3 Techniques to expand the limited view through which you experience life

transformAs I have said before, your experience of life is limited, narrow, and quite defined by your culture, family, upbringing, education, and early experiences.

As long as your view of life stays the same, life will stay the same, or worse: it is a downward spiral.

So it makes sense to explore and employ methods that can expand your view of life and thus allow for a life that can go in a different direction, instead of the downward spiral.

  1. 1ace89755fb3cbd9084403dc4dc190d2One of the techniques we are exploring in the Playground is altering our past experiences by removing the meanings and interpretation we placed on them at the time.

    People in the Playground are dumbfounded at the narrow view they took in those events. Our view was always to concentrate on the slight, on the hurt, on the injustice of it all.

    In the Playground we expand the view and see that the slight, the hurt, the injustice was mostly imaginary… and it was just another day in our life, not those darn turning point when everything was decided against us and our happiness.

    Truly magical.

    The technique of the Playground is effective, easy, fun, but it depends on having others present: it is a group technique. The power of the group facilitates the letting go of the narrow view… It is hard to do alone, or even with a coach.

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    PLR2The second technique is also profound, in that you can “attack” persistent issues that plague your life, and can bring a new life to them by visiting a “past life.”

    You don’t have to believe in reincarnation for this to work: the “past life” image emerges through the “other than conscious” mind.

    You need to be in a meditative state, or trance. I enter trance easily by connecting to Source. I do it with my eyes open: keeping my conscious mind busy by playing Freecell… my other than conscious mind goes to work.

    The secret is to ask a pointed question. My favorit question is “What happened that…” and I say the “effect”.

    I have found several pieces of the puzzle of my life through this technique.

    Just today, before writing this article, I went and asked what happened that my right hip hurts?

    And the image or being fallen off the horse but one leg caught in the stirrup and being dragged by the running horse for miles on end.

    No wonder my leg hurt then, but why does it hurt now?

    It is too soon to tell if my leg will stop hurting, but it may. Past life regression therapists swear by the method to heal unexplained pain… Who knows. But I will keep my mind open.

  3. Similar to the second technique but this time you access a parallel universe where the you living there has found a solution to your problem… And in a brief visit they psychically share it with you. If you are visual, you’ll see it, if you are auditory, you’ll hear it, if you are kinesthetic, like me, you’ll feel it, and if you are an abstract thinker, you’ll have an abstract thoughtform… however information reaches you.

    But whatever way it reaches you, it comes from outside of your cone of vision, and can guide you to experience the world outside of your current reality by choosing actions that don’t fit in with how you see the world now, thus your world will expand.

I am uploading to the subscribers’ site a set of mp3 recordings to give you a sense of what is possible and how it’s done.

There are two meditations, much like hypnosis in the recordings: shape it to your liking… I do. If you know how to connect, use it, it will make it much better.

If you like the sample recordings, you may want to buy the Paradigm Jumping program:


It’s one of the highest vibration programs I have ever tried.

To listen to the audios to expand your view, register in the subscribers’ site for it at https://www.yourvibration.com/subscribers/index.php?/register/Hjkmr7

If you are already a member, please make sure you click on “Existing members, please click here.” link and log in. The new product will be in the top navigation bar.

PS: The question you should ask now, if you are a thinking person: What does it look like, what does it feel like when my view expands?

The answer: I can’t predict what it will be like for you. I can only share my recent experience, as recent as today:




common buzzard

bird-preyThe past few days there is a hawk, a bird of prey, that is using, diligently, my birdbaths right in front of my computer station.

When he is there, the other birds stop singing… they hide.

After bathing, and drinking, the hawk took off, and the other birds started to cry, and scream, and make horrid sounds of fear and anguish.

I could not see anything, but obviously he, Mr. Hawk, caught a bird, maybe a baby bird, for breakfast.

A year or two ago I would be in anguish with the birds. I would be wanting to hunt down Mr. Hawk… I would be self-righteous about what’s right and what’s wrong, and that all life is sacred, and eating another is wrong.

Today, with my expanded view of life, I was OK. We all have to live. It is just life. This is how it is. And I smiled. Happy.

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