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dna difference between dogsI often find out what I have and what it does, from students, or by accident. Also some of the things are theories until proven by enough empirical data…

How the harmonizer works, really

Some of you may remember that last year I had a section on the blog that said what was the negative emotion, negative energy transmission Dark Side was spewing across the globe.

I was surprised that this year there didn’t seem to be any, until this past Saturday: suddenly deep sadness, a sense of loss, irreversible loss was coming over me… it wasn’t mine. It wasn’t anybody’s, it was a D.S. transmission. It was irresistible, and I spent the day in a funk.

Today the emotion was extreme anguish, fear, trepidation, strong pressure from underarm to underarm: No matter what I do, I can’t stop what’s coming. Phew, real bad. Then I checked and the Harmonizer wasn’t turned on on my computer in the office. I turned it on, and within minutes the feeling became weaker and manageable.

I have, in my bedroom, a “real” speaker, and the Harmonize is going on there 24/7. I took a break at noon, and was reading… No anguish. Hm. Came back to the office just now, and the pressure is there… so maybe the headphones aren’t transmitting enough of the Harmonize energy: I need to test this, so I’ll set up another full size speaker with it, I’ll let you know.

What people call ego is desire for the self alone, being a politician, power over another

People are commenting on my articles, send me emails to let me know that they think I am an angry person, that I write bad thing about other people, and that I don’t know what I am talking about.

No one ever considers that what they see, what they think, their opinion about me or what I do or say, comes from a certain place.

People mostly search for vibration, healing, transformation when they don’t feel good about themselves, about their life, about their results. Or when they are not well… Either way, they are looking at things from a place of lack, a place of needing something to fix.

No one ever thinks that they misunderstand something. No one every thinks that the place from where they are looking has anything to do with it.

The place that we here call “context” is decisive of what you are going to see.

People even misunderstand the analogy of vibrational level I use, that I thought was so clear and so visually appropriate…

If you are looking at things from the 7th floor with the same narrow cone of vision, you are still going to see a bigger picture, because of your distance.

Two-bit solutions, two-bit judgments are a result of you being too close to what you are talking about… you are relating to the small detail, and ignore the rest… because you don’t even see it.

The DNA differences between the different looking humans: the nature or nurture question

I had an interesting opportunity today: I had a client who spends half of his time in China, and half of it in the US or Canada.

My experience of Chinese people is that they are emotionally vacant. Emotionally vacant is my experience… no emotions there. No worry, no love, no caring, no fear, no trepidation. Even keeled.

We Westerners think about Chinese that their poker face hides a rich emotional life, like ours. But we are wrong: no emotions there. Anger: yes. vengeance: yes. But no richness of emotions.

The DNA difference between a Great Dane dog and a Chiuhauha dog is only one gene. Size.

The DNA difference between a Chinese and let’s say Margaret downstairs is 17 DNA capacities.

A Chinese growing up in Western family is going to continue to be Chinese by his entire DNA unless he develops and activates capacities that are not available for a Chinese living among Chinese.

You can’t learn to do something, or to be some way that requires you to have a capacity that you don’t have.

Can you develop capacities? Yes. I have. I have capacities now, and my DNA is different than the one I was born with.

Evolution happens in individuals first.

In my programs we raise your vibrations mainly by fully activating the capacities you already have, and in rare instances, if you are ambitious enough, you can start developing capacities you were not born with.

But developing the capacities that you are not using fully is a tremendous improvement.

I the Playground Program we work on two capacities that can make the difference between happiness and misery.

One capacity is to tell apart reality from the story, fact from fiction. The other capacity is to take responsibility for our part in what happened to us.

It takes about a year to see the results fully, so this is not for the instant gratification type people, this is for people that are willing to WORK for what they want.

What do I really feel in you when I visit you?

I had an appointment for body work today. I connected to the person about 30 minutes before the appointment, as I usually do, just to check in with them how they are doing.

The moment I connected I had this horrible stomach ache, nausea, I had to hold onto something so it doesn’t blow me over.

Wow, that is major! I said. I called them on the phone to see if there was anything wrong. Their answer was chipper… nothing wrong.

Fast forward and the client is on my massage bed. His skin is horrible, deep scars, psoriasis… horrid.

I start to ask about his diet… He shares that the moment I called he was eating pizza.

“Oh, your body, your stomach didn’t like that pizza,” I said. The way this guy is supposed to eat is like a cavemen that didn’t have a pot to mix up things.

No pizza sauce, no sandwiches, no soups, no stews, no barbecue sauces, no mixed salads.

His body, his skin, the largest elimination organ on the body, bears testament that his body cannot handle the amount of toxic onslaught his typical American way of eating puts it through.

I recommended the “separator” diet to reduce toxic load, and energized water for ongoing cellular detox.

I bet he won’t do half of it… complaining is easy, changing is not.

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