Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Sun Myung Moon

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Vibrational Reviews: Barbara Marx Hubbard, native american wisdom, Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Sun Myung Moon

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Soul correction: 17 Great Escape
personal vibration: 400;
her theories, her teachings’s truth value: 10%;
Does she connect to Source? no.;
Is her teaching Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge? 91% Tree of Knowledge.
Is her teaching actionable and take you to where she says you should go? no.
Is there anything useful in what she teaches? yes.
Teaching that humanity needs to change something fundamental, that humanity needs to become inner-directed is useful, although not actionable

Dr. David Hawkins:

soulcorrection: Soul Mate 28
personal vibration 200; his methodology truth value: 7%
His personality is all 28: all pretense.

Dr. Sun Myung Moon

personal vibration: 200.
Mrs Moon: 210; Is he the messiah? no;
truth value of his teaching: 4%; ; The “moonies”

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Sun Myung Moon”

  1. How come Dr. Hawkins is rated so low while your whole methodology is based upon his vibrational scale of consciousness?

  2. Elena, I am an innovator, but that doesn't mean that I base any of “my” methodology on his vibrational scale of consciousness. Besides, you can invent a scale, get famous for it, and it's wrong. The only things I actually accept as valid from Dr. David Hawkins' methodology are

    you can muscle test vibration and truth value
    it's a good way to show the different vibrations, in a logarithmic scale. I did a course with Quantum Thought Shifting Guru, Pam Ragland a few years ago (1977) and to prove that what she did worked, she showed our before and after vibration, with tens of zeros… I (and others in the class) were impressed… but those numbers were meaningless: the distinction she called vibration is not an actual cycle per second number, it is a relative number, much like percentage, between not at all there, and totally there… the there being the highest consciousness available to a human.
    I tend to see evidence that the number 200 correlates quite nicely to being a dividing line between all lower self/some higher self.
    nothing else seems to be what he says (or the other copycat authors) and even he had a source regarding to a scale, the widely hated L. Ron Hubbard. Actually L. Ron Hubbard's scale, who I don't like myself, is a better scale, but is harder to use, because it is not logartithmic, and ends around 400.

    How about this for a long answer? lol
    Sophie (PS: the email with the link to the New Healing Modality report is on the way)

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