Indigo, shmindigo… about indigo children and humanity’s obsession of a “higher power” and a universe that makes sense

indigo childI think that most, or at least, many children are born with a much higher potential than what they will actually live out.

It’s been that way from the beginning of time. Some of these children, like myself, are allowed to grow like a weed. Attention, the attention of the lesser ability adults that try to pass on their world view destroys the potential of these children.

  • It is said that we live in special times.
  • That nowadays more children than ever before are born with some additional strands of DNA
  • That children retain their ability to see the invisible, hear the invisible, feel the invisible.

I don’t think this is the case. I think that in every age people were born closer to what could be considered “the next evolution” but got reduced back to “normal” by their loving parents, by their caring teachers, or by a hostile society that doesn’t tolerate being different.

Of course this day and age, where humanity has no power, no purpose, no individuality, we are trying to make ourselves more special by claiming that our children are special… after all they are OUR children.

A few generations ago being “weird” wasn’t considered special… maybe special needs children… i.e. imbecile, or insane… however they were labeled.

My parents never thought I would amount to anything. I was a handful, unmanageable, disrespectful, learning disabled on one hand, ingenious on the other.

Not the ideal child to have.

I got lucky, and they left me grow like weed… pruned here and there, but not cultivated.

Your cultivation of your children is what robs them of their intelligence, them being in touch with who they are.

Cultivation and protection, keeping them safe and deadened.

Here is a clip from Esther Hicks… surprisingly level-headed, truth value of 3%m 97% hogwash…  still is quite high for Esther Hicks.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Indigo, shmindigo… about indigo children and humanity’s obsession of a “higher power” and a universe that makes sense”

  1. I believe I got it. I should just let my kids experience life the way life is and let them learn from it. Instead of me trying to tell them what is the right and wrong and which way it should be.
    Intuitively, I knew that that was the right way so I’ve been letting them develop on their own. It amazes me that they have watched me sew and build and create things and now they sew, play piano, cook, clean, build amazing things that I have never taught them. It’s like they know how to do it all without a teacher just by observing. Interesting. Thank you Sophie.

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