect, you open a signal, like a flare and in about 10-30 seconds the Light is there. First, it checks if you did that accidentally. If you are ready to connect then the Light comes in and it floods you. It replenishes your energies. It “waters your fields,” removes some debris you’ve accumulated.

When I am on the connection as well, the light is stronger and more willing to come in by virtue of me having earned it, and by virtue of my pledge to Source to reconnect humanity and restore the Original Design.

OK, more stuff stuff: what’s happening?

  • Today there were 20 people on the connection call, a record, and I had no problem holding them all in my head. Wow, amazing.
  • This week we started an advanced course on muscle testing, it’s a video seminar, and we recorded the first session.I am going to offer these 90-minute recordings for sale, haven’t decided on the price yet. Probably will have a per session price and a per package price…2
  • On January 29, Sunday, we’ll start the empath training in two parts. Part 1: how to be well and be an empath, without suppressing anything. Part 2: how to use this capacity to make a difference in the world, enrich people’s life, do what I do but in a different arena. For example, one of the empaths is an expert in breathing. Breathing is tricky: even if you watch someone, you can’t tell what’s going on inside. But an empath can tell… especially after some training.She will be able, when I am done with her, lol, t train and check 20 people and make them well. You need to know that most heart failure comes from poor breathing… really.
  • And I am still working on making sure I am accurate with the soul corrections: it’s been a big stumbling block. Nut the 7 or 8 that I have completed are accurate, to the best of my knowledge.

OK, this is the situation on January 21, 2012.

As you remember, my assignment was to be ready to “activate” a million people at a time starting June 14.

What is going to make so many people want to get activated, I don’t know. But I will be ready.

The very first step is always “learn how to connect

Sign up at https://www raise.yourvibration.com



  1. There are three levels of connecting, and the blissful place is the third level. You can learn it from my video… I have been reluctant to teach that in live classes because people intend to ask for what they want… and that is counter to the arrangement: you need to earn before you ask!
  2. Slight change in the plan, but the package is ready, you can buy the muscletesting course

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Update: What’s happening on yourvibration.com? How is the ascension project going? Successes, setbacks…”

  1. vibration is an interesting measure… One can have high vibration and his products, ideas, systems don’t work. They can do it for the money and still have high vibration.

    I have retested Grabovoi, and he now tests 200 on the vibrational scale. And the truth value: 10%. What changed? The world, the person, vibration changes. For the most part it goes down.

    He is a typical Russian in that he capitalizes in the Russian belief system of miracles, supernatural, Just like the Anastasia books. Even if his stuff were 30% truth value, truth value and efficacy are not interchangeable.

    The efficacy of his theories, in practice, done by someone normal, is 1%. You are very correct there.

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