Guru X and the attack on my webinar account: who is going to win?

Guru X and the attack on my webinar account: who is going to win?

Remember: Evil is “desire for the self alone” at someone else’s expense, or violating another’s right to free will.

Dark Side therefore the “conspiracy” of humans to continue living with “desire for the self alone.”

I don’t think that there is such an entity “Dark Side.” There are people whose whole life was built on the foundation of evil, or at least their business.

For example, Guru X has his eyes on world domination. His teaching, his vibration, his energy level, his message is not high vibration. In fact, he is a copycat. But he is good looking, charming, and given people’s cluelessness (just consider that Reverend Moon could sell to millions of people the idea that he is the Messiah, and he is running a multi-billion dollar faith business! His vibration is 200.)

The numbers of so-called gurus are staggeringly low… just check the site.

So, whatever this guru is teaching, the guru in the example, Guru X, is not up to par, nothing new, and not high vibration. He doesn’t connect to Source, never has, and his earned vibration is around 200. He whips himself into a vibrational frenzy around live seminars… and his vibration goes up to 400-420 then. As soon as the seminar is over, it goes back to 200.

What do you think a guru like that thinks about me or my site? It, of course, depends on their character and personality. And you know that there are 38 character flaws (38 Bach Flower Remedies!) and depending on what is this guru’s Bach Flower Remedy make-up… he will do what he will do.

Well, Guru X got jealous, envious, and angry. (Holly) Yesterday, by mistake, I taught something to one of his disciples, and also gave this disciple his Bach Flower Remedy. Hey, he is my friend too!

He called me to rave about his experience this morning.

One of the results of this guy taking the remedies is: he will see through Guru X’s stuff, and Guru X doesn’t want that. He needs disciples, and he is possessive! (Chicory)

This morning the Connection Webinar got corrupted. I needed to cancel it.

I spent 75 minutes with live support: the support tech was working on my computer. They have never seen this error before… I, the webinar leader could not get myself out of mute.

I think that this is an attack. I think somebody, maybe Guru X, doesn’t want me to teach humanity to connect and get powerful, and well, and intelligent, and self-reliant, and steadfast, and calm, and live by principles.

That would put all the low vibration gurus out of business, for sure.

I asked Source and there is nothing I can do. Source will not take something away from someone else to give it to me. Guru X has the right to protect his turf, and attack me in the process.

It’s fair game.

Who is going to win?

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

12 thoughts on “Guru X and the attack on my webinar account: who is going to win?”

  1. Thank you for informing us Sophie! I will try to connect later on this evening. Much love.

  2. People can be punished/disciplined for interfering, yes? Sometimes boundaries have to be clarified and one most be assertive to claim their own space.

  3. Sophie, I hate that this has happened to you… I've written you an email about the attack though, of sorts. I probably won't attend tonights episode unless I hear from you. That's Jan. 28 and the evening session.

    Sue McShan

  4. Terrance, they can be punished and disciplined for interfering, but that violates their free right and lowers my vibration. My job is to respond like Source would: no concern, no excitement, no emotion. Just keep on stepping, as a friend of mine says often.

  5. I love the fact that you keep on stepping. It's so easy to get caught up in the drama and not look at this experience from the highest level. Even then, it takes a lot of effort to step back….”a blade of grass” awesome, awesome, awesome

  6. This reminds me of a conversation I had with you several years ago. Actually, it wasn't much of a conversation. It's what you said when I was going through turmoil. You said there was a way of being. Where nothing get's to you. It's not what you say. It's who you are being that speaks so loudly. The courage, the light, the confidence and knowingness that nothing get's in your way. What this way of being does to others is shut them down and out. You render them powerless….because you are in your power. Always.

  7. I must admit though, that while I accomplished becoming a blade of grass, the fear and the aftershock has ravished my body: I have been hurting and sleeping a lot more, and have you noticed that I haven't written any new articles? But I am not dead, haven't shut down, but they succeeded a little bit buy taking me out in a minor way. Imagine what would have happened had I not had the presence of mind to become a blade of grass… gory image.

  8. Sounds like your head talking a My hunch is something marvelous and stronger is on the horizon!

  9. Attack will never win. This is not the nature of creation, never never never. I am learning a ton from you Sophie, one of the biggest at this moment is that no matter “where” or “when” we are on this ride of the human existence, we will still and always be working with our human-ness/ego for as long as we remain here. In other words, you are a tremendous channel for Truth and wisdom and despite that (because of it?) you speak the truth about your life experiences as well rather than putting on the “Guru” mantle, I personally see it as a reflection of what my path is opening up to, finding the Jerusalem within, looking “outside” for guidance while on the journey but knowing it all comes from a source that is with me, of me, in me – my own created universe.

  10. Wow, Todd, you write well! Oh, and thank you. Wait till you read my newest article… no niceness, no finess, no gurudom… just the hard (disgusting) truth. Oh well, somebody had to say it. Thank g-d I don't need to be liked or loved… ever since I got the Unconditional Love Activator. Before that I would have probably dulled the edge of the blow, lol.

    Oh, and thank you.

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