Playing Freecell As A Spiritual Practice: Soul Correction and Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose Becomes Possible Now!

freecell as a spiritual practice Playing Freecell as a spiritual practice

One of the issues that plague humanity is their unawareness or misunderstanding of Soul.

I won’t go back to the whole creation story again, you are probably sick of it… lol.

Just let’s re-iterate the fact that humanity is the host for the soul and the vehicle for its correction.

Now, imagine a vehicle that you operate energetically, but the steering wheel is held by someone strong at cross purposes with you.

Your chances of getting where you want to go are minimal. Right?

But unless you go in the direction the soul wants to go, you get pain. You get misery. You get stress.

We make up stories about where all this stress comes from, but they are just that, stories.

We think they come from the outside, but in fact they come from the inside.

About 16 months ago I accidentally got what the setup is.

The person suggested that I left my 3-year old person alone, unattended to, and never gave it a chance to grow up and have the experience of being an adult.

I don’t know what he meant. And I am sure he didn’t mean what it meant. He was just a messenger: if you watched his face, he was as puzzled as any messenger delivering a coded message: no clue of its meaning.

But the light turned on for me. I suddenly got aware of the soul and even its location on the body. It’s on the chest just below the left shoulder, the exact place you would hold a baby to burp it.

I spent days talking to her, laughing with her, introducing the world to her, it was heaven.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about Freecell. I’ll come back to the soul baby in a minute.

Originally I started to play Freecell to prove myself that I was not stupid. And also to allow being connected to Source, by distracting my mind.

I didn’t have the words at the time. But I never just played Freecell… I always did that and something important.

Often I just meditated on an issue that waited to be resolved.
Often I played while coaching someone in their business, in their relationship, etc.
Often I played while listening to a book, a lecture, a seminar, etc.

Freecell put me in reverie mode (theta brain waves) and I learned faster, got solutions, and coached better.

But, from time to time I still wanted to feel “not stupid.”

Those were the times when I consciously needed to allow Source to play with my hands.

My soul correction is “Forget Thyself” and it was really really difficult for me to let go of the control of my hands. But eventually it started to go better, and that is when I was allowed to “apply” for the job of causing a paradigm shift for humanity.

Of course, this is all 20/20 hindsight, I didn’t know at the time. I knew though, that playing Freecell was a spiritual practice for me.

Last night we had a connection call, and it was profound for me: I connected to Soul stronger than even two years ago. I really got my role in the soul’s purpose.

I got that I don’t only need to surrender my will to Source’s purpose, but I need to surrender my will to Soul’s purpose.

That’s a wow for me.

And the insight came while I played Freecell. I actually felt the “little one” how I call the Soul, getting excited at winning the game in front of me. Wow, I had never felt that! You like to win! I cried out. And now, consciously and patiently, waited for Soul to tell me how she wanted to play the game!

She obviously saw the game differently because she chose different moves that I would have chosen. But she won. Every time. And she is happy. Now, if I could transfer this practice to something more productive than playing Freecell?

That would be the bomb, wouldn’t it?

Come to a check your connection meditation and meet YOUR soul. And on the Healing meditations too… Profound experience, I promise. And potentially your breakthrough point to start your soul’s purpose.

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