Healing, Curing, Self-Healing… a case study and a half

bacterial-toxinI just hung up with my friend. He sounded week…

Turns out he spent the past week in bed, has fever, and seems to have a systemic infection.

I, of course, volunteered to look around, see what I see, and do some healing work if I can.

He has a bacterial infection, a food carried bacteria, food poisoning, specifically he ate salad in a restaurant on his trip to Georgia the week before.

The doctor gave him a wide spectrum antibiotic.

The cause of weakness, and discomfort is now from the excretion of the bacteria.

Bacteria makes you ill by its byproduct… this bacteria seems to have a nerve toxin as a byproduct: my friend’s whole right side is shutting down, his right arm is already starting to be numb.

His liver is congested: it is unable to cope with the amount of toxin it needs to neutralize.

Left alone, this can kill him in another week. The toxin is in the lymph system, and is spreading. Some of the most potent biological weapons, botulin is the byproduct of bacteria… his is not botulin, by the way.

I did liver flush three times. I put him on my calendar to do liver flush three times a week for the next few days.

My hunch is that he will be well by Tuesday.

I looked on the Internet for medical solution to liver overwhelm, and found none. In fact, the only thing I found is the medical establishment calling liver flush a quack, maybe even dangerous practice.

A liver flush is a simple process (the way I do it, the way I teach it): You stimulate the liver to create bile by slow pulsation of Source Energy. When the bile bladder is full, the bile empties into the small intestine. It takes about three minutes.

You can do it as often as you like, especially if you live the “normal” lifestyle laden with toxins, but not enough fat to stimulate the gall bladder to empty.

Because your liver is sluggish, it accumulates debris, and its ducts get blocked, and it becomes largely ineffective at removing toxins from your body.

My Self Healing course, but even my free demonstration of the liver flush are a godsend… you can do it, together with me, and your liver gets flushed as well.

Source Energy is not easy to download, you need to be connected on the highest level, and direct the energy you get with your hand.

But when you use the videos, you don’t even have to be connected… because I am an empath, and I heal by proxy (I use my own body to do what I do), you get the same results as if YOU were connected on the highest level and downloaded Source’s energy.

The Self-Healing Course has videos for cleansing the brain, the eyes, the ears, the sinuses, the throat and therefore the thyroid, the pancreas, the liver, the intestines, and the sexual organs.

It also shows processes for the spine.

It doesn’t heal. The body heals itself, if it is allowed to. The flushes I teach facilitate the body healing itself, and also energizes the body: it takes energy to heal, that is why they tell you to stay in bed when you are sick, that’s why they tell you to stop eating, so the body can spend all its energy on healing, instead of moving you around, or digesting food.

I sell the Self-Healing course in a payment plan: it is not a subscription. If you cancel, you stole from me, and you’ll get your punishment from the Universe. What goes around comes around.

If you are not sure it’s for you, try the free healing sessions first.

PS: I have shared before about my little brother… in his case in addition to liver and pancreas flush and energizing, I also needed to see that he needed to change his diet dramatically, and that he had parasite masquerading as gall stones.

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