True empaths, Mahan Tantric, Lamed Vov and other tales

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True empaths, Mahan Tantric, Lamed Vov and other tales of the past and what is so unless ego got the best of me… lol

As I am doing my empath training, both in the Sunday afternoon empath training classes, and in my private sessions with my friend Matsa, I am finding out that not all empaths are created equal.

At least not in the arena of the empath curse/blessing.

I once saw, ok, I admit, twice, lol, a movie where a father could touch someone and could see the mortal sin the touched person had committed. I was fascinated. One of the sons of that father was the same way.

They used it to take the law in their own hands and kill those people. Very high vibration… not, right?

But the phenomenon, of being able to see what’s inside a person, fascinated me. Unconsciously I probably knew that I was feeling into people, consciously I didn’t know anything.

I also read a book by a French author 3 some 40 years ago. The Hungarian title was The Chosen, the English is “The Last of The Just”. There are so many books called The Chosen, I must have read them all… why? Unconscious reasons, again.

That French book was about a man who was just like me in that he could not, I mean was not able to, not feel the misery of other people. In Hebrew folklore they call these people Lamed Vovs, the name means 36.

It doesn’t originate in the Hebrew though, most cultures have a tale or two about these people.

They are mostly hermits, work alone, and are nothing special in their occupation, in their other abilities. They are specially developed instruments to be like a vacuum cleaner sucking in the misery of humans…

The Tantra Mahan means the same thing.

Being like that is a curse for the afflicted, I can assure you of that.

Just a little taste, if you don’t mind, from this morning:

Here I am, minding my own business, when I am suddenly feeling indescribable horror… not mine. A student of mine needs to reset her password, and she finds that quite a daunting task. After a minute or two she succeeds at it, resets the password, but for about three minutes I am clutching my heart, my stomach, the pain is unendurable. My eyes are looking for the escape route, mostly the window of my third floor office… Her pain, intensified by a hundred. I feel it, completely indistinguishable from my own. If I didn’t have muscle testing, I would go crazy.

Most of these lamed vovs, or afflicted vacuum cleaners, never used their life for anything useful. They are/were considered by others holy… I can tell you, I am not holy.

Probably many of the inmates of mental institutions of past were like me… possessed, or so it seemed to them and others. After all, disconnecting is not easy, and you can only try to disconnect after the torture has already begun. Bummer.

I am proud of only one thing about myself: I have gone through the mad stage, I have gone through the useless hermit stage. After 60 years, I have got myself to the stage where this ability is useful.

It is still not pleasant, but it is mine. I have named it and claimed it. I own it, I am responsible for it, I can play it like I used to play the violin: going from suffering to practicing to mastery.

Now, here is the rest of the story: please take it with a grain of salt: I am not sure if my ego is influencing my muscle tests:

Here are my findings (through muscle testing while connecting to Source):

There is only one person with the empathic curse at any one time. As soon one is ready to die, another is ready to be born.

They all have the same capabilities. They are here for a purpose. If the purpose includes or is using this capability to do something for the world, then I am #10 in that: meaning there have been nine such people before me able to do that.

The story that they absorb the suffering of humanity (i.e. take away from others!) is not true. A sponge or a mop does that, but an empath doesn’t. It’s a feeling thing at best. 4 They do feel it, they carry it as their own, but they don’t take it away. They just feel it magnified. Like I do.

It is each human’s job to:

  1. connect to your soul
  2. commit to work with it
  3. work with it.

Suffering is from not working with your soul.

Is the job to get corrected? Is it possible for a human being not to be human any more? It can’t be, and it won’t be. You can’t get bacon from a dog, you can’t make a physical being become like Source. The needs of the physical world, the seeming scarcity, the sheer number of people, MUST and do require you to look out for yourself. You will always be selfish, etc.

The job, however un-American it is, is to work on correcting yourself. Just like your mother kept on correcting your posture, or your eating, or your manners… lol.

An example of a highly corrected person is the Buddha.

The story goes like this:

The Buddha is sitting under the bodhi tree with his disciples teaching them as he does every day. A stranger comes by ad starts insulting the Buddha.

The disciples want to beat up the stranger, but the Buddha says no.

After a while the stranger leaves.

The disciples all want to know how come the insults didn’t effect the Buddha.

Buddha answers calmly: they did. I felt anger, I felt revulsion, I felt superiority, I felt hurt. But those feelings went as fast as they came. They came and went so fast that you didn’t notice them.

And such is the maximum possible correction for a human being. The stuff won’t go away, it will just lessen and allow you to be.

You have an ego for a reason, a good reason. You need it for survival. The trouble is that you are run by ego, you act as a hapless slave to ego, you are acting as if YOU were a machine. You pretend that the ego threw you around as if you were a ragdoll.

You are a potential human being: at this point you are a human machine. Out of control over yourself, playing the victim.

Your job is to swear allegiance to your Soul and:

  1. recognize
  2. start to reign in,
  3. start to tame the ego.

You can do it. The question is: will you? And if you answered yes, the second question is when and how will you start?

When you get your flower remedy, please add to your order your date of birth, including the year. I will point out which characteristics are going to be the key ones to start with that will bring this castle of cards down, so you can start driving your machine instead of being driven like a machine.

Human Being is the goal.

Get YOUR Bach flower remedy diagnosis, Order form is in the sidebar to the right.

Yogi Bhajan is revered as the Mahan Tantric…

Here is a video lecture by him. I listened to him. He is speaking 100% from Tree of Knowledge. No connection to Source, nothing gets revealed. His methodology is fixed and made up… like most truisms taught: some person did that, and they were very connected/saintly/successful… so you should do it too. What they don’t tell you is that the first person did something else, like connect to Source, or do their soulcorrection, etc.

It is worth watching this movie. Compare it with what I teach. Both hard! Ongoing. No holidays, no time off… lol.

But where the teaching comes from makes all the difference. Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge. I hope you’ll enjoy.

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  1. Andre Schwarz-Bart
  2. Just like the Christian story that Jesus died on the cross for your sins can't be true. It is against the Original Design: it is YOUR job to do your correction, no one can do it for you, Source won't do it for you, I won't do it for you. Why? Because it's your job!
  3. Andre Schwarz-Bart
  4. Just like the Christian story that Jesus died on the cross for your sins can’t be true. It is against the Original Design: it is YOUR job to do your correction, no one can do it for you, Source won’t do it for you, I won’t do it for you. Why? Because it’s your job!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “True empaths, Mahan Tantric, Lamed Vov and other tales”

  1. On my 4th day of my Bach Flower Remedy, the first three days were a little rough, anxiety seemed more intense, and felt unsettled. Last night I slept 10 hours, uninterupted, which Is a personal record amount of sleep for me!….Today I feel good, not anxious, grounded and ready to take on the world!

  2. I'm on the 3rd day of my Bach Flower Remedy and must say I do feel more then subtle changes in FEELING; not feelings.

    Also i am experiencing feelings of love for my soul. And appreciation for my soul. I find myself wanting to and being able to sit with myself in a way i haven't before.

    I know I've neglected my soul. I don't have any children but now i have a sense that my soul is just like my newborn baby. And it's my task to nurture it into a full fledged functioning and prosperous Being for the good of all in this crazy world.

    Life moves one day at a time. I have a lot of making up to do toward my soul. I have to gain its trust that I am fully here now, to work with it, and support its mission.

    Thanks Sophie, you are the best. Be strong, stay strong, and live strong; all one day at a time.

  3. Thank you Michael. Imagine what life could have been had I been ready to receive this information when I was your age… young.

    Thank you. Keep up the good work. I appreciate you.

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