Why most training programs, transformational programs can’t work… Energies Part 5

Clipart Illustration of a Double Helix DNA Strand Spanning DiagoI have been complaining…

… I have been blamed for it… People say I am angry, whatever. They are turned off by my complaining…

But the truth of the matter is this: if there were transformational programs that deliver on their promises, I would be first in line to recommend them to do, because I don’t particularly enjoy doing those trainings. I like coaching, I like working with energies, I like creating energy products, but I don’t like to teach distinctions of transformation.

There are companies that teach better than me, except that their results, the students’ results are flash in the pan…

So I have been complaining for, I don’t know… 20 years? lol…

I’d love to have them do the “grunt work”… and just work with the students that want to take those distinctions and make a great life with what they learned, using my energies.

Nice idea, but it is a dream only. Them doing the teaching, me doing what only I can do… the energies

But why aren’t companies like Landmark, and Dianetics, and Peak Potentials able to produce results?

I had an insight a day or two ago: without altering you energetically, without energetic support, it is just mind-stuff. And nothing that goes through the mind will EVER make a difference. You’ll know more, you’ll be even superior, and arrogant, and haughty about it, but you won’t see it in your life, because there is no “translator” of words from the mind to actions of life, or even emotions.

So how did I do it? How did I raise my vibration to where it is today?

When I started participating in Landmark, my vibration was around 70. I was a miserable wretch. I got a big breakthrough in the first program, but all the results disappeared in the following year. Then I realized that unless I do something different, I was going to go back to wretched.

What I did is simple: I volunteered to do any and all work involving practicing what I learned, including calling people to update them on a session they missed… I learned the speaking of what I’d learned: it became ACTIVE knowledge.

Then I volunteered to do any all assignment that made me take risks, control my fear, push through, make promises and keep them… for 26 years.

I probably spent 2,000 hours a year… 52,000 hours in total.

I was unique in that I did everything for myself, to grow myself, not to help others.

That, 52,000 hours got me up to a “respectable” 185 vibration. Don’t you think that it is a disproportionately meager result compared to the invested energy? I do.

And then came the energies: and I went from 185 to 295 to 520 to 700 to 900 and even higher.

So, I say, 10% of transformation is the words, 30% of transformation is going out of my way to challenge myself, and 60% is the energies. But they have to go together…

I am still using the same formula, lots of challenges, some new words, and lots of energies.

But what about the energy practitioners like Christie Marie Sheldon or you name it?

Energies are not created equal. Although all energies are waves, or you could say “vibrations” like sound, like light, they differ from each other, and they also differ in their source and in their intention.

Christie Marie Sheldon stirring the energies of her listeners to create a storm of energies is not going to do any good for you: the energies she whips up are the horrid energies you brought to her calls!

And “designer” energies from the imaginary fields of spirits and such are a bunch of bull crap: because they have the energetic signature of the practitioner on it who does it for their own gratification, for enslavement, for making money, for control… not to really do good.

Anything a human can imagine still carries the “limited perspective of the human mind”, and so do the energies created by humans.

Or Theta Healing founder, Vianna… although she connects to Source, then she uses the energy (if there is any! really!) in the wrong way: no wonder no results are coming from that work…

What’s different about me and my energies?

My soul correction is arrogance, and I actively work on controlling it: so I give myself no permission to “create” energies. I go to the Source of all-of-it, and ask for an energy that seems to be needed by people.

I whip nothing, I use none of my own (personal) energy, I imagine nothing: I call it down by the name I negotiated with “Source” when I asked for the energy.

Why do my energies work? I don’t know. I don’t claim to know what Source is. I am humble in that regard. I don’t claim to know anything… because it is not needed. I am an in-between. It bothers my ego a little, but hey, I can tolerate a little bother.

The delivery of the energies

I am finding out that most of you don’t understand what energies are… and how the energy is delivered to you, the end user.

All energies I have go through me when I call them down by their name. Then I pass it on to water, or through loud breathing or talking to an audio.

The water is a carrier of the energy. The audio is a carrier of the energy. When you drink the water, or listen to the audio, it is as if I put my hand on you and call down the energy just for you.

If you can’t hear it, there is no energy. If there is no water, there is no energy.

The carrier of the energy must be there, or you are playing with your imagination.

The louder the audio plays, the bigger the speaker, the more the energy is transmitted.

I am in the process of buying mp3 speakers and small mp3 players so I can provide them with the audios, so you will use the audios instead of just having them sit on your computer.

Without the energies carried in the audios it doesn’t matter how many articles you read, it doesn’t matter how many coaching calls you attend, your transformation is only temporary.

Bad news? Yes. But this is how it is.

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