Vibrational Reviews: reader requests. Numerologists, internet marketers, self improvement gurus, a billionaire… oh my! lol

Celebrity numerologist Tania Gabrielle (I’d be very curious about her truth value) personal vibration: 320; truth value: 230

Caldean numerologist Joanna Justis: personal vibration: 230; truth value: 200

highest paid hand analyst Baeth Davis: personal vibration: 190; truth value: 180

Eidetic imagery therapist Wendy Yellen: personal vibration: 200; truth value: 190

EnergyRICH success coach, Heather Dominick: personal vibration: 200; truth value (energyrich): 195
Bill Glazer,Bob Proctor,Brendon Burchard,Dan Kennedy,Dr. Glenn Livingston,Dr. Joe Mercola,Drayton Bird,Earl Nightengale,Eben Pagan,Gary Bencivenga,Gary Halbert,Jay Abraham,Jim Rohn,Joe Polish,John Carlton,Jonathan Mizel,Ken McCarthy,Nido Qubein,Richard Branson,Ron LeGrand,Russell Brunson,Yanik Silver

Jim Rohn: 300
Earl Nightengale: 200
Bob Proctor: 200
Richard Branson: 200 (internal state very troubled, might be temporary, normal state: 300)
Dan Kennedy: 200
Bill Glazer: 200
Ron LeGrand: 210
Gary Bencivenga: 210
John Carlton: 200
Nido Qubein: 200
Dr. Joe Mercola: 190
Ken McCarthy: 180
Jay Abraham: 210
Gary Halbert: 220
Drayton Bird: 210
Jonathan Mizel: 210
Dr. Glenn Livingston: 210
Yanik Silver: 200
Eben Pagan: 230
Joe Polish: 190
Russell Brunson: 200
Brendon Burchard: 250 (used to be 395! got off truth. Success can do that to you!)

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Vibrational Reviews: reader requests. Numerologists, internet marketers, self improvement gurus, a billionaire… oh my! lol”

  1. Sophie, what is the vibration and truth value of the following personalities:

    Morgana Rae from “Financial Alchemy”

    Asara Lovejoy from “the One Command”

    Kathryn Perry from “the One Command”

    Bonnie Strehlow from “the One Command”

    Thank you!

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